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StarCraft II: This Sacred Land: Part 3 is the third and final issue of the StarCraft II: This Sacred Land comic series.[1]


Having been force fed the vial of terrazine, the Dominion team's ghost lined his sights on the Tal'darim nexus. Using his rifle, he shot through one of the structure's windows, killing Malain. Egon Stetmann, riding a mecha ultralisk and leading the Mecha Swarm against the protoss, was disappointed when the ghost set off explosive charges early. Regardless, the mechanical zerg tore into the Tal'darim forces, with Gary accompanying them. The ghost continued to fire on the Tal'darim, but also contacted Niemi and Wallace, who were repairing the medivac dropship. The ghost told them to prepare the med station.

One hour and thirteen minutes after the attack began, Stetmann stood victorious among the Tal'darim's corpses. He tried to contact the ghost, but he didn't respond, and worried that Gary might have stepped on him. In reality, the ghost had made his way back to the dropship, which was now ready to fly again. However, apparently succumbing to the effects of the terrazine, he incapacitated Niemi and Wallace, stating that he was "finishing the mission." Sneaking back out, he incapacitated Stetmann as well and confronted Gary, saying that he had to take the doctor with him. Gary however, had a choice of staying or leaving.

Niemi and Wallace took off, both now apparently under the effects of terrazine as well. The ghost commented that Stetmann had "served her well; now Bel'Shir has a congregation to protect her" (referring to the Mecha Swarm left on the world below). In time, Stetmann would be able to create countless congregations for "her."[2]




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