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StarCraft II: Shadow Wars: Part 8 is the eighth installment of the StarCraft II: Shadow Wars comic series.


Elms and her crew landed at the Last Junction in order to sell the jorium they had to her contact. She and Turan wandered into the outpost with part of the jorium they had, meeting James Sykes, an old mercenary associate of hers. He said he would try to find buyers, but instead contacted his men to ambush their dropship. When Turan attempted to raise communications with the ship, Sykes shot and killed him. Meanwhile, the marines on the dropship found themselves surrounded by Sykes men, but a message from Elms tipped off Yong that they had been betrayed, and she fired on them.

Elms managed to fight and subdue Sykes, but the crew at the dropship came under heavy fire. During the firefight, Gary stepped out, and mutated into an infested terran. He attacked the mercenary attackers, and ran off into the city. The group contacted Elms, who said she had the situation under control but that the jorium was impacting her psionic powers. Yong commented that the release of the infested Gary into Last Junction would turn the outpost into a warzone.[1]


  • Gary (post-infestation)
  • Niadra (indirect presence)

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