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StarCraft II: Shadow Wars: Part 5 is the fifth installment of the StarCraft II: Shadow Wars comic series.[1]


On the mining world of Adena, Admiral Urun faced down Broodmother Niadra and her Niadra Brood. Upon discovering that Niadra was not under the command of Zagara and the main body of the Zerg Swarm, Urun realized that the presence of a renegade broodmother could bring war to the sector again. They contacted Elms and her forces, who attacked by an infestor while searching the caverns behind the protoss. The infestor attempted to place a larva in Elms, but was killed before it could. The group pressed onward, however a small larva attached itself to the suit of Gary. While Urun and Leredar held the line above, Elms discovered that a massive swarm of zerg were waiting in reserve in the caves. The marines did a fighting retreat from the unrelenting swarm, with Elms revealing to her men that Captain Hogarth and Commander Naderi had sent them down to the planet on an illegal salvage operation. Yong used a grenade to collapse part of the cavern, blocking the zerg's advance to them. Up above, Urun and his forces made their last stand, with several of his warriors merging into three archons to blast through Niadra's zerg.

Elms escaped the caverns just in time to contact Urun, who told her of Niadra's goals and that Saalok's Eye had left the system. He told her to warn their people and leave the planet, and Elms and her marines made their way to the nearest dropship. Meanwhile, Urun went for Niadra, but was slain when he impaled her with her talons. With the protoss defeated, Niadra ordered her zerg to claim her prize: Elms.[2]




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