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StarCraft II: Shadow Wars: Part 3 is the third issue of the StarCraft II: Shadow Wars comic series.[1]


Above Adena, renegade Terran Dominion forces under Captain Hogarth began firing on Admiral Urun's carrier Saalok's Eye. Urun tried to tell Hogarth that the dropship he shot down was infested, but the terrans continued their attack. Urun stated that they should return fire, though it violated the treaty Hierarch Artanis had with the Terran Dominion, but that they fired first. He prepared his forces and deployed to the surface of Adena.

On the surface, Elms was using her psionic powers to listen to the orders Niadra was giving her broods and coordinating her marines to counter them. Urun's forces then arrived, clearing out the zerg surrounding her. Initially hostile, Urun was surprised to realize Elms was psionic, and realized that this planet was a trap Niadra had set to find terrans like Elms. Elms told Urun that they could either hide, or ally together and fight against the zerg.[2]




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