The beta for StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void began on March 31, 2015. It started as a closed beta.[1] Beta keys are sent to users based on their system specs, recent StarCraft II activity, and luck. Beta entry giveaways will be provided through fansites and promotions later on in the beta. Anyone who bought a ticket to BlizzCon 2014 will be granted automatic access.[2]

Not all units will be present in the beta, and some features/improvements will not feature. The beta will run longer than most periods conducted by Blizzard Entertainment.[3]

The beta undergoes frequent changes in patches.

General ChangesEdit

The following changes will be implemented in the beta (as distinct from Wings of Liberty/Heart of the Swarm):

  • Resources: Mineral patches have changed—half the mineral patches have 1500 minerals,[3] the other 900.[5] This is to incentivize base expansion.[3]
  • Workers: The starting worker count will be 12. This is to reduce downtime at the start of matches.
  • Scan Range: The target acquisition of ground units has been improved.
  • Game speed has been reduced to be synchronous with real-time. This will affect speed values, movement speed values, cooldown times, research times, upgrade times, and unit build times will all need to be re-memorized. Players are encouraged to offer feedback as to whether this change is preferable. Whatever the case, Legacy of the Void will either feature this time system, or the old one, not both.[3]
  • Units may be added/removed during beta.[7] The liberator is a case in point.[8]

Additional features will be added as the beta progresses.[9] Friend invites may be allowed at a later date.[10] Ranked play may be added.[11]


Legacy of the Void SC2-LotV Logo1

"Thanks for playing!"

As part of Blizzard's 2015 April Fool's event, a fake post was created to claim that the beta testing had been concluded...after one day.[12]


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