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StarCraft II: Nature of the Beast: Part 1 is the first installment of the StarCraft II: Nature of the Beast comic series.


After leaving Universal News Network, Donny Vermillion set off to do his own show, "The Donny Vermillion Show," giving a pro-Arcturus Mengsk spin to the reign of Valerian Mengsk. Finishing up an episode, Donny complained to his cat Augustus how he had been dismissed as a shill of the old government. However soon he received a message from a mysterious fan, a pro-Arcturus freighter pilot who had discovered something on a fringe world named Tartarus, where Arcturus had held secrets that even UNN couldn't report on. The pilot told Vermillion that he had been a big fan of his broadcasting, and that his newscasts had inspired him to kill his superior officer after he was reprimanded for being too violent toward aliens, something that unnerved Vermillion.

They approached a defense network of satellites around Tartarus, and discovered that the planet was swarming with zerg. As they approached the planet, the transport came under fire by the satellite network, and the pilot told Vermillion to man one of the cannons. However, it was really an escape pod, and the pilot told Vermillion to find whatever was down there. Vermillion's pod was jettisoned as the ship exploded.

While he plummeted to the surface, the pod was noticed by the cloaked Griffin nearby. Reigel detected the pod and warned Nova, who was shocked to find Donny descending in it.[1]




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