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These quotations are from cinematics, mission briefings, and in-game cutscenes from StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void.



StarCraft II Legacy of the Void Opening Cinematic

Opening Cinematic

Far above the Zerg infested jungles of Aiur, the young Hierarch of the united protoss, Artanis, has assembled the Golden Armada to retake his people's ancient homeworld.

As the Templar forces prepare themselves for war, a small band of warriors fight a desperate battle to establish a beachhead within the ruins on the planet's surface.

Cinematic - Opening[]

Artanis: The Swarm brought ruin to our world. Our proud people became refugees. And yet, they could not shatter our unity. For we are bound by the Khala. The sacred union of our every thought and emotion. Today we retake our homeworld. And with it, our legacy.


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