StarCraft II: Nature of the Beast: Part 3 is the third installment of the StarCraft II: Nature of the Beast comic series. It was released early on July 27, 2020, though initially set to release August 6th, 2020.[1]

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

On the planet of Tartarus, Nova Terra, Reigel, and the civilians their rescued, disgraced reporter Donny Vermillion, Doctor Evelyn Yoo, and her son Jun-Ho Yoo, sleep before their move on the planet's jorium refinery. Nova and Evelyn talk the night before, discussing the jorium, when Nova brought up the fact Jun-Ho was partially infested. Evelyn stated she was using a serum to slow the infestation, but Nova brought up that inevitably he would turn. However, Evelyn insisted she would have no harm come to him.

The next day the group moved on the refinery, when they found a hole where the zerg had burrowed out of. Reigel protested going down with civilians, but the ground wandered in, finding it to actually be a training center of some kind. Vermillion picked up a key card, and while Nova and Evelyn argued, he opened one of the doors, revealing a queen inside. The group escaped into another room, but inside discovered the secret of the facility: a number of spectres in pods.[2]

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