StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty: BradyGames Signature Guide is a strategy guide for Wings of Liberty.[1] A collector's edition variant also exists.[2]

Back of Book DescriptionEdit

  • The Signature Series treatment makes the strategy guide a COLLECTIBLE ITEM for StarCraft II fans. Single-player CAMPAIGN WALKTHROUGH covers all possible mission branches, including bonus objectives throughout the campaign.
  • Exclusive MAPS found only in the official guide, show locations of units, enemy bases, and key terrain points.
  • Dedicated BATTLE.NET guide explains how to find and manage friends, chat with other players, and use the "matchmaking" system to find multiplayer matches at appropriate skill levels.
  • Dedicated MP BEGINNER guide offers early build suggestions for all 3 races, plus strategies for first-time players.
  • MASSIVE MULTIPLAYER STRATEGY is gleaned from matches with amateur gamers, plus professional players from all over the world.
  • Multiplayer coverage includes RTS basics; coverage of ALL TERRAN, PROTOSS, and ZERG UNITS; COMBAT strategies, and MULTIPLAYER MAPS.[1]


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