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A StarCraft II Poker Set was released at BlizzCon 2009.[1]

The back of the cards are decorated with Dominion symbols, with Emperor Arcturus Mengsk, Juliana Pasteur, and Valerian Mengsk featuring on the face cards. The cards are extensively defaced to appear used by Raynor's Raiders. Each defacement seems to have a theme; clubs are themed after Gabriel Tosh, hearts after Doctor Ariel Hanson and a number of scientific reports, spades after Jim Raynor, and diamonds with a general Raynor's Raiders theme.

Chips also feature the symbol of the Terran Dominion for the red chip, the visor of Jim Raynor for the black chip, the rattlesnake decal on Jim Raynor's soldier for the silver chip, and the wolf symbol of the Mengsk Dynasty for the gold chip.[2]


  • In the French translation of StarCraft, Kerrigan's title of the "Queen of Blades" was translated as "Reine de Pique," which directly translated means "Queen of Spades." This may be referenced in the queen of spades card in this poker set being themed after Kerrigan.
  • The eight of diamonds has a piece of a recruiting poster from the Terran Confederacy, but the cutout talks about Arcturus Mengsk as Emperor of the Terran Dominion. The card also misspells Confederacy as "Conferacy."


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