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StarCraft II: Shadow Wars: Part 2 is the second issue of the StarCraft II: Shadow Wars comic series.[1]


On the surface of Adena, Niadra and her brood fought the Terran Dominion renegade soldiers salvaging a base for jorium crystals. She reflected that she hadn't heard from Kerrigan in some time since Niadra evolved on the Daelaam Ark, but her purpose to destroy the protoss never ended. Knowing that Adena had become a protoss world, Niadra waited there as a trap for terrans, which she knew would arrive, and she sought to use their biomass to expand her swarm. Niadra injected the squad's commander with a larva, and she got into a dropship and left. Meanwhile, Niadra turned her attention to Elms and her squad, where she recognized Elms as psionic. Elms meanwhile sensed that the zerg were about to come and attack them.

In orbit, Admiral Urun shot down the infested dropship. Captain Hogarth expressed rage at the hostile protoss action.[2]





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