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StarCraft II: This Sacred Land: Part 1 is the first installment of the StarCraft II: This Sacred Land comic series.


A Terran Dominion rescue team, including two vikings and a medivac containing two pilots (Captain Niemi and Ensign Wallace) and a ghost, were sent to Bel'Shir to recover the scientist Egon Stetmann. Stetmann had not reported back in eighteen months, and the crew assumed he had died on the planet. However, as they debated his fate a wing of Tal'darim phoenixes ambushed them, and the crew discovered a Tal'darim base on the surface. The medivac was hit and forced to land while the vikings covered for their descent.

The three leave the medivac and go to the last known terran outpost on the planet, only to find it in fully dismantled. While they worried about rescue, mecha lurker spines shot from the ground around them, and they were surrounded by a mechanical zerg swarm. From above, a large harvesting bot with the label "G.A.R.Y." appeared before them, but not shooting. Instead, it guided them through the jungle.

The team reached a cave, noting the mecha zerg did not have any psionics, but something controlling them did. They appeared before Stetmann, who was on a rock throne, and who declared them trespassers to be judged for violating his sacred land.[1]




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