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StarCraft II: Shadow Wars: Part 9 is the ninth installment of the StarCraft II: Shadow Wars comic series.


After Gary revealed himself to be infested and broke out into Last Junction, Elms cleaned her gun, took the jorium, and prepared to face him down. Elms and Yong argued when Elms stated that now they only had to split the pay three ways, with Yong angered that she had a one track mind on money. Yong and Contreras then began to repair their ship.

Elms meanwhile tracked the mutilated bodies to find Gary killing the patrons of a bar. The two fought, with Elms taking a dead patron's flamethrower and lighting Gary on fire. Gary screamed that the Zerg Swarm would rise again as he was incinerated. But behind her, Elms was confronted by a mysterious figure who held a gun to her, telling her that he knew a buyer for her jorium.

Elms returned to the ship, where Conteras and Yong continued to argue about leaving Elms behind. As she approached, Nova uncloaked, stating that she wanted to buy the crew's jorium.[1]




  • Nova's eyes are colored blue rather than green in this issue, an error similar to her Heroes of the Storm appearance. In the next issue, Nova's eyes return to the color green.

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