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StarCraft II: Nature of the Beast: Part 2 is the second installment of the StarCraft II: Nature of the Beast comic series. It was released July 9th, 2020.[1]


On the planet Tartarus, Nova Terra and Reigel arrived on the surface to find a city overrun by zerg infestation. Reigel discussed with Nova that they had to find Donny Vermillion, who had crashed on the surface via an escape pod. Nova was reluctant due to Vermillion's propaganda being responsible for so many deaths, but Reigel told her they didn't need more blood on their hands.

Nearby, Vermillion attempted to record the planet's surface via holocam, but found his signal out was being jammed. As he wandered on, he ran into a scientist named Evelyn Yoo, and her son Jun-Ho Yoo. Evelyn pointed a gun and Vermillion, telling him they had been stranded for a month, and they needed his ship, though Vermillion responded that he had none. In the middle of their confrontation they were attacked by a hydralisk, and Vermillion pushed Evelyn out of the way while he made his escape. The hydralisk cornered Vermillion in an alley, but he was saved when Nova killed the hydralisk with a blast from her hellfire shotgun. Reigel recovered Evelyn and Jun-Ho, and Evelyn punched Vermillion for abandoning her.

Nearby, Nova discussed the situation with Evelyn. She revealed the zerg had attacked a month ago, and as far as she knew they were the only ones alive. She mentioned she worked at the nearby jorium refinery, which caught Nova's interest, as she was there to retrieve the jorium. She makes a deal to help Evelyn leave the planet if she helped Nova get to the jorium refinery.

This however caught the ire of Reigel, who took Nova aside, saying she was using her rather than helping her. Reigel aired his grievances that they had been hunting jorium rather than doing good for the Terran Dominion, to which she tells him he's free to leave if he wants to. Reigel reluctantly agrees to follow along with Nova, and she tells the group they move for the refinery at dawn. As the turn to leave, Evelyn gives one last reluctant glance at a Terran Dominion sign on a park bench stating "Silence is the price of freedom."[2]




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