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StarCraft II: This Sacred Land: Part 2 is the second issue of the StarCraft II: This Sacred Land comic series.[1]


On Bel'Shir, a Tal'darim force under Fourth Ascendant Malain was commencing a terrazine mining operation, informed of intruding terran forces of the Terran Dominion but unable to act due to treaties made by Alarak. He stated that after the mining operation is done he would purify Bel'Shir to cover up the evidence.

In the lair of scientist Egon Stetmann, Stetmann and the Mecha Swarm began to decide the fate of the Dominion team sent to rescue them: Captain Niemi, Ensign Wallace, and a ghost. He declared that they should die for their trespass, but the ghost convinced Stetmann that they would be his servants, and talked the other members of his crew to continue thinking so as to avoid his telepathy.

Stetmann explained that he was sent years ago, and was exposed to terrazine, which granted him psionic powers. Communing with the local wildlife, his experiments thrives and he became closer with the voice of the planet. However, the Tal'darim arrived to mine the terrazine, but the voice told him to make a new servant to aid him, Gary, and from there create a Mecha Swarm to destroy any trespassers. It had been four months since the Mecha Swarm was created, shocking Wallace and Niemi, who realized he was unaware of the End War keeping the Dominion from extracting him.

The ghost told Stetmann they would help them get vengeance on the Tal'darim, and Stetmann had Gary stop dismantling their medivac. He then told the ghost he must first pass a trial, and gave him a bottle of terrazine to consume, much to the ghost's shock.[2]




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