This batch we'll answering some more of the fan site questions that have been submitted to us. In addition, I was able to grab some time from Kaéo Milker (Producer) and Tony Hsu (Associate Producer) to hear about what the team has in mind for blocking choke points in the game.

Chat with Devs: In the BlizzCon build of StarCraft II, small units were able to pass through certain player created barriers, such as a wall of supply depots at a choke point. After experimenting a bit, the Devs are now testing gameplay with true barriers, which prevent all units from passing through, but will require a line of supply depots side by side rather than supply depots blocking a choke point diagonally. This new design will prevent smaller units such as Zealots and Marines from passing through player created barriers, but will be more costly for the player to build these barriers.

Again, give devs and me a w00t! if you are enjoying these Q&As!

---StarCraft II Q&A Batch 13---

1. Are the Ultralisk making a return in SC2? (

The Ultralisk figures heavily in our current plans, but as with everything else relating to units and balance, this is subject to change.

2. Will there be in game voice chat supported in SC2? (

Yes, there are plans to implement voice chat into, but details beyond that are yet to be announced.

3. What are the system requirements ? (

We are still optimizing the game and do not have minimum system requirements yet. Nonetheless, StarCraft II will require pixel shader 2.0 and at least 128mb of dedicated video RAM.

4. Will we be seeing any hybrid units in StarCraft II? (

We are planning to explore the mysteries surrounding the Xel'naga for the single player campaign. In the campaign you will encounter several unique units that would not otherwise be seen in multiplayer. At this time, you'll just have to wait and see.

5. Does the Thor burn out like Terran buildings if it is damaged? (

No, the Thor does not burn down like the Terran buildings. It will be like the other Terran vehicles, which are able to be repaired by the scv.[1]


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