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StarCraft II: Shadow Wars: Part 7 is the seventh installment of the StarCraft II: Shadow Wars comic series.


Hours after the Battle of Adena, Elms and the terran survivors of the battle flee in a dropship. On the news, the battle is reported on, and stated to be the work of mercenaries seeking to loot the jorium on the surface, with Admiral Matthew Horner stating that there were no survivors. On the dropship, Elms wakes up from being knocked unconscious by Yong, and gazes at their jorium stockpiles.

While looking at the jorium, Elms remembers her time working for the Kel-Morian Combine on Luria IV, which was a disputed territory. Her officer helped her duck behind cover as a nearby marauder was killed. She told Elms a lesson of mercenary work: if you survive, you get paid. If you don't, too bad.

Back in the present, Elms and her crew detect a Terran Dominion battlecruiser, which fires a warning shot at them. Elms orders them to run rather than contact the ship, and tells her crew that she knows contacts who they can sell the jorium to. Gary, thinking Elms is taking the jorium for herself, attacks her, and Elms knocks him down with a punch. The dropship speeds away as the battlecruiser deploys Vikings to assail them.[1]




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