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StarCraft II: Shadow Wars: Part 12 is the twelfth installment of the StarCraft II: Shadow Wars comic series, and the conclusion of the story arc.


After surviving the ambush of reapers sent by Captain Hogarth, Elms, Yong and Contreras allied with Nova Terra to kill the captain. They arrived at a Terran Dominion military base on Aspar in a cloaked liberator, and used stun grenades to clear through the base's defenders without killing them. Reigel helped monitor the base's communications as they assaulted it. They burst into Hogarth's office, but the captain laid a trap and electrocuted them, knocking Elms out. Yong and Contreras ducked behind his desk and returned fire, but Yong took a shot to the chest. Hogarth approached to finish them off, when Elms arose from the ground, and killed Hogarth and his marines with her psionic powers. Nova then appeared, killing several Dominion marines to allow them to escape with the wounded Yong.

Later, Nova and Elms met, with Nova offering to train Elms. Elms refused, saying she would need time to consider things, but that maybe one day she'd need another job. Reigel later discussed Elms with Nova, saying that she wasn't that promising, but Nova insisted she was useful, and insinuated that Elms may return some day.[1]




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