StarCraft II: This Sacred Land is a comic series that was published alongside the release of the War Chests after the conclusion of Shadow Wars. It tells the story of a team sent to rescue Egon Stetmann on Bel'Shir, having to contend with the Tal'darim, the Mecha Swarm, and Stetmann's own madness.


The brilliant scientist Egon Stetmann has gone missing on the planet of Bel'Shir. A rescue team has been tasked to find him. Issue #1 of "This Sacred Land" reveals what they find: Dangerous Tal’darim protoss… and an even more dangerous mad scientist.[1]


A Terran Dominion rescue team, a ghost, Ensign Wallace and Captain Neimi, were sent to Bel'Shir to rescue Egon Stetmann, who had not reported in in eighteen months. However, as they arrived they were attacked by the Tal'darim, and forced to land on the planet. As the crew departs, they find the last terran base stripped down, and suddenly were surrounded by mechanical zerg, and a harvesting bot with the label "G.A.R.Y.." The bot takes them to a cave where a terrazine crazed Stetmann said he intended to judge them as trespassers for violating their sacred land.[2]

Meanwhile, nearby the Tal'darim under Fourth Ascendant Malain discussed the Dominion intrusion, but stated they could not intervene. They would mine the terrazine on Bel'Shir and purify it before anyone noticed. Meanwhile in Stetmann's cave, Stetmann was deciding how to kill the team that trespassed on their land. However, the ghost convinced Stetmann that they would serve him, and convinced the rest of his team that Stetmann could read their thoughts. Stetmann explained he came years ago, and the terrazine granted him psionic abilities. However, soon the Tal'darim arrived and disrupted the planet to harvest terrazine. To stop them and all trespassers he made Gary and the Mecha Swarm.

The ghost agreed to help him stop the Tal'darim and leave the planet, and Stetmann was delighted, but told him that he needed to test his faith. He gave the ghost a canister of terrazine in order to commune with the planet.[3]





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