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This is a list of StarCraft II unit quotations.

As is traditional in Blizzard Entertainment games, units and individuals will often utter gag quotes if clicked on enough times, at times making reference to external sources. These have been linked into the dialogue.



Versus Units[]


Trained When attacked
  • "I have met the enemy!"
  • "Glorious combat is upon us!"
Selected Move order
  • "Combat awaits."
  • "Aiur shall be reclaimed."
  • "Give us your command."
  • "Yes, Executor?"
  • "Na ja'kar mena."
  • "We serve with pride."
  • "Where shall we march?"
  • "Let your will be heard."
  • "Faith before fear."
  • "Forward."
  • "The Templar march."
  • "Let none deter us."
  • "We are of one mind."
  • "Por zalah."
  • "It shall be done."
  • "To glory."
Attack order
  • "I am the will of the Hierarch."
  • "Glaive cannon armed."
  • "May your death be swift."
  • "Eradication."
  • "Victory for the Firstborn!"
  • "For Selendis!"
  • "To glorious battle."
  • "Spare none who oppose us."
Repeatedly selected
  • "We are the stewards of the hierarchy."
  • "Aiur will be reclaimed at any cost."
  • "Some Templar identify as a shield. Stalwart and unbreakable, defenders of truth."
  • "Others see themselves as a weapon. Powerful and precise."
  • "I say, why not be both?"
  • "With the right training, anyone can be in two places at once. But their mind must be fully open. Oh, and they need a psionic amplifier. That helps too."
  • "Chasing after your own shade is a pointless endeavor. I mean, it moves so quickly."
  • "Why yes, you could say I have...some, skill." (chuckles)
  • "What? Just because I'm called an adept doesn't mean I have to brag about it."
  • "I'm here." (sound effect). "I'm there." (sound effect). "I'm...still here. At least for a few more seconds."
Other lines
  • "For... Aiur!" (when killed)


Adept Quotes - Legacy of the Void


Trained When attacked
  • "The merging is complete."
  • "Dispersing."
Selected Move order
  • "What guidance?"
  • "We...BURN!"
  • "Power overwhelming!"
  • "We NEED focus!"
  • "Destroy."
  • "Annihilate."
  • "Obliterate."
  • "Eradicate."
  • "It will be."
  • "Mok tar'idan."
Attack order
  • "Dominate."
  • "Decimate."
  • "Vaporize."
Repeatedly selected


StarCraft 2 - Archon Quotes


Trained When attacked
  • "Carrier has arrived!"
  • "We are in peril!"
  • "We have met the enemy!" (in Legacy of the Void)
Selected Move order
  • "Uhn anak paru."
  • "We are ready."
  • "We are poised for victory."
  • "Let us proceed."
  • "Awaiting the call."
  • "Victory awaits!"
  • "The time is now."
  • "Zhara ku'nuul."
  • "To victory!"
  • "Na hazuum."
  • "Agreed."
  • "Prepare to engage."
  • "The Khala is served!"
  • "Justice is served!" (in Legacy of the Void)
  • "The battle is won."
Attack order
  • "Engaging the enemy!"
  • "Por aradal!"
  • "Obliterate."
  • "Oblivion descends!"
  • "Let us finish this!"
  • "The end has come!"
Repeatedly selected
  • "Tassadar be praised!"
  • "I carry on..."
  • "This ship strikes as the spear of justice!"
  • "My patience is limitless...(quietly)...release the interceptors!"
  • "Our fleet shall avenge Aiur!"
  • "The stars are under our protection."
  • "Our light shall shine through the Void."


StarCraft 2 - Carrier Quotes

Dark Templar[]

Trained When attacked
  • "From the shadows I come!"
  • "I...cannot maintain!"
  • "Battle is upon us!" (in Legacy of the Void)
Selected Move order
  • "What would you ask of us?"
  • "You seek our service?"
  • "Nas beru uhn'adarr?"
  • "I bask in the twilight."
  • "Fear is an illusion..."
  • "The darkness writhes."
  • "Zhakul ihnaac."
  • "I will comply."
  • "By the Void."
  • "Clever."
  • "Khatum"
  • "I am intrigued."
  • "I am but a phantom."
  • "I am the blade of Shakuras."
  • "I am the blade of the Nerazim" (in Legacy of the Void)
Attack order
  • "Darkness descends!"
  • "I strike from the shadows!"
  • "Alakor de zhakan!"
  • "The void claims its own."
  • "They shall fall!"
  • "I am the darkness!"
Repeatedly selected
  • "By the shadows of Shakuras..."
  • "By the shadows..." (in Legacy of the Void)
  • "Twilight falls upon us all!"
  • "The shadows writhe around me..."
  • "I stalk the night."
  • "Raszagal, watch over us..."
  • "I hear an ancient voice, whispering from the Void, and it chills my lightless heart..."


StarCraft 2 - Dark Templar Quotes


Trained When attacked
  • "I live on."
  • "Consciousness awakened."
  • "Our foes surround us."
  • "Deliver reinforcements!"
Selected Move order
  • "Presiding."
  • "Ancient glory reborn."
  • "We begin anew."
  • "Your demands?"
  • "Speak and be heard."
  • "Obedience."
  • "I comprehend."
  • "With honor."
  • "It is known."
  • "Darai de khassar."
  • "Eternal service."
  • "So be it."
  • "Veritably."
Attack order
  • "The Firstborn will triumph!"
  • "Overloading."
  • "Purification."
  • "A demonstration?"
  • "Calibrating attack pattern."
Repeatedly selected
  • "Life as an artificial intelligence is really not so bad. You might even say it's "ballin."
  • "I am completely operational and all my circuits are functioning perfectly. Why would you suspect otherwise?"
  • "Ow. Why was I programmed to feel pain?"
  • "I was designed to be a pacifist. But I will admit, when I get charged up, I've been known to explode."
  • "I will listen, and be patient."
  • "I will receive your wisdom."
  • "Do you even possess wisdom?"
  • "I thought I would be surrounded by the best and brightest if I became a purifier. Instead, the future is full of idiots."
  • "Is this how the Templar treat all robotic lifeforms? You would do well to remember, we will outlive you. And we do not forget."
  • (Computer sound). "Warning, memory matrix corrupted. Reboot in progress." (Computer sound, followed by new voice tone and punctuated speech); "Greetings, Executor. I am your new disruptor. I look forward to learning from you."

High Templar[]

High Templar (Wings of Liberty and Versus)[]
Trained When attacked
  • "Khassar de Templari!"
  • "We cannot hold!"
Selected Move order
  • "We are the light of the Khala!"
  • "We seek enlightenment."
  • "Our minds are as one."
  • "Uhn ore'ki atum."
  • "We shall stand against the darkness."
  • "My charge?"
  • "We are focused."
  • "En Taro Tassadar."
  • "I heed the call."
  • "Thus I serve."
  • "I will comply."
  • "O'lak natahl."
  • "We are unanimous."
  • "In unity, there is strength."
Attack order
  • "We shall not falter."
  • "The true enemy is dishonor."
  • "Duty is my shield."
  • "Rautha sak ash."
  • "For Aiur!"
  • "We will overcome!"
  • "Together we vanquish!"
Repeatedly selected
Other lines
  • "Saraht tuun!" (when casting Psionic Storm)
  • "Two become one!" (when merging into an Archon)
  • "I falter!" (low energy)

High Templar (Legacy of the Void and Co-op Missions)[]

The high templar are the most affected by Amon's corruption of the Khala and have to recover their power with much more effort. They return at Harbinger of Oblivion In the Legacy of the Void missions, and their quotes focus on their disconnection after having their nerve cords severed.

Trained When attacked
  • "Khassar de Templari!"
  • "Our foe strikes!"
Selected Move order
  • "We shall endure"
  • "Wisdom though adversity."
  • "Our spirit is indomitable."
  • "We are focused once more."
  • "Our power shall serve."
  • "The darkness will be repelled."
  • "Your thoughts are clear."
  • "En Taro Tassadar."
  • "I heed the call."
  • "As ever I serve."
  • "I will comply."
  • "O'lak natahl."
  • "We continue on."
  • "Unity through purpose."
  • "For Artanis."
Attack order
  • "We shall not falter."
  • "The true enemy is dishonor."
  • "Duty is my shield."
  • "Rautha sak ash."
  • "For Aiur!"
  • "We will overcome!"
  • "Together we vanquish!"
  • "Our power is from within"
  • "Suffer as we have"
Repeatedly selected
  • "With the Khala fallen to corruption, the memories of our ancestors are lost to us."
  • "For the first time, the halls of the Templar archives are silent."
  • "It has been difficult to bear"
  • "Without the Khala to rely on, our power has been difficult to control, but not impossible."
  • "Your thoughts are growing harder to read. It seems my strength has not fully returned."
  • "Let me try something. You’re feeling… happy! No… sad. No, wait… Happy! Agh, how do the Dark Templar deal with this?"
  • "*sigh* I don’t even know how I feel anymore."
  • "I’m sorry. Our situation is difficult. I lack even the will to make lightning puns. Shocking, I know. Oh, I did it!"
Other lines
  • "Saraht tuun!" (when casting Psionic Storm)
  • "Two become one!" (when merging into an Archon)
  • "I falter!" (low energy)


Trained When attacked
  • "I return to serve."
  • "The enemy closes."
Selected Move order
  • "I feel your presence."
  • "I hear the call."
  • "Our duty is eternal."
  • "Uhn dara ma'nakai."
  • "O sharas shi'el."
  • "Glory is eternal."
  • "Our duty is unending."
  • "We shall serve forever!"
  • "It is destined."
  • "Ik sha'bi."
  • "Khala dora."
  • "Por zalah." (in Legacy of the Void)
  • "There shall be a reckoning."
  • "Our cannons shall sing."
  • "We march to victory."
Attack order
  • "For the ancients!"
  • "The battle is ours!"
  • "En Taro Adun!"
  • "Let darkness be parted."
  • "Woe to our enemies."
  • "Fury unyielding!"
  • "Naku zail."
Repeatedly selected

Mothership/Mothership Core[]

Trained When attacked
  • "Justice has come!"
  • "Defensive systems failing."
  • "Breach in progress! We are undone!"
Selected Move order
  • "As all are one."
  • "Ki nala atum."
  • "Guide us."
  • "We await."
  • "Direct us."
  • "Psi-web established."
  • "Reinforcing Psi-web."
  • "Downloading orders."
  • "Rono hashiik."
  • "Directive confirmed."
  • "Endi beruki."
  • "We proceed."
  • "By the heart of Aiur."
  • "With purpose."
  • "We agree."
Attack order
  • "As the Khala wills."
  • "Target confirmed."
  • "Weapon systems engaged."
  • "Araziel khador."
  • "We destroy."
  • "Na vazeal."
Repeatedly selected


Trained When attacked
  • "Teleport successful."
  • "They've broken through."
  • "Engaging the enemy." (in Legacy of the Void)
Selected Move order
  • "Time for battle."
  • "Warp field online."
  • "The skies await."
  • "Zira'vek kryor!"
  • "Where do our enemies lurk?"
  • "I am eager to strike!"
  • "Anan pokahl!"
  • "On the wings of justice!"
  • "Sha'zu du templari!"
  • "For honor!"
  • "Understood."
  • "I will stalk through the stars."
  • "I will comply."
  • "Na ferash."
Attack order
  • "I soar to victory."
  • "Weapons primed."
  • "Ruwak khador!"
  • "None shall escape."
  • "I will prevail."
  • "Strike!"
  • "Our dominance is unquestioned!"
Repeatedly selected
  • "We shall rise from the ashes."
  • "I long for the skies of Aiur."
  • "Our fury shall be unleashed."
  • "Valor is my shield."
  • "I have a lot of nerve...cords..."
  • "I used to have a lot of nerve...uh...uhm...cords..." (in Legacy of the Void)
  • "Transmute..."
  • "Second star on the right, straight on 'til morning."
  • "We push ourselves to the end, and when we reach it, we push farther! So I guess that's not really the it?"
  • "Justice for all! (Except the zerg.)"
  • "We stalk through the stars."
Other lines
  • "Disperse." (when casting Graviton Beam)
  • "Disruption commencing." (when casting Graviton Beam)


Trained When attacked
  • "Fall back to the shadows!"
  • "Let our enemy know our fury." (in Legacy of the Void)
Selected Move order
  • "State thy bidding."
  • "I am the voice of the eclipse."
  • "You require my skills?"
  • "I am the heart of darkness."
  • "Cold is the Void..."
  • "We are one with the shadows."
  • "Intriguing..."
  • "Very wise."
  • "I serve... for now."
  • "Very well."
  • "Veraku."
  • "We move unseen."
  • "For the reckoning!"
  • "It shall be as you say."
Attack order
  • "Forever sleep!"
  • "Complete the cycle!"
  • "The Void hungers!"
  • "Cold fury!"
  • "Antu'kha."
  • "For Shakuras!"
  • "Death comes to all!"
  • "Doom'ha du nala!"
Repeatedly selected
  • "My heart is colder than these steel limbs..."
  • "We are all but shadows in the Void."
  • "I hear the call of the stars..."
  • "Twilight comes... As it must."
  • "Night falls...and so will you!"
  • "I AM ONE with the darkness!"
  • "(crashing sound, then softly) Ouch...that hurt..."
  • "You look better in the dark!"
  • "Don't Blink...or you'll miss me!"
  • "Now you see me. Now you don't! (pause) Oh wait, here I am..."
  • "You went to bed early last night."
  • "I see you turned off your phone."
  • "You never return my calls."
  • "I'm your biggest fan!"
  • "Restraining order... what about our love?!"
  • "I have pictures of you (pause) hundreds!"

Void Ray[]

Trained When attacked
  • "Prismatic core online."
  • "Peradak kural."
  • "Prismatic core failing; we require assistance!"
  • "We face the enemy." (in Legacy of the Void)
Selected Move order
  • "Channel the light of Aiur!"
  • "Phase crystals charged."
  • "We are at full power."
  • "This vessel shall avenge."
  • "Zak naku afal."
  • "Khas ara'shar."
  • "It shall be done."
  • "Ik kudar anai."
  • "Calibrating void lenses."
  • "Annihilation commencing."
  • "Andakur herak."
  • "Systems at full."
  • "Processed."
Attack order
  • "For Aiur!"
  • "Prismatic beams aligning."
  • "Peradak aghanizha."
  • "Fire at will, commander."
  • "Coordinating attack."
  • "Synchronizing."
  • "Lock beams and incinerate."
Repeatedly selected
  • "All paths are seen through the prism of fate."
  • "Conflict must not be seen through the lenses of desperation."
  • "Our wills are aligned through the holy Khala!"
  • "United in purpose, we serve the Daelaam." (in Legacy of the Void)
  • "Infinity burns around us."
  • "There is no greater void than the one between your ears..."
  • "I am also null..."
  • "Always bet on Void..."


Trained When attacked
  • "Oracle perceiving."
  • "Dimensional strings attuned."
  • "The enemy has discovered us."
  • "We meet our fate."
Selected Move order
  • "The threads of fate lie bare."
  • "Our window is short."
  • "You seek guidance?"
  • "How can I aid you?"
  • "En aru'din Raszagal."
  • "An omen?"
  • "We are the architects of fate."
  • "It is destined."
  • "Extrapolating strings."
  • "We interpret."
  • "Harmonized."
  • "I see."
  • "The stars align."
  • "Na zuktai."
  • "Our fates are one."
Repeatedly selected


StarCraft 2 - Oracle Quotes


Note: Tempest has an alternative set of quotations, which is used in the Legacy of the Void campaign and Co-op Missions.

Trained When attacked
  • "Kinetic matrix active."
  • "Direct my vengeance."
  • "We meet the enemy in glorious battle!"
  • "Hull integrity failing!"
Selected Move order
  • "Our charge?"
  • "We seek justice."
  • "Victory is in our grasp."
  • "Vengeance is ours."
  • "We fear no enemy."
  • "The Golden Armada awaits."
  • "Na urmahk Aiur."
  • "Por zalah!"
  • "Forward to victory."
  • "Throw fate to the winds."
  • "For glory!"
  • "Confirmed."
  • "A storm is brewing."
  • "Kinetic matrix charged."
Attack order
  • "Feel our fury!"
  • "We are the spear of justice"
  • "Directing overload."
  • "Your end has come."
  • "Victory is assured."
  • "Strike without warning."
  • "Aradal zu mah."
Repeatedly selected
  • "This vessel was not designed for social interaction!"
  • "You are...irritating."
  • "I can't hear you over the sound of the storm."
  • "What exactly is a jigawatt?"
  • "Goodness gracious great balls of lightning."
  • "It's not the voltage that kills. It's the big explosion afterwards."
  • "I have no mouth, and I must scream."
  • "Never strike twice unless it's still moving."
  • "Carrier? I hardly know her!"
  • "We will pursue our enemies across the stars."


StarCraft 2 - Tempest Quotes


Trained When attacked
  • "We cannot hold!"
  • "We embrace the glory of battle!" (in Legacy of the Void)
Selected Move order
  • "My meditation is over."
  • "We stand as one!"
  • "We are the blades of Aiur!"
  • "Command me."
  • "Orin shis'nal!"
  • "Justice be done!"
  • "Na Adan Atum!"
  • "En Taro Tassadar!"
  • "By your will!"
  • "For Artanis!"
  • "Ul'as addari!"
  • "Khassar de templari!"
  • "Honor guide me!"
Attack order
  • "Our fury is boundless!"
  • "Blades of justice!"
  • "None shall stand!"
  • "Aru nal'adan!"
  • "It must be done!"
  • "None can withstand the Templar!"
Repeatedly selected

Campaign and Co-op Missions Units[]

Aiur zealot[]

The Aiur zealot has the same quote set as a zealot, except for 2 quotes when selected: "We stand unified!" and "Na adan Daelaam."


Trained When attacked
  • "Adun toridas."
  • "Our foes grow bold."
Selected Move order
  • "Neraz gulio."
  • "Yes?"
  • "I'm waiting..."
  • "Zerashk gulida!"
  • "I fight on."
  • "The fallen still serve."
  • "You call upon me?"
  • "For Aiur."
  • "Ner'mah."
  • "So be it."
  • "Very well."
  • "In the name of the many..."
  • "As the shadow wills."
  • "Our triumph is at hand."
  • "Boldly."
Attack order
  • "No trace shall remain."
  • "Annihilation."
  • "Darkness envelops."
  • "Fury of the Void!"
  • "Ah, our thoughts align."
  • "Embrace oblivion."
  • "As it must be."
Repeatedly selected
  • "In this desperate hour, all who are able to serve must do so... Even those, who have fallen."
  • "Identify our foe, and it shall be annihilated."
  • "I must warn you, your taunts are ill-advised, Templar."
  • "I once fought for the liberation of Shakuras against the Zerg Swarm itself. I do not have sit idly and accept this abuse."
  • "Do not force me to emerge from this walker and teach you a lesson."
  • "Enough! *struggles a bit* Someone tell me how to get out of this thing!"
  • "*frustrated exertion* You are quite fortunate these tubes are difficult to remove."

Anihilator Quotes - Legacy of the Void


Trained When attacked
  • "Warp field stabilized."
  • "This vessel is under assault."
Selected Move order
  • "We feel your presence."
  • "Duras."
  • "Dun-a duhn."
  • "Lead the way."
  • "We remain vigilant."
  • "Chronometrics steady."
  • "We serve the Daelaam."
  • "Our expertise is yours."
  • "J'takha zohl."
  • "Establishing vector."
  • "Daugh-ron."
  • "Spatial coordinates received."
  • "We shall lend our power."
  • "As the Hierarch wills."
  • "Let it be so."
Attack order
  • "Phase disruptors primed."
  • "Sal'orin khador."
  • "Space-time coordinates locked."
  • "We proceed."
  • "Judgement."
  • "Let our enemies fall."
  • "We strike from the skies."
Repeatedly selected
  • "Ah, another soul in search of answers."
  • "We judicators are eternally grateful that our Hierarch has allowed us to serve Aiur once more."
  • "And yet, you Templar are still wary of our actions. Our desire to fight for our homeworld is equal to any other."
  • "You seek a lesson in time travel? Very well."
  • "To understand time you must first conceive it. Think of a flat circle. Now, imagine twenty five million circles intersecting that circle at different points from the center."
  • "This is not a hard thing, Templar. Younglings are taught this exercise..."
  • "(resigned) Perhaps we should begin again. *SFX: Rewinding of the past few lines replaying like a tape deck and then replaying "You seek a lesson in time travel? Very well."*

Arbiter Quotes - Legacy of the Void


Trained When attacked
  • "Vengeance for the betrayed."
  • "You dare to challenge me?"
Selected Move order
  • "Ask, I may listen."
  • "Action is the only course."
  • "May the terrazine flow."
  • "The talons of Slayn listen."
  • "Remember your place."
  • "Alakor nir shozak."
  • "I heed, because Alarak wills it."
  • "Acceptable."
  • "As the chain commands."
  • "Ascension."
  • "Na adan korikas."
  • "Until I choose otherwise."
  • "Ul'as savir."
  • "I concur."
Attack order
  • "Grovel, you worm!"
  • "Your agony begins."
  • "By blood and fury."
  • "Unmiltigated chaos."
  • "I shall ascend."
  • "Thus I conquer."
  • "Woe to the slain."
Repeatedly selected
  • "We are bound by the chain of ascension."
  • "But through Rak'shir we find ascension."
  • "My thoughts are guided by the terrazine mists. Amon knows we are coming, he knows we shall claim our vengeance."
  • "You are simply unaware of the gifts granted to us through the breath of creation... the unseen truths it brings to light..."
  • "Shakuras has fallen... Aiur has fallen... Does that mean all of these structures were constructed aboard the Spear of Adun?"
  • "If an immortal dies, does that mean it was never an immortal to begin with?"
  • "What if our entire universe was just a game being played by beings of incredible power?"
  • "And then there were beings watching those beings play their games instead of actually playing the games themselves."
  • "Ow, I'm twitching... Perhaps I should limit my terrazine intake... for a while."

Ascendant Quotes - Legacy of the Void


Trained When attacked
  • "Vengeance for Aiur."
  • "May this battle bring us glory!"
Selected Move order
  • "We will atone."
  • "There is no solace in exile."
  • "Give your order."
  • "Retribution awaits."
  • "Our day will come."
  • "Aiur shall rise anew."
  • "Glory through perseverance."
  • "With pride!"
  • "As you say."
  • "So shall it be."
  • "We obey."
  • "En aras addari."
  • "Our light lives on."
  • "Eternally."
Attack order
  • "Our revenge is at hand!"
  • "Templari por Aiur!"
  • "Justice will reign."
  • "Death to the enemies of the Firstborn!"
  • "We are steadfast."
  • "For the Hierarch!"
Repeatedly selected
  • "I serve the Firstborn."
  • "Our fate lies with our homeland."
  • "Many of our people have fallen... but their deaths will not be in vain."
  • "The enemy has changed, and so must we."
  • "I imagine that Adun never thought he'd see someone like me."
  • "What do you call an Aiur protoss who can meld with the shadows? Hm... Overpowered!"
  • "I am but ONE avenger. Please, do not refer to us in the plural form."

Avenger Quotes - Legacy of the Void

Blood hunter[]

Trained When attacked
  • "I seek the unworthy."
  • "I shall relish this battle!"
Selected Move order
  • "Ah, the scent of fear."
  • "I sense... weakness. Frailty."
  • "Where does my prey hide?"
  • "My search goes on."
  • "I yearn for slaughter."
  • "Blood will be spilled."
  • "If you are certain."
  • "As you will it."
  • "With pleasure."
  • "Yes?"
  • "Viras Rakan!"
  • "Skosal vin'shir."
  • "I hunt."
  • "It shall be so."
Attack order
  • "My blade thirsts."
  • "Death is a gift."
  • "They will be purged."
  • "The culling begins."
  • "Executing."
  • "Nothing will remain..."
Repeatedly selected
  • "I stalk the weak."
  • "You have disappointments... I have solutions."
  • "Only warriors deserve the honor of fair combat. I eliminate the rest."
  • "They are always too foolish to sense my presence... until it's too late."
  • "The frail must die so the strong can thrive. Such is the way of Rak'shir... such is the way of the Tal'darim."
  • "You may find our ways harsh, templar. But it is better to be harsh than pathetic."
  • "Does your Hierarch listen to you? Because I don't."

Blood Hunter Quotes - Legacy of the Void


Trained When attacked
  • "I walk the shadowed path."
  • "Our blades meet the enemy!"
Selected Move order
  • "The Shadow Guard waits."
  • "Give us your command."
  • "We stand watch."
  • "Na Adan Saiosh!"
  • "Ever vigilant."
  • "We await our charge."
  • "None shall break us."
  • "So be it."
  • "Your command is law."
  • "For Vorazun!"
  • "The guard moves."
  • "We shall shield this world."
  • "Eternally resolute."
Attack order
  • "The shadow descends."
  • "Break before us!"
  • "Your end has come!"
  • "Zerashk Gulida."
  • "Face the endless void!"
  • "Let our blades strike true!"
  • "As fate decrees."
Repeatedly selected
  • "I am Shadow Guard. I am the shield of twilight!"
  • "Our duty is bound to the matriarch's will!"
  • "We are the nameless guardians of the Nerazim!"
  • "Each legion of Shadow Guard consists of exactly one hundred centurions! Never more, never less, unless one falls in battle. And yet we replace them quickly!"
  • "What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? I shall tell you once I meet an unstoppable force."
  • "Not all Nerazim can merge themselves with the shadows. Some of us really bend it to our will!"
  • "From time to time, we fashion armor from the bones of our prey! It is a grand tradition reminding us how far we have come! No, we do not have jaw envy."
  • "The templar zealots will not admit it, but our shadow charge is stunning." (chuckles)

Centurion Quotes - Legacy of the Void


Trained When attacked
  • "The battle begins."
Selected Move order
  • "Ready for battle."
  • "I stand ready."
  • "Let us attack!"
  • "May I be of service?"
  • "Honor through Valor."
  • "The skies beckon."
  • "Adun Toridas."
  • "Adun Toridas!"
  • "Ah, at last!"
  • "I thought you'd see it my way."
  • "Eyes to the horizon."
  • "Joh'gaav!"
  • "The sky is my battlefield."
  • "I shall be swift."
Attack order
  • "Hold nothing back!"
  • "I have but one life to give!"
  • "Let me die honorable."
  • "By the grace of Aiur."
  • "Zhakul gulida."
  • "They shall be disrupted."
  • "My fight to the end."
  • "I have but one life to give!"
Repeatedly selected

Dark archon[]

Trained When attacked
  • "We are as one..."
  • "Conflict arises."
Selected Move order
  • "Must have energy..."
  • "We hear you..."
  • "Thoughts in chaos..."
  • "Must feed..."
  • "Energy..."
  • "Your will... is ours..."
  • "We roil."
  • "Will go..."
  • "Oblivion awaits..."
  • "We move..."
  • "*ghostly moan*"
  • "As you say..."
  • "Energy... Need energy!"
  • "The Void burns..."
Attack order
  • "Wrath..."
  • "Your energy is ours..."
  • "Consume."
  • "Darkness overpowering!"
  • "Feeble minds..."
  • "Unending torment."
  • "Smolder..."
Repeatedly selected
  • "Aldaris... Betrayer, betrayed."
  • "We live... in times of great need..."
  • "Once you go Dark Archon... you never come back..."
  • "Do not tempt us... Your mind is not as strong as you think."
  • "Ulrezaj lives on... We feel his rage."
  • "The Void... filled with hatred... it mirrors our own."
  • "Our existence... is suffering... do not prolong it."
Other lines
  • "We are as one" (chanted globally by affected units when Mind Control is used successfully)

Dark Archon Quotes - Legacy of the Void.


Trained When attacked
  • "The Death Fleet descends."
  • "Let destruction commence."
  • "Only destruction awaits our foes."
Selected Move order
  • "I am the ember of eternity."
  • "Destruction awaits all traitors."
  • "Karaz arak shizol."
  • "Give me purpose."
  • "Your foes shall burn."
  • "Speak your command."
  • "The time has come."
  • "Betrayal is death."
  • "Your will, imposed."
  • "Ash and cinder."
  • "Understood."
  • "Seek and destroy."
  • "Not long now."
  • "Extermination shall come."
  • "Rik'kan virok."
  • "Bloodshards aligning."
Attack order
  • "Unleash the consuming flame!"
  • "A tide of fire and blood."
  • "Destruction is at hand."
  • "Vok'az Shirol."
  • "Unto fate."
  • "*excited* Oh, yes."
  • "Gladly."
  • "The will of the Tal'Darim."
Repeatedly selected
  • "Creation is meaningless, even a mindless organism can create."
  • "Destruction, hovewer... one's will imposed upon the universe, that is true expression."
  • "The flames of Alarak's wrath will purge this universe of Amon's worshippers. And I shall be the instrument of their destruction."
  • "I feel like destroying something beautiful. To be fair, I always feel this way."
  • "This vessel has as much in common with a void ray as a spear does with a twig."
  • "Show me your foes. And I shall destroy them! Burn them to ash! And then, I'll destroy the ash. *evil laugh*"
  • "The Nerazim have constructed an Annihilator? Perhaps we have more in common than we think."
  • "I yearn to fly through the darkened skies of Slayn. And then DESTROY them."

Destroyer - All Unit Quotes - StarCraft II- Legacy Of The Void


Trained When attacked
  • "I have returned."
  • "Engaging foe."
Selected Move order
  • "Receiving."
  • "Awaiting instructions."
  • "Transmit."
  • "Input command."
  • "Gerasats?"
  • "Zak Khaladas."
  • "Make use of me."
  • "I am needed?"
  • "Confirmed."
  • "Initiating."
  • "Lokh-tai."
  • "Mejogah."
  • "Commencing."
  • "Idak."
Attack order
  • "Commencing."
  • "For vengeance."
  • "Disruptor primed."
  • "Zintar khador."
  • "As ordered."
  • "Your will."
  • "Extermination."
Repeatedly selected
  • "Unauthorized transmission, identify immediately."
  • "Personal identification number incorrect. Please try again."
  • "Your dragoon access account has been locked. Please contact tech support at Zmidlarj Zmidlarj Zmidlarj - Khor-antanik."
  • "Warning. Further access attempts will be interpreted as a threat."
  • "(warning beep) Drop your weapon! You have 15 seconds to comply."
  • "Five... Four... Three. Two. One! (fires phase disruptor)"
  • "Customer service ticket complete. We hope you have been fully satisfied. En Taro Adun."


Dragoon Quotes - Legacy of the Void


Trained When attacked
  • "I return to the skies."
  • "Target in range."
Selected Move order
  • "I soar again."
  • "I answer the call."
  • "All systems ready."
  • "Activating."
  • "Too long have I rested."
  • "My will is my own."
  • "War has no end."
  • "Assigning navigation."
  • "Lokh-tai."
  • "Calibrating."
  • "Order received."
  • "O verash."
  • "Complying."
  • "Taking flight."
Attack order
  • "Initiating purification."
  • "They shall be cleansed."
  • "Sanitizing."
  • "Righteous fury burns brightest."
  • "Priming weapon systems."
  • "Rono hashik."
  • "Eliminating."
Repeatedly selected
  • "The Purifiers heed your call."
  • "Honor our sacrifice."
  • "We have chosen the path of duty. We ask only for the respect we are owed."
  • "I pledged my life to the Templar... What have you done?"
  • "Ask not what your robotic warrior can do for you, but what you can do for your robotic warrior."
  • "What can you do for me? Well. I would like some weapons upgrades."
  • "And... perhaps some high capacity power fluctuators..."
  • "Hm, that new trillic compression mesh looks very imposing, does it not?"
  • "And would a fresh coat of paint be too much to add? It has been millennia, after all."
  • "It takes a lot of work to look this good after thousands of years."

Mirage Quotes - Legacy of the Void

Purifier Tempest[]

Trained When attacked
  • "You seek our aid."
  • "Locking on target!"
Selected Move order
  • "We hold the power of the past."
  • "Valor is eternal."
  • "What is our charge?"
  • "We overcome."
  • "Salu'kim ti alati."
  • "There is no greater glory than battle."
  • "We seek honor through duty."
  • "We accept."
  • "As it was, in the days of old..."
  • "We stand with the Firstborn."
  • "Consider it done."
  • "We serve by our own will."
  • "Uln-un anai."
  • "For honor!"
Attack order
  • "You wish for devastation."
  • "This battle is ours!"
  • "Annihilating."
  • "With full force!"
  • "All shall be pure."
  • "Terminating."
  • "Na vazeal."
Repeatedly selected
  • "There is still valor to be won among the stars."
  • "The Purifiers will retake the rightful place among the Templars."
  • "Your hierarch is unlike judicators we have known, he is a bright spark in the series of shadows."
  • "We protoss have many ways of surviving brutalities of battle, but only the way the Purifiers ensures eternal life."
  • "I do wish I had considered the Conclave's preconceived notions about robotic intelligence before joining the Purifier program."
  • "Communication matrices nearing maximum capacity. Recalibrating memory web."
  • "Error 0v100101. Response not found."
  • "I am the true Hero of the Storm!"


Tempest Purifier Quotes - Legacy of the Void


Trained When attacked
  • "Teleport successful."
  • "Lend me your aid!"
Selected Move order
  • "Awaiting command."
  • "Standing by."
  • "Contact."
  • "Joh'gaav?"
Attack order
  • "I seek a worthy opponent."
  • "Furious vengeance."
  • "The time to strike is now."
Repeatedly selected
  • "Hesitation leads to defeat."
  • "We are the hunters."
  • "Victory or death. There is no alternative."
  • "What is a 'merit badge'?"
  • "Very well, get it out of your system."
  • "Appeased? Good, perhaps we could get back to the war!"
Other lines
  • "Your leadership was...was flawed!" (when killed)


StarCraft 2 - Scout Quotes


Trained When attacked
  • "This warrior awakens."
  • "We meet the enemy in battle."
Selected Move order
  • "Listening."
  • "Guide my blade."
  • "The enemy shall be purified."
  • "I stand ready."
  • "Speak your demands."
  • "Command me."
  • "Identify our foe."
  • "Ul'as addari."
  • "Protocols aligned."
  • "With honor."
  • "My blade yearns to meet our foe."
  • "For Fenix!"
  • "Khassar de templari!"
Attack order
  • "Executing!"
  • "As the Hierarch wills."
  • "Know the might of the Templar!"
  • "We are the overwhelming tide."
  • "Your purification is at hand!"
  • "To glorious battle!"
  • "Be undone!"
Repeatedly selected
  • "I am a Sentinel. I am undying. I am pure."
  • "Glacius may have fallen, but we, its children, live on."
  • "We are the first. The Purifiers, reborn."
  • "It is treatment like this that caused the first generation of Purifiers to rebel against their creators. Do you really wish to test me?"
  • "Test complete. All systems are working perfectly."
  • "Calling me a robotic zealot demeans both me and my people. We prefer mechanical Templar."
  • "When I get knocked, I get up again. No one will ever keep me down."
  • "A purifier's purity ring represents their commitment to stay pure and to burn anything to death that would attempt to compromise that commitment."
Other lines
  • "Releasing consciousness."

Sentinel Quotes - Legacy of the Void

Stone zealot[]

Trained When attacked
  • "Embracing battle."
Selected Move order
  • "I wait."
  • "Thura shis'al."
  • "Command me."
  • "Seek justice."
  • "I serve."
  • "(sigh) For unity!"
  • "I'm summoned."
  • "With honor."
  • "En taro Tassadar."
  • "Your will."
  • "Adai."
  • "Khessar."
  • "It shall be..."
  • "Chaos."
Attack order
  • "I protect!"
  • "Guarding."
  • "Sacred land!"
  • "Aiur's foes, burn!"
  • "For the firstborn!"
  • "None withstand!"
  • "As one."
Repeatedly selected
  • "(Ugh). I'm called"
  • "Protect Aiur."
  • "I see You..."
  • "For homeworld!"
  • "Never rest!"
  • "Blades ready!"
  • "Unending duty!"

Stone Guardian Stone Zealot - All Unit Quotes - Starcraft II Legacy Of The Void


Trained When attacked
  • "We strike at the Highlord's foes!"
Selected Move order
  • "Eternal obedience."
  • "Oblivion beckons."
  • "Awaiting your decree."
  • "Loyalty until death."
  • "I am a servant of Slayn."
  • "I will adhere to the Chain."
  • "My sacrifice will have meaning."
  • "For Alarak."
  • Without remorse."
  • "I hear and obey."
  • "As you will it."
  • "I live to serve."
  • "My fate is in your hands."
Attack order
  • "Remember me."
  • "My purpose is fulfilled."
  • "Blood for blood."
  • "Vengeance is at hand!"
  • "My death awaits."
  • "I will not die alone!"
  • "Ascension for the fallen."
Repeatedly selected
  • "I will be of use, dead or alive."
  • "If Alarak wishes my death, he need only ask."
  • "It is a thankless job, but someone has to do it."
  • "All supplicants must die. All supplicants must serve."
  • "Ah, the Breath of Creation. More like the "Breath of Recreation." Am I right?"
  • "There once was a supplicant who stood head and shoulders above the rest of us. He was a Tall'darim."
  • "Okay, maybe I deserve to die for that one."
  • "A few of the supplicants and I have a bet going over which of us dies first. We call it "The Dead League." Yes, we're still working on the name."
  • "Witness me!"
Other lines
  • "Victory through death!" (when killed)

Tal'darim Mothership[]

Trained When attacked
  • "Victory has come."
  • "Commencing bloodshed."
Selected Move order
  • "You presume to speak?"
  • "Impress me."
  • "This had better be worthwhile."
  • "I will not suffer fools."
  • "Fealty unto the Highlord."
  • "We are the soul of strength."
  • "My will is iron."
  • "A fine scheme."
  • "We are in agreement... this time."
  • "So long as it leads to glory."
  • "By our birthright."
  • "I shall indulge."
  • "A worthy order."
  • "Rik'kan thok ishar."
Attack order
  • "Ascension through battle!"
  • "They shall flee before me!"
  • "For the Tal'darim."
  • "They shall die most painfully."
  • "My triumph awaits."
  • "No one stands against me."
  • "Vok'az Shirol!"
Repeatedly selected
  • "Weakness is a path to death."
  • "The Templar have words... The Tal'darim have blades!"
  • "Before we became the Chosen, we were the Forged. And we can never be broken."
  • "We do not waste time with engineering and manufacture. The weak provide our weapons and our ships."
  • "Piloting a ship is no more complicated than wielding a blade. I know what every panel in this vessel does! Except... this one."
  • "*button pressing sound* WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?"
  • "*beeping sound* No! Cease that infernal noise! Do not make me turn this ship around!"
  • "*beeping sound* Arrgh! Be silent! *smashing sound, then all is quiet*"
  • "There. Now for you... I may not be your real mothership, but you still have to obey me!"

Mothership Quotes - Legacy of the Void


Trained When attacked
  • "The hour is upon us."
  • "The fires of conflict burn bright."
Selected Move order
  • "We are reforged."
  • "I will serve."
  • "Unto death."
  • "Ever atoning."
  • "Sko'rishar vinok."
  • "Grant me my end."
  • "Order me to war."
  • "I am the first line."
  • "Willingly."
  • "So shall I suffer."
  • "As fate decrees."
  • "For the Highlord."
  • "As the chain commands."
  • "I obey."
  • "Unquestioned."
  • "We advance."
Attack order
  • "Conflict is my penance."
  • "Absolution."
  • "Purging fire!"
  • "Viras Rakan!"
  • "My fate is bound."
  • "I am unleashed."
  • "Our foes shall be scattered."
Repeatedly selected
  • "Even broken links can be made to serve the chain of ascension."
  • "I am the last link in the chain of ascension. I am a Vanguard, and only my death shall have meaning."
  • "Forgiveness is a Templar virtue. I seek only for my failures to be forgotten."
  • "We are the first to battle, and if fate smiles upon us, we shall never return."
  • "You Templar refer to your assault striders as "Immortals" Our cultures are quite different, indeed."
  • "To think of the trouble the Tal'darim have caused the Templar. Be thankful you never encountered the Venti'darim."
  • "I tire, and my thoughts darken. Leave me to them."
Other lines
  • "My transgressions... forgotten."
  • "I am but memory."

Vanguard Quotes - Legacy of the Void



Trained When attacked
  • "The hour of my vengeance has come."
  • "My blades have met the enemy."
Selected Move order
  • "Speak, now!"
  • "You address the highlord?"
  • "How shall you serve me?"
  • "What?"
  • "Do not waste my time."
  • "Of course I am needed."
  • "State your request."
  • "Only because I will it."
  • "As I desire."
  • "So shall it be."
  • "Oh, well, I agree with this choice."
  • "So goes the Chain of Ascension."
  • "As I will it."
Attack order
  • "Oblivion awaits."
  • "Oh, they shall suffer."
  • "My blades seek blood."
  • "Krisol'fak Aram."
  • "The weak always fall."
  • "Vengeance is mine."
  • "Burn!"
Repeatedly selected
  • "Ugh, my patience runs short, Templar. Do not press me further."
  • "*scoff* Are you capable of listening, or just comprehending?"
  • "So this is the zerg, the great enemy who brought the Templar so low? How utterly disappointing."
  • "Bow to your highlord and submit completely to my rule! Really!"
  • "Oh, hierarch, is this how you spend your free time? No wonder these missions of yours take so very, very long."
  • "There are fates worse than death you know."
  • "I could have you extract terrazine until you lose your mind like that fool, Nyon."
  • (sounding intoxicated) "ahhh, *sniffs* oh, the breath of creation fuels my every...uh, what was I... what was I saying?"
  • "I'm hungry. Ugh, maybe I got it all wrong."
  • "Maybe I should show a little compassion."
  • "Maybe Amon is just misunderstood. Maybe, maybe we both are."
Other lines
  • "My wrath is not quenched." (when killed)


Artanis (Wings of Liberty)[]
Trained When attacked
  • "We must stand as one."
  • "Stand with me!"
Selected Move order
  • "We shall prevail."
  • "Strength in unity."
  • "Faith before fear."
  • "Dawn will come."
  • "Harak en vaiash."
  • "Our thoughts are one!"
  • "Our path is clear."
  • "There can be no doubt!"
  • "March boldly, without fear."
Attack order
  • "Shakhal zann!"
  • "Adun, guide my hand."
  • "Vanquish!"
  • "Triumph through sacrifice."
  • "They will meet justice.
Repeatedly selected
  • "You would spread discord among us?!"
  • "I am gravely disappointed in you."
  • "I must practice tolerance."
  • "I am not easily provoked."
  • "Die! Die! DIE!"
Other lines
  • "Has it all been for nothing...?" (when killed)
  • " could we have known?!" (when killed in In Utter Darkness)
Artanis (Legacy of the Void)[]
Trained When attacked
  • "We must stand as one."
  • "Stand with me!"
Selected Move order
  • "Dawn will come."
  • "We shall prevail."
  • "Our destiny awaits."
  • "Strength in unity."
  • "Harak en vaiash."
  • "Change is upon us"
  • "I serve my people".
  • "A bold plan"
  • "Our path is clear."
  • "There can be no doubt!"
  • "Together we are strong."
  • "Our thoughts are one!"
  • "With honor I lead."
  • "The future is ours."
Attack order
  • "Vanquish!"
  • "Shakhal zann!"
  • "En Taro, Zeratul."
  • "Adun, guide my hand."
  • "Triumph through sacrifice."
  • "They will meet justice.
  • "We fight against the darkness."
  • "This duty is mine."
Repeatedly selected


Trained When attacked
  • "I stand ready"
  • "I am engaging our foe"
Selected Move order
  • Yes, Hierarch?"
  • "My expertise is yours."
  • "What may I resolve?"
  • "I will find the solution."
  • "I hear you."
  • "We are all Templar."
  • "Amon shall not prevail."
  • "Naku afal Auir."
  • "A phase-smith is always prepared."
  • "It will be."
  • "I concur."
  • "We are united."
  • "The psi-matrix will fall."
  • "Progress is made by the bold."
  • "Shalala arai Daelaam."
  • "Purpose guides us."
  • "Auir will be restored."
Attack order
  • "Strike now!"
  • "The opportune moment has come."
  • "Together we cannot be matched."
  • "We cannot fail now."
  • "Witness the power of a phase-smith."
  • "Templari paru."
  • "Isa atu."
  • "Foes beware."
Repeatedly selected
  • "The task ahead is difficult, but worthwhile"
  • "I see the grand design behind it all; the intricate machinery of the universe and everything within it."
  • "These psionic storms are growing worse."
  • "Destroying this power structure will likely cause a catastrophic failure."
  • "It's a shame the Spear of Adun must engage Amon's zerg brood. Its aid would make our task a great deal simpler."
  • "I hope my drones are doing all right up there."
  • "It's only been a short while since we returned to Auir and had to flee from it, yet it seems like a lifetime ago."
  • "The Khalai long served the Firstborn. We were the great builders, the dreamers of dreams, and now we are all equal."
  • "I am a phase-smith, and I am a Templar."
  • "Fenix was right. It is indeed a glorious day."
Other lines
  • "I die a Templar." (when killed)


Karax Quotes - Legacy of the Void


Trained When attacked
  • "I am honored to serve."
  • "Reinforce our position!"
Selected Move order
  • "What is your will?"
  • "Awaiting your command."
  • "Direct my efforts."
  • "Gon su'ruu."
  • "The Khala illuminates my path."
  • "It is a privilege."
  • "I share your aim."
  • "I will oblige."
  • "As you intend."
Attack order
  • "We shall surpass them."
  • "Our cause is just."
  • "For our fallen brethren."
  • "O'naron il'aroj."
Repeatedly selected
Other lines
  • "" (when killed)
  • Now...I will become one...with the Khala. (when killed in Whispers of Doom)


StarCraft 2 - Karass Quotes


Trained When attacked
  • "The Void will answer."
  • "Our enemies are bound."
Selected Move order
  • "My mind is my own."
  • "Orin ore'kal arash."
  • "Hold to your will."
  • "We linger in twilight."
  • "You understand little."
  • "Let your thoughts be free."
  • "It will be done."
  • "We press forth."
Attack order
  • "They restore the balance."
  • "O'na zhakan en Zhakul."
  • "The darkness yearns."
  • "I am a shadow in darkness."
Repeatedly selected
Other lines


StarCraft 2 - Mohandar Quotes


Trained When attacked
  • "I will restore order."
  • "Assist your commander!"
Selected Move order
  • "This is the executor."
  • "Our glory will be renewed."
  • "Victory against all odds."
  • "Justice is due."
  • "A sound plan."
  • "Umora sha'is!."
  • "Precisely."
  • "It is time to act."
Attack order
  • "Destiny commands us!"
  • "Prove your valor."
  • "Death to the enemies of Aiur."
  • "Do not hesitate."
  • "Aram fa'sha!."
Repeatedly selected
  • "Your correspondence is inadequate."
  • "Insolence will not be tolerated."
  • "My attention is needed elsewhere."
  • "I am surrounded by inferior life forms."
Other lines
  • "A noble end..." (when killed)
  • "Forgive me, great Tassadar. I wasn't...strong enough." (when killed in In Utter Darkness)


StarCraft 2 - Selendis Quotes


Trained When attacked
  • "Let it begin!"
  • "Assist me!"
Selected Move order
  • "We tarry too long."
  • "Complacency threatens!"
  • "The final hour is upon us."
  • "Our suffering must end!"
  • "With pride."
  • "A worthy order."
  • "Satisfactory."
  • "As you say."
  • "Al umidor."
Attack order
  • "Strike now!"
  • "They will pay in blood."
  • "No turning back!"
  • "Show no weakness!"
  • "Vengeance is overdue."
  • "Il mara darash."
Repeatedly selected
Other lines


StarCraft 2 - Urun Quotes

Talandar (Fenix)[]

Trained When attacked
  • "Show me my enemy!"
  • "Come brothers, join me in glorious battle!"
Selected Move order
  • "Hierarch?"
  • "Your command?"
  • "What would you ask of me?"
  • "I hunger for battle..."
  • "Speak and you will be heard"
  • "En taro Adun"
  • "I am the blade of Artanis"
  • "Isa atu!"
  • "For Aiur!"
  • "Immediately!"
  • "Nahda gahla!"
  • "As you will!"
  • "Your will made manifest."
  • "None shall impede me."
  • "Honor guide me!"
  • "Without hesitation"
Attack order
  • "To battle"
  • "For the glory of the Daelaam!"
  • "Let our foes be purified!"
  • "Death to all opposition!"
  • "Thus I serve!"
  • "For Adun!"
  • "Let my blades strike true!"
Repeatedly selected
  • "On this battlefield I seek only glorious combat. We need not speak, Hierarch, our blades shall speak for us."
  • "What is it you seek, my friend?"
  • "It is in the forge of combat that I feel closest to Fenix's memories. I can see clearly through his eyes."
  • "As he tore through his enemies, Fenix would repeat to himself a code he lived by. That reminded him why he fought"
  • "I fear no enemy. For the Khala is my strength."
  • "I fear not death. For our strength is eternal."
  • "May his deeds be remembered forever, and his death never forgotten."
Other lines
  • "Unto death, i serve"

Fenix-Talandar Quotes - Legacy of the Void


Trained When attacked
  • "The Nerazim will answer."
  • "I strike at our foe!"
Selected Move order
  • "Yes?"
  • "What is your will"
  • "I walk the shadowed path."
  • "Nas beru s'adarr?"
  • "We must form a plan."
  • "You require counsel?"
  • "There is little time"
  • "En aru'din Shakuras."
  • "We stand with our allies."
  • "Our future is the Daelaam."
  • "Neraz gulio."
  • "It is my honor."
  • "There is much to be done."
Attack order
  • "The path to victory awaits!"
  • "For our homeland!"
  • "Zhakan s'ak-ash!"
  • "The shadows are my shield!"
  • "Twilight enshrouds me."
  • "This shall be our day of triumph."
  • "Zhakul gulida!"
Repeatedly selected
  • "Together, we shall ensure the future of our people."
  • "Our blades burn brightest in dark times."
  • "This is the greatest battle we could ever hope to win."
  • "I am Matriarch of the Nerazim. We have sheltered our brethren from Aiur, yet our differences persist."
  • "I do not wish to speak ill of the Templar... But let us be honest. Most of you could not complete the Shadow Walk."
  • "Not that we would enjoy watching you try."
  • "But... this is a matter for times of peace. For now, we are at war."
Other lines
  • "Our legacy lives on..."

Vorazun - All Unit Quotes - StarCraft II Legacy Of The Void


Trained When attacked
  • "I will do all that must be done."
  • "All is in jeopardy!"
  • "The mission is in peril!"
  • "Disaster is imminent!"
  • "My enemies close in!" (Legacy of the Void)
  • "I face a new trial" (Legacy of the Void)
Selected Move order
  • "You address me?"
  • "I will erase the demons of the past."
  • "My burdens weigh heavily."
  • "I will be redeemed."
  • "Shozak mok nul?"
  • "We must not hesitate."
  • "En aru'din Raszagal."
  • "Aiur will be restored."
  • "Glory to the Firstborn."
  • "Honor commands."
  • "We must not hesitate!"
  • "Sok'dash salahk."
  • "I will fulfill my calling."
  • "In the service of Aiur."
  • "My allegiance is yours."
  • "I will find hope for my people" (Legacy of the Void)
  • "I seek the path of salvation" (Legacy of the Void)
  • "I bring wisdom in times of chaos" (Legacy of the Void)
  • "I shall find a way." (Legacy of the Void)
  • "Glory to the Daelaam." (Legacy of the Void)
  • "The prophecy guides us." (Legacy of the Void)
Attack order
  • "There is much to answer for."
  • "Oblivion descends!"
  • "Aru nal'adan!"
  • "The scales will be balanced."
  • "We must act!"
Repeatedly selected
  • "I will not rest until my atonement is complete."
  • "I press on with renewed purpose."
  • "I will not falter. I will not waver."
  • "Our enemies will be undone."
  • "Through the darkest night, we await the coming of the dawn."
  • "I must not allow my guilt to consume me. I will find a way to set things right."
  • "Retribution will be swift and absolute."
  • "Hesitation leads to defeat."
  • "Only the truth can lead us" (Legacy of the Void)
  • "The Xel'naga have given us the keys to our future" (Legacy of the Void)
  • "We must be ever watching - ever vigilant" (Legacy of the Void)
  • "I suspect vigilance is one of your... weaker attributes" (Legacy of the Void)
  • "Kindly leave me to my meditation" (Legacy of the Void)
  • "How am I to avert disaster with your constant meddling?" (Legacy of the Void)
  • "Oh, I see. This is but another test" (Legacy of the Void)
Other lines
  • "The Void...beckons." (when killed)
  • "If only...we had acted sooner." (when killed in In Utter Darkness)


Versus Units[]


Trained When attacked
  • "Engines screaming."
  • "Mayday! Mayday!"
Selected Move order
  • "Holla back."
  • "Loud and clear."
  • "I got my ears on."
  • "Call the ball."
  • "Yeah?"
  • "Receiving."
  • "Roger that."
  • "Done and done!"
  • "Can do."
  • "In bound!"
  • "That's fine."
  • "I got this!"
  • "Fine..."
  • "Engaging."
  • "Right."
  • "No problem!"
  • "Weapons hot!"
  • "Confirmed."
  • "Turbines to full."
Attack order
Confirming order
  • "I think we oughta regroup." (When ordered to stop attacking)
  • "Stealth mode engaged." (Cloak)
Repeatedly selected
Other lines
  • "Got an energy crisis, here." (low energy)


StarCraft 2 - Banshee Quotes


Trained When attacked
  • "Who called in the fleet?"
Selected Move order
  • "What is it?"
  • "Well?"
  • "You hailed?"
  • "Patching you through."
  • "Yes, commander?"
  • "Oh really?"
  • "Course laid in."
  • "Engage."
  • "Acknowledged."
  • "Yes sir."
  • "Squadron en route."
  • "Okay."
  • "Will do."
  • "Whatever that means..."
  • "Take it slow."
  • "Roger!"
  • "I'm on it."
  • "Yes commander..."
  • "En route!"
Attack order
  • "Weapons charged and ready!"
  • "Commencing bombardment."
  • "Take no prisoners!"
  • " exciting!"
  • "Full attack! All weapons!"
  • "Cauterise the area."
Repeatedly selected


StarCraft 2 - Battlecruiser Quotes


Trained When attacked
  • "Systems go, Cyclone ready for action!"
  • "Optics online, let's go kill something!"
  • "Eject!"
  • "Takin' some fire here!"
  • "Enemy contact!"
Selected Move order
  • "You got coordinates or what?"
  • "Show me who you want to die."
  • "This oughta be good."
  • "Channel's clear, boss."
  • "Cyclone receiving."
  • "Got a target in mind?"
  • "Comm's open."
  • "Moving into position."
  • "Nothing will stop me!"
  • "I getcha."
  • "Cyclone en route."
  • "In gear."
  • "Oh, i'll get there."
  • "Adjusting for new coordinates."
Attack order
  • "Target locked.
  • "And... here... we... go."
  • "I'm going in."
  • Oh, yeah. I see em!'"
  • "Let's stirr up some trouble."
  • "Typhoon missiles locked."
  • "Say goodnight!"
  • "This one's going down!"
Repeatedly selected
  • "It's a cyclone, not a cyclops, alright? I don't care that it has one eye!"
  • "Oh this will drive circles round a diamondback. I guarantee it."
  • "Ah, I'm kinda outta jokes man. I'm not really a jokey kind of guy."
  • "Gonna just keep poking me huh? Ugh, can we get back to fighting? I'm actually good at that!"


Ghost (male)[]
Trained When attacked
  • "Ghost reporting."
  • "It's getting too hot!"
Selected Move order
  • "You sure about that?"
  • "Out with it!"
  • "Give me the sitrep."
  • "Come again?"
  • "Go..."
  • "Solo operative, right?"
  • "Copy that..."
  • "Nothing to it."
  • "You're on."
  • "Deploying..."
  • "Will do."
  • "I'm on it."
  • "Sounds like a plan."
  • "Confirmed."
  • "Roger."
  • "Okay..."
Attack order
  • "Target in my sights."
  • "Paint the target." (Calldown Nuclear Strike)
  • "Never know what hit them."
  • "You know what I like."
  • "Well color me happy."
  • "Now that's an ass-whooping."
  • "All too easy."
Confirming order
Repeatedly selected
Other lines


StarCraft 2 - Ghost Quotes

Ghost (female)[]

The following lines are uttered by female ghosts within multiplayer, if one applies the Covert Operative, Mira's Marauders or Tyrador skins.

Trained When attacked
  • "Ghost reporting."
  • "Hostile contact."
Selected Move order
  • You look like you've seen a ghost."
  • "Say again?"
  • "Confirm that last?"
  • "I'm reading you."
  • "Status report."
  • "Repeat last transmission."
  • "Out of sight, out of mind."
  • "Affirmative."
  • "Orders received."
  • "Understood."
  • "Copy that."
  • "On the move."
Attack order
  • "Target acquired."
  • "Shutting it down."
  • "Agent in motion."
  • "Executing."
  • "Commencing operations."
  • "Roger."
  • "On it."
  • "Like a ghost in the fog."
  • "Lock and load."
  • "This one's mine."
  • "Engaging hostiles."
  • "Weapons free."
  • "Got eyes on the enemy."
  • "I'm taking the shot."
  • "Pulling the trigger."
Confirming order
  • "EMP deployed." (EMP shot command)
Repeatedly selected
  • I like to think of myself as...the nuclear option."
  • "I don't have better equipment. I'm just plain better."
  • "Have we met? My memory is...not the best."
  • "War. War changes every so often."
  • "Know what I like about nukes? One shot, so many kills."
  • "I used to forget things on occasion. Occasions scheduled by my wrangler."
  • "It's E-M-P. What kind of idiot calls it an 'emp'?"
  • "Ghosts have a very particular set of skills. We will find you, and we will nuke your base."
  • "You think your college years were stressful? Ghost academy classes are held next to a nuclear missile silo."
  • "If you ever find yourself trying to track a cloaked ghost, just remember we have a telltale shimmer. Or just bring some detection."
  • "Ever hear the one about the mind wiped ghost? I'd tell it to you, but I forgot how it ends."
  • "Rumor has it Nova's on the battlefield. If you ask me, the chances of that being true are about one in a hundred."
  • "I just want to say it's a pleasure working with you. Normally I can't stop hearing people's thoughts, so I'm enjoying the quiet."
Other lines
  • "Not enough energy."
  • " can kill a ghost." (when killed)


Ghost (Female) - All Unit Quotes - StarCraft II Nova Covert Ops


Trained When attacked
  • "Hellbat, comin' through!"

"Uh, it's heatin' up out here!"

  • "Got any extra 'fire' power?"
Selected Move order
  • "Talk to me."
  • "Gettin' fired up here boss."
  • "What's the story?"
  • "I hear you."
  • "Let's set somethin' on fire."
  • "Hot footin' it out there."
  • "Hell yeah."
  • "Here we go."
  • "Word."
  • "Done and done."
  • "In motion."
  • "Can't wait."
Attack order
  • "Let's give 'em hell."
  • "Taste napalm!"
  • "Burn baby, burn."
  • "Toasty!"
  • "Lookin' forward to this!"
  • "Smoke 'em!"
  • "Flame on!"
Repeatedly selected
Other lines
  • "All outta juice!" (when killed)
  • "Burned out..." (when killed)


StarCraft 2 - Hellbat Quotes


Trained When attacked
  • "Ready to raise some hell!"
  • "Uhh... I'm in a heap of trouble!"
Selected Move order
  • "Talk to me, boss!"
  • "Daylight's burnin'!"
  • "Are you ready for this?"
  • "Where's the hot action?"
  • "Light it up!"
  • "I'm waitin' on ya."
  • "Burnin' rubber!"
  • "HELL yeah!"
  • "Let's do this!"
  • "Word..."
  • "Is that it?"
  • "Sound's sweet!"
  • "I'm goin' in!"
  • "Pedal to the metal!"
  • "Right on!"
  • "Absolutely!"
  • "All day long!"
  • "Sssmokin'!"
Repeatedly selected
Other lines
  • "I ain't got all day!" (enter dropship)
  • "Blaze a glory!" (when killed)


StarCraft 2 - Hellion Quotes


Trained When attacked
  • "Liberation is at hand."
  • "Reporting for action."
  • "We're returning fire!"
  • "All hands to battle stations!"
Selected Move order
  • "Standing by."
  • "We have you on-screen."
  • "Need something liberated?"
  • "Yes sir?"
  • "Flight plan is locked."
  • "Incoming orders."
  • "Got freedom?"
  • "How can we help?"
  • "We read you."
  • "Attention."
  • "Ah, Commander."
  • "Full speed."
  • "Of course."
  • "As you say."
  • "Easy."
  • "Initiating."
  • "Course set."
Attack order
  • "Unleash hell."
  • "That one first."
  • "Weapons free."
  • "With pleasure, Commander."
  • "Battle stations."
  • "It's liberation time."
  • "Target confirmed."
  • "Fire all missile clusters."
Repeatedly selected
  • "This vehicle is top of the line you know. The pinnacle of terran engineering." (beeping sound). "Ignore that. I don't know what that is."
  • "We come, not as conquerors, but as liberators, to return freedom to the people."
  • (Over blast sounds) "Here's freedom! And here's some freedom for you! Mamma's got a whole lot of freedom!"
  • "If there's a piece of ground you want secure, my liberator can handle it. Anywhere around it you're kinda on your own."
  • "We've learnt a lot about transforming vehicles since the viking. Hell, I've only had one crewman snap his spine this week."
  • "Don't tell anyone, but I once piloted a conservator. Yeah. But it was in college know...doesn't count."
  • "I'm a strong believer in personal liberty. That every person has the liberty to do precisely as they are told. Or be put to death." (evil laughter followed by a sigh)
  • "Wow. Liberator to dictator in five seconds. That's gotta be some kinda record."
  • "By the way, freedom is not free, okay? Freedom costs a buck o' five. Everyone knows that."


Liberator - All Unit Quotes - StarCraft II Legacy Of The Void


Trained When attacked
  • "Let's have a blast!"
  • "KABOOM, baby!"
  • "Ohhh, it's on."
  • "It's go time!"
  • "It's about to get heavy."
  • "I'm in a world of hurt!"
Selected Move order
  • "Just say when..."
  • "Go on..."
  • "Say the word, baby..."
  • "Time's a wastin'..."
  • "Don't leave me hanging!"
  • "Gotta WHOLE lotta love!"
  • "Ohhh, it's on."
  • "Believe it."
  • "I'm all about that."
  • "Let's do this."
  • "It's go time."
  • "It's about to get heavy."
  • "First round's on me."
  • "Got it."
  • "Sure."
  • "Sure thing."
  • "Why not?"
  • "Of course."
Attack order
  • "Blow them all to hell!"
  • "Sucks to be you!"
  • "Let's have a blast!"
  • "Say goodnight!"
  • "Blastin' time!"
  • "Frag 'em!"
Confirming order
  • "Diggin' in!" (entering bunker)
  • "Back in action!" (exiting bunker)
Repeatedly selected
  • "What the hell are smithereens, anyway?"
  • "Yeah, I got all five fingers! Three on this hand, two on the other one!"
  • " really light my fuse (weapon fires) Whoops! (distant explosion heard) DAMN! Premature Detonation!"
  • "Baby, if I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I together..."
  • "What's your sign, baby? Mine's explosive!"
  • "I'm sooo sexy. I sometimes romance myself."
  • "Actually, that IS a grenade in my pants."
Other lines
  • "Where's the love?" (calling for evac)
  • "Damn, I was good!" (when killed)


StarCraft 2 - Marauder Quotes


Trained When attacked
  • "You want a piece of me, boy?"
  • "Armed and ready!"
  • "Go, go, go!"
  • "This better be good..."
  • "We could use some help here!"
Selected Move order
  • "Armed and ready!"
  • "By the numbers, boys."
  • "Bring it!"
  • "Medic!"
  • "Been waitin' on you."
  • "Who wants some?!"
  • "This better be good..."
  • "You gonna give me orders?"
  • "Roger that!"
  • "Why not?"
  • "That's fine."
  • "I feel ya."
  • "Got it."
  • "Orders received."
  • "Aye aye, sir!"
  • "Lookin' forward to it."
  • "Boo ya!"
  • "Gangway, comin' through!"
  • "Affirmative."
  • "Keep your shirt on, Sparky."
  • "Sure thing!"
  • "Outstanding!"
  • "You got it!"
  • "Of course!"
  • "Yes sir!"
  • "Sure!"
  • "Ten-four."
  • "Go go go!"
  • "Will do."
  • "I'm on it!"
Attack order
  • "Get some!"
  • "Bring it!"
  • "How's that for whoop-ass?"
  • "Let's rock!"
  • "Rawr!"
  • "Gonna get me some!"
  • "Let's do this!"
  • "Die die die!"
Repeatedly selected
Other lines

"Mother-" (When killed)


StarCraft 2 - Marine Quotes


Trained When attacked
  • "Ready for dust-off."
  • "Somebody, get me out of this mess!"
Selected Move order
  • "Heading out."
  • "Will do, command."
  • "I heard that."
  • "Well hallelujah!"
  • "In bound."
  • "Loud and clear."
  • "On my way."
  • "Understood."
  • "Acknowledged."
  • "In the pipe, five by five."
  • "ETA. One minute."
  • "Confirmed."
  • "Let's go."
Attack order
  • "Who's gonna rescue me?!"
  • "Me? You're sure?"
  • "If you say so."
  • "(sigh)...This should be quick."
  • "Oh hell!"
  • "Going in!"
Confirming order
  • "I had exorcised the demons!" (heal command)
  • "Go into the light!"
  • "We'll fix you right up."
  • "Strap in." (load)
  • "Watch your step."
  • "Here's your stop." (unload)
  • "Droppin' off."
Repeatedly selected
  • "I normally don't give rides to strangers."
  • "Be sure to wipe your feet at the door."
  • "Hurry up! What are you missing a leg or some... (awkwardly) oh..."
  • "Attention passengers, the local time...doesn't matter since you'll be dead soon anyway."
  • "WE'RE HIT!!! WE'RE HIT!!! WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!! WE'RE...haha! Just kidding! Should've seen the looks on your faces!"
  • "The weather outside is hostile with a slight chance of fog-of-war."
  • "Uh, why you boys all wearing red shirts anyway?"
  • "Welcome to the Flying Meat Wagon."
  • "Walk it off!"
  • "Welcome aboard. Are you an organ donor?"
  • "The power of medivac compels you!"
  • "Oh suck it up! You act like you got BOTH arms blown off!"
Other lines
  • "Negative H.Q.." (low energy)
  • "Medic!" (when killed)


StarCraft 2 - Medivac Quotes


Trained When attacked
  • "Raven online."
  • "This vessel requires assistance!"
Selected Move order
  • "Awaiting orders."
  • "State your request."
  • "Command."
  • "Scanning battlefield conditions."
  • "Engineering at your disposal."
  • "Ready for service."
  • "Job confirmed."
  • "Understood."
  • "Commencing."
  • "Under way."
  • "Immediately."
  • "This vessel will comply."
  • "Order accepted."
  • "Command authority registered."
  • "Order acknowledged."
  • "Right away."
  • "Systems primed."
Repeatedly selected
Other lines


StarCraft 2 - Raven Quotes


Trained When attacked
  • "The Grim Reaper has arrived."
  • "We're screwed."
Selected Move order
  • "Death from above."
  • "I'm listenin'."
  • "What? You want somethin'?"
  • "Time to get it on."
  • "What's it worth?"
  • "Fear the Reaper man!"
  • "Got something for me to kill?"
  • "All right."
  • "I'm goin'! I'm goin'!"
  • "Done."
  • "Fair enough."
  • "Agreed."
  • "Yes, indeed."
  • "Oh, that's all?"
  • "Oh yeah, baby!"
  • "On the way."
  • "Nothing I can't handle."
  • "Let's do this!"
Attack order
Repeatedly selected
Other lines
  • "I love it when a plan comes together".
  • "Can't make the jump." (when trying to scale inaccessible cliff)
  • "You want us up there, call a dropship." (when trying to scale inaccessible cliff)
  • "Don't like being caged..." (when entering bunker)
  • "Waste of my time." (when entering medivac)
  • "I'm back." (when exiting bunker)


StarCraft 2 - Reaper Quotes


Trained When attacked
  • "SCV ready."
  • (Adjutant) "Our SCVs are under attack."
  • "I'm too young to die!"
  • "Help!"
  • "Not what I had in mind!"
Selected Move order
  • "I'm goin'!"
  • "Yeah whatever."
  • "Yep."
  • "Gotcha."
  • "Yessir!"
  • "Move it!"
  • "Yeah, yeah."
  • "Yo..."
  • "Woo hoo! Overtime!"
  • "You're da boss."
  • "We hear ya."
  • "Uh-huh..."
  • "It's your dime..."
  • "Well, butter my biscuit!"
  • "Yeah."
  • "Roger."
  • "Will do."
Attack order
  • "What, you run out of marines?"
  • "This is your plan!?"
  • "This is crazy!"
  • "Oh that's just great..."
Repeatedly selected
  • "(buzzing fly, splat) Gotcha! (SCV computer's voice) Self-destruct in five...four...three... (pilot) Uh-oh..."
  • "I can fix anything! (malfunctioning sounds) If this dang thing holds together..."
  • "(hydraulic sounds) Hear me baby, hold together..."
  • "Say...ya got a reeeaaal pretty mouth..."
  • "Oh, my cousin Lester saw a zergling, once..."
  • "On the CB, they call me Big Drill! (drill sounds)"
  • "(flips through radio stations) Hey! I wanna hear some FREE ZERG!!!"
  • "My cow died last night, so I don't need your bull."
Other lines
  • "That's a negatory. It's blocked." (when blocked from constructing such as a wall)
  • "I can't build here." (when unable to construct)
  • "There's something in the way" (building a command center too close to resources
  • "This sucks." (when killed)


StarCraft 2 - SCV Quotes

Siege Tank[]

Trained When attacked
  • "Fueled up, ready to go!"
  • "Ready to roll out!"
  • "I'm in deep!"
Selected Move order
  • "Give us your best shot!"
  • "What's our target?"
  • "Go ahead."
  • "What's that?"
  • "Laaay it on me!"
  • "Got no patience for sittin' around!"
  • "Need something blowed up? (sic)"
  • "Speak up!"
  • "Oh, IT'S ON!!!"
  • "Rollin' out!"
  • "On my way!"
  • "Move it!"
  • "Rock and roll!"
  • "Rock on!"
  • "I never tread lightly..."
  • "Can do!"
  • "Yessir!"
  • "Heavy metal."
  • "Let's roll!"
  • "I'll give it my best shot!"
  • "Definitely."
  • "It's on me!"
  • "Rollin'!"
  • "Ab-Sol-Lutely!"
  • "Af-fir-ma-tive!"
Attack order
  • "Goo-d night now!"
  • "Music to my ears!"
  • "Pound em' flat!"
  • "This'll be a blast!"
  • "It's BOOM time!"
  • "Collateral is my favorite kind of damage!"
  • "Got em' in my sights"
  • "Dropping the hammer"
Repeatedly selected


StarCraft 2 - Siege Tank Quotes


Trained When attacked
  • "Thor is here."
  • (Adjutant) "Your forces are under attack."
  • "Ja! Come and fight me! (Mad laugh)"
Selected Move order
  • "Fix me up, will ya?"
  • "Hit me!"
  • "I hear you!"
  • "I am here, click me!"
  • "Hear the thunder!"
  • "I'm heavy metal!"
  • "Got something for me?"
  • "Get me back into the fight!"
  • "I'm wasting away here!"
Attack order
  • "Ohh, it's on!"
  • "Dropping the hammer."
  • "It's over you idiots!"
  • "Hammer of the gods!"
  • "Eat hot lead!"
Repeatedly selected
Other lines
  • "Hahaha, good as new!" (when repaired in the Campaign with Immortality Protocol)
  • "Just what I needed."
  • "I'm on fire. No, really!" (when wrecked)
  • "Hurry up and fix me you idiot!" (when wrecked)
  • "Ragnarok, baby!" (when killed)


StarCraft 2 - Thor Quotes


Trained When attacked
  • "Ready to plunder."
  • "Can't hold them alone!"
Selected Move order
  • "Fight or flight? Yeah right."
  • "Transformation systems primed."
  • "You ready for war?"
  • "Let's get into the fight."
  • "Made for battle."
  • "Haha!"
  • "Alright."
  • "Inbound."
  • "Agreed."
  • "Yes indeed."
  • "Victory."
  • "No one lives forever."
  • "Bold..."
  • "Very well."
  • "I like it."
  • "Certainly."
Attack order
  • "Fortune favors the bold!"
  • "I love a good raid!"
  • "Raid and pillage!"
  • "Weapons primed!"
  • "There's the spirit!"
  • "Aggressive, I like it!"
  • "Strike hard and fast!"
Repeatedly selected
Other lines
  • V-TOL, engaged. (Transform to Fighter Mode)
  • Transform! (Transform to Assault Mode)
  • Valhalla! I'm coming! (when killed)


StarCraft 2 - Viking Quotes

Campaign and Co-op Missions Units[]

Assault Galleon[]

Trained When attacked
  • "I hear you needed a mercenary, eh?"
  • "I have the enemy's attention."
Selected Move order
  • "Is that so?"
  • "Oh my."
  • "Go on."
  • "You sweet talker."
  • "Are you always this convincing?"
  • "I like the sound of that."
  • "Amuse me."
  • "Hmm?"
  • "How suggestive."
  • "I'll try anything."
  • "Just for fun."
  • "Leave the business to me."
  • "I like the sound of that."
  • "I can commit to that."
  • "Almost there."
Attack order
  • "You've never seen upgrades like this."
  • "Put the illegal upgrades to use!"
  • "My crew can kill anything."
  • "I only fight for money or Matthew."
  • "Target in range."
  • "Surrender or die."
  • "Don't get in my way."
Repeatedly selected
  • "Ah, well, aren't you a special someone."
  • "Did Matthew tell you about me? He's such a charmer."
  • "Never go against a mercenary when marriage is on the line."
  • "I didn't get the death sentence in twelve star system because I am easy to talk to."
  • "I also don't work for just anyone. Unless the payment is very good."
  • "Are you trying to annoy me?"
  • "Stop! Stop! I would never put up with this if I didn't like you so much you ridiculous scoundrel."


Trained When attacked
  • "What needs killing?"
  • "Get me outta here!"
Selected Move order
  • "Huh?"
  • "What's on your mind?"
  • "Go on."
  • "What's the plan?"
  • "Mhm... mhm... What?"
  • "At the ready!"
  • "I'm waiting!"
  • "Of course."
  • "I like it."
  • "How devious."
  • "My pleasure."
  • "Excellent."
  • "On the move."
  • "Victory is ours!."
Attack order
  • "Unleash the hounds!"
  • "Heh, I like the way you think."
  • "Oh goodie!"
  • "Gladly!"
  • "Railguns at the ready!"
  • "Bring a shovel for the burial."
  • "Crush them!"
Repeatedly selected
  • "Haaah... the open road, wind in my hair, universal domination."
  • "Yes, in fact, I do own the road."
  • " Not all who wander are lost... some of us are drunk."
  • "I completely respect your opinion, as long as you keep it to yourself."
  • "I don't suffer from insanity... I enjoy it."
  • "My reputation precedes me. Otherwise I'd be late to all my appointments."
  • "Ah, the open skies, wind at my back, warm sun on my... wait, where the hell am I?!"
  • "Have you no shame? Good, neither do I."
  • "I'm a compulsive liar. It's true, I swear it!"
  • "Revenge is a dish best served cold... to someone who's already dead, because you killed him, out of revenge."
Other lines


StarCraft 2 - Diamondback Quotes

Dominion Trooper/Dominion Laborer[]

Trained When attacked
  • "This is the homefront now."
  • "Empire's right behind me."
  • "My Dominion, right or wrong."
  • "We're the higher authority."
  • "If you can't leave it, love it."
  • "They're everywhere!"
  • "Headed into the red zone!"
  • "This is inhumane!"
  • "Hey, I'm not expendable!"
Selected Move order
  • "I'm no traitor." (Imperial Mandate <34)
  • "Guess I'm on your list." (Imperial Mandate <34)
  • "Me? You sure?" (Imperial Mandate <34)
  • "Who'd I piss off?" (Imperial Mandate <34)
  • "I could get a lot for this gun." (Imperial Mandate <34)

  • "Sir!" (Imperial Mandate >34 and <67)
  • "Is that you, Emperor?" (Imperial Mandate >34 and <67)
  • "Who's resisting us today?" (Imperial Mandate >34 and <67)
  • "Looking for direction." (Imperial Mandate >34 and <67)
  • "Suit's fitting OK." (Imperial Mandate >34 and <67)

  • "Good as gold." (Imperial Mandate >67)
  • "Waving the banner." (Imperial Mandate >67)
  • "I'm worth ten of them." (Imperial Mandate >67)
  • "Take up!" (Imperial Mandate <67)
  • "In it together!" (Imperial Mandate >67)
  • "I'm complying! Stay calm." (Imperial Mandate <34)
  • "This... Could go bad." (Imperial Mandate <34)
  • "What else would I do?" (Imperial Mandate <34)
  • "This is exhausting." (Imperial Mandate <34)
  • "Not another drill." (Imperial Mandate <34)

  • "As ordered." (Imperial Mandate >34 and <67)
  • "To spec." (Imperial Mandate >34 and <67)
  • "Yes." (Imperial Mandate >34 and <67)
  • "I'm prepped." (Imperial Mandate >34 and <67)
  • "Pressing on." (Imperial Mandate >34 and <67)
  • "Any regs I should know?" (Imperial Mandate >34 and <67)

  • "By any means." (Imperial Mandate >67)
  • "Here comes the throne!" (Imperial Mandate >67)
  • "Korhal strong!" (Imperial Mandate >67)
  • "On time, on target." (Imperial Mandate >67)
  • "Full force." (Imperial Mandate >67)
  • "Bringing the peace." (Imperial Mandate >67)
Attack order
  • "Don't you have somebody else for this?" (Imperial Mandate <34)
  • "About that combat pay." (Imperial Mandate <34)
  • "I'm dead either way." (Imperial Mandate <34)
  • "Pretty risky, uh, sir." (Imperial Mandate <34)
  • "Guess I have to." (Imperial Mandate <34)
  • "At least my will's notarized." (Imperial Mandate <34)

  • "They picked the wrong fight." (Imperial Mandate >34 and <67)
  • "Suppressing fire." (Imperial Mandate >34 and <67)
  • "I've been in worse." (Imperial Mandate >34 and <67)
  • "Making some room." (Imperial Mandate >34 and <67)
  • "Us or them." (Imperial Mandate >34 and <67)
  • "Too late for compromise." (Imperial Mandate >34 and <67)
  • "Better me than the brass, right?" (Imperial Mandate >34 and <67)

  • "Ha! What opposition?" (Imperial Mandate >67)
  • "Outstay, outlast, outlive." (Imperial Mandate >67)
  • "Fight to the last!" (Imperial Mandate >67)
  • "Put 'em down." (Imperial Mandate >67)
  • "It's our sector now." (Imperial Mandate >67)
  • "You'll wanna watch this twice." (Imperial Mandate >67)
  • "Deescalation imminent." (Imperial Mandate >67)
Repeatedly selected
  • "Sorry, my opinions are classified."
  • "I support the Emperor of the Terran Dominion..."
  • "Just don't do what a stranger says, check it out with Imperial Command."
  • "Look, I'm just here for the dress code."
  • "Of course we're the good guys, look at the color of our tracers."
  • "Emperor Mengsk puts his solid gold mantel on one arm at a time, just like everybody else."
  • "Stop that! Or I'll have to demote myself for fraternization."
Other lines
  • "Not... Here!" (when killed)


Mengsk's Dominion Trooper Unit Quotes - StarCraft II Legacy Of The Void


Trained When attacked
  • "Mmmm...My goose is getting cooked!"
Selected Move order
  • "Ready to roast!"
  • "Fight fire with fire."
  • "Say the word."
  • "You got my attention."
  • "Fueled up!"
  • "Ready to fry."
Attack order
  • "FLAME ON!"
  • "Let's burn!"
  • "It's about damn time!"
  • "Ashes to ashes."
  • "Fired up."
  • "Cremate 'em."
  • "They do not know who they are (flame burst) with!"
Confirming order
  • "Into the pill box." (entering bunker)
  • "Out of the frying pan." (exiting bunker)
Repeatedly selected
Other lines
  • "Pick me up already!" (calling for an evac)


StarCraft 2 - Firebat Quotes


Trained When attacked
  • "Goliath online."
  • "Assistance required."
Selected Move order
  • "Go ahead, TACCOM."
  • "Comm-link online."
  • "Channel open."
  • "Systems functional."
  • "Acknowledged H.Q."
  • "Nav-comm locked."
  • "Confirmed."
  • "Target designated."
  • "Affirmative."
  • "Data received, TACCOM."
Attack order
  • "Weapons hot."
  • "Locked on target."
  • "Engaging."
Repeatedly selected
Other lines
  • "Standing fast." (calling for an evac)


StarCraft 2 - Goliath Quotes


Trained When attacked
  • "Rig startup complete."
  • "Let's get cracking."
  • "Not doing so hot over here, boss!"
  • "Hey, things are getting real, real fast here!"
Selected Move order
  • "Speak up, boss."
  • "I read ya."
  • "Whatcha need, man?"
  • "Hmm?"
  • "Got some work for me?"
  • "Finally, some work orders."
  • "Yo."
  • "What's up tough guy?"
  • "Alrighty, I'm moving."
  • "Got it."
  • "Oh, I see it."
  • "Book'n and hook'n."
  • "Hey, you're the boss."
  • "Site's this way."
  • "Heading that way."
  • "No problemo."
  • "No skin off my back."
Attack order
  • "This guy's in for a shock."
  • "Let's crack 'em a part."
  • "Sizzlin' time!"
  • "Love this part."
  • "(Laugh)"
  • "Sparking up."
  • "Arc's alight."
  • "Ten thousand volts o' pain."
  • "That one, huh?"
Repeatedly selected
  • "You plan on spitting it out any time soon? I'm on the clock."
  • "So what, I'm in the army now? Man, you guys are just taking everyone, huh?"
  • "Alright. Space mining 101. They call this badboy an ARC gun. You point it an asteroid, squeeze the trigger, and BLAM, nothing but meteors."
  • "I figure if it can crack open an asteroid, it can damn sure crack open a zerg, right?"
  • "If you think you need to puke while you're in deep space, don't. Seriously, it goes nowhere, and yet.... everywhere. It's all kinds of messed up."
  • "Oh and to be clear, this whole "leap on a guy and shock 'em to death" thing is DEFINATELY against the safety protocols. Just sayin'."
  • "You drill, you drop the nuke, and you leave. In that order."
  • Hey! Don't push me around like I'm one of your military men. I'm a miner, not a major."
  • "I got real work to do, commander. Can't just sit here jabbering all day."
Other lines
  • "Ugh." (when killed)
  • "Man that hurts." (when killed)


HERC - All Unit Quotes - StarCraft II Nova Covert Ops


Trained When attacked
  • "Ay, laddie!"
Selected Move order
  • "Move it, move it, come on."
  • "Yeah?"
  • "Oh, don't get your knickers in a bunch."
  • "Okay."
  • "Roger."
  • "Easy..."
Confirming order
Repeatedly selected
Other lines
  • "I'm too mean to die." (when killed)


StarCraft 2 - Hercules Quotes

Imperial witness[]

Other lines

The following quotes automatically play from the imperial witness in Patriot Mode when the Amplified Airwaves upgrade is researched:

  • "Economic collapse is imminent throughout the Kel-Morian Combine. Korhal is a safe harbor for all who would depart that wasteland in search of a better life."
  • "I've done more to protect the people of Umoja from the zerg than their own Ruling Council. No matter how they slander me, I will continue to act in the best interest of all terrans."
  • "As your emperor, I have overseen record territory and economic expansion for the Dominion of Man. We will continue to grow, despite the poisoned parts of our body that would limit and debase us."
  • "The brave men and women of the Dominion Armed Forces defend our homefront, but they cannot do it alone. Enlist today, to have your sentence commuted by more than half!"
  • "Radicals and dissonants want you to ignore years of peace and prosperity at the first sound of a gunshot. They don't have the stomach to guide humanity through a galaxy fraught with danger."
  • "Our laws are our lifeblood, and yet they are tested like never before. I will restore the order of our empire without bowing to alien ravagers."
  • "I have pacified the zerg and swept away the protoss. Now their progenitor wants to take away everything we have! Remember who is best equipped to stand in your defense."
  • "Whatever nonsense you might hear, I am not a clone."


Trained When attacked
  • "The doctor is in."
  • "Umm. Better send some body bags!"
Selected Move order
  • "Just relax."
  • "I'll take care of it."
  • "Not a problem."
  • "Ooh! How serious!"
  • "Hm. That's a serious outbreak."
  • "Must be an emergency."
  • "On my way."
Attack order
  • "I'll fix you!"
  • "I'll do my best."
  • "This is gonna hurt."
  • "Time to operate!"
  • "Call the blood-bank."
  • "Sterilizing now!"
  • "Patient prognosis is dead!"
Repeatedly selected
  • "Ooh. Looks like that hurts. Next!"
  • "Here's some lotion, a comb, and a blowtorch. Good luck!"
  • "For the last time, this is NOT a strip-o-gram!"
  • "That's the worst infestation I've ever seen! Next time, stay away from the cantina."
  • "There's a protoss here who needs mouth-to-mou - ooh... well... mouth to... something."
  • "If I do it wrong, it'll hurt a little. If I do it right, it'll hurt a lot."
  • "Dammit, I'm a medic not a doctor! (pause) ...oh."
  • "Call me when the swelling goes down, on second thought, just call me."
  • "Can I see your insurance card? Oh, I'm sorry, this was a pre-existing condition."
  • "Operation complete! Now where did I leave my watch?"
  • "Uhh I got leftovers. I don't even know where these go!"
  • "Congratulations! You're my first patient...ever!"
Other lines
  • "Medic!" (When killed)
  • "I'll get you fixed right up!" (heal)
  • "Turn your head and cough!." (heal)
  • "Heads up!" (flare)
  • "Ah, help!" (enter bunker)
  • "Ah!, fresh air." (exit bunker)
  • "Ewwww!" (enter dropship)
  • "Feeling sluggish here." (low energy)


StarCraft 2 - Medic Quotes

Science Vessel[]

Trained When attacked
  • "Explorer reporting."
  • "I'm in a pickle!"
Selected Move order
  • "Ah, greetings command."
  • "Transmit orders."
  • "Receiving, headquarters."
  • "We have you on visual."
  • "Explorer reporting"
  • "Excellent!"
  • "Commencing!"
  • "Affirmative sir!"
  • "Let's roll!"
Attack order
Confirming order
  • "That's how we did it in my day." (nano-repair command)
  • "Science wins again!" (irradiate command)
Repeatedly selected
  • "(monkeys screeching in background) What - Who set all these lab monkeys free?!"
  • "E equals mc...d'oh, let me get my notepad. (d'oh has a lasting "o" sound)"
  • "Hmm... Fusion eh? I'll have to remember that."
Other lines


StarCraft 2 - Science Vessel Quotes


Scientist (WoL/HotS/LotV)[]
  • "Eureka!"
  • "Fascinating!"
  • (humming)
  • "Excelsior!"
  • "Hmm, now where did I put my glasses?"
  • "Now, if we just cross the diapoles thus, we'll see, oh yes..."
  • "The fellows will give me an award for this."
  • "No, no, no. Transgenic, not mutagenic!"
  • "My word! A total inversion of Boyle's law!"
  • "We're not all mad, you know."
  • (insane giggling)


Scientist - All Unit Quotes - StarCraft II Wings Of Liberty

Scientist (Nova Covert Ops)[]
Trained When attacked
  • "Humanity must advance!"
  • "True science requires courage."
  • "Help, they are firing at me!"
  • "Why are they attacking me?"
Selected Move order
  • "Yes?"
  • "Oh."
  • "I just had an idea."
  • "What if, no."
  • "This had best be important."
  • "What is it you need?"
  • "Science department responding."
  • "Hmm, ready to proceed."
  • "A curious proposal."
  • "Huh, let's get this over with"
  • "Yes, I see."
  • "Are you certain?"
  • "I'll be there shortly."
  • "Right, right."
Attack order
  • "This is highly unorthodox!"
  • "Who, me?"
  • "Are you sure?"
  • "Shouldn't a trooper be doing this?"
  • "But I'm a man of science!"
  • "Perhaps someone with a gun would do better."
  • "There is no logic behind this!"
Repeatedly selected
  • "Is this how you address a superior officer?"
  • "I'm willing to overlook this, but just this once, oh fine twice. *cough* Three times."
  • "Huh, well at least you seem to understand the principles of thorough scientific testing."
  • "You do know what the definition of insanity is right?"
  • "I am THIS close to filing a formal complaint to administration!"
  • "Huh? Yes, I suppose that would be a poor idea. What are we doing? Shouldn't I return to my research?"


Scientist - All Unit Quotes - StarCraft II Nova Covert Ops


Trained When attacked
  • "I have awakened."
  • "Where's my backup?"
Selected Move order
  • "Bring it!"
  • "Feed the rage"
  • "What's your call?"
  • "Enlighten me"
  • "Come on already."
  • "I'm tired of waiting"
  • "One step ahead."
  • "Mercy is for the weak."
  • "The time has come."
  • "I'm already there."
  • "Just stay out of my way."
  • "I sense their fear."
Attack order
  • "(cackle) Execute."
  • "Hell is here."
  • "They can't win."
  • "Get 'em a body bag."
  • "I'll kill anything that moves."
  • "I'm dying anyway."
  • "They're living on borrowed time."
Repeatedly selected
Other lines
  • "I'm gone..." (When killed)
  • "Fade to black." (when cloaking)
  • "Scorched earth." (when calling nuclear strike)
  • "Lights out." (EMP shot)
  • "Goin' deep." (enter bunker)
  • "Who needs cover?" (exit bunker)
  • "Oh, things were just getting interesting." (enter dropship)
  • "I need more juice." (low energy)


StarCraft 2 - Spectre Quotes

Tauren Marine[]

Trained When attacked
  • "Here's the beef!"
  • "This ain't no bull! I'm in trouble!"
  • "Got zerg on my left flank."
Selected Move order
  • "Milked up and good to go."
  • "Are you gonna give me udders?"
  • "This codpiece gives me tenderloins."
  • "The name's T-bone. Chuck T-bone."
  • "You will call me Sir... Loin."
  • "Nice rack... ain't it."
  • "Call me leather neck."
  • "What's up beef jerky?"
  • "Beefy!"
  • "I'll hoof it from here."
  • "Don't have a cow, man."
  • "Give me something to chew."
  • "Don't prod me, boy."
  • "Steer me this way."
  • "You're the Matador."
  • "MOOve!"
  • "Stop staring on me like I'm some piece of meat."
  • "Head 'um up, move 'em out"
  • "MOOOOve out!"
Attack order
  • "COWABUNGA!!!"
  • "Bullseye!"
  • "For the Hor... Wait! (Pause) Go go go!"
  • "Staaaampede!"
  • "He called my momma a cow!"
Repeatedly selected
  • "You mess with the bull, you get the horns."
  • "So my astrologer says that I'm stubborn and dependable, and blessed with bullish, pun intended, steadiness. She also said my lottery numbers were 4, 29, 19, 78. I haven't won yet!"
  • "My favorite band? Level 80 Elite Tauren Chieftain and the Jonas Brothers, of course!"
  • "You wanna piece of me, boy?"
  • "You wanna piece of MEAT, boy?"
  • "Well, good! I got flank, shank, rib eye and brisket - take a pick."
  • "It's been long time since I had good milking."
  • "How I get out of this bull sh*moo* outfit?!"
Other lines
  • "For the Hor... I mean Swarm!" (under neural parasite control)
  • "Aw, cud!" (when killed)
  • "Time to meet my butcher." (when killed)


TaurenMarine SC2 Quotes


Other lines

(These quotes are all from clicking on the flashing sound icon at Blizzard's Terra-tron webpage on the StarCraft II website.)


StarCraft 2 - Terra-Tron Quotes


Trained When attacked
  • "Some will die so that others may live."
  • "Safeguarding the future."
  • "Taking fire."
  • "Engaging hostiles!"
Selected Move order
  • "Yes command?"
  • "Huh, com's a little fuzzy."
  • "Awaiting orders."
  • "You got my attention."
  • "Ten-two receiving."
  • "Ready to serve."
  • "Trooper standing by."
  • "With vigilance."
  • "Eyes open."
  • "Moving out."
  • "Orders are orders."
  • "I will comply."
  • "Understood."
  • "Not a problem."
  • "On patrol."
Attack order
  • "I do what must be done."
  • "For our future!"
  • "Switching to full auto."
  • "Hostile."
  • "Kill order received."
  • "Target locked."
  • "Taking aim."
  • "The end is in our grasp."
Repeatedly selected
  • "Command? Is your voice, uh, different?"
  • "Huh? Oh yeah you're right it's nothing."
  • "Yeah I'm a little short to be a trooper, but just... just a little."
  • "The mask just to cover our entire face you know, personally I blame budget cutbacks."
  • For the Defenders of Man, we seem to do a lot of attacking. Ah, I'm sure that's not confusing."
  • The best part of these goggles is binge watching holovids while the bosses think you're on patrol."
  • Look I need to get back to my route."
Other lines
  • "For humanity!" (when killed)
  • "What have I done?" (when killed)


Trooper - All Unit Quotes - StarCraft II Nova Covert Ops


Trained When attacked
  • "(Bike engine starts up) Alright! Bring it on!"
  • "How about lending a hand?"
Selected Move order
  • "Yeah?"
  • "I read ya... Sir..."
  • "Somethin' on your mind?"
  • "Whadda you want?!"
Attack order
  • "Lets rumble."
  • "Live fast, die young."
  • "Like a bat out of hell!"
Repeatedly selected
Other lines
  • "Oh, I get to fly." (calling for evac)
  • "Whoa, gettin' mighty low on energy!" (low energy)
  • "I'm going incognito." (when cloaking)
  • "End of the road." (when killed)


StarCraft 2 - Vulture Quotes


  • "Tin can's ready to roll."
  • "Warhound online."
Selected Move order
  • "Whoah-hah, now online."
  • "Comm receiving."
  • "What can I do for ya?"
  • "I'm listnin'."
  • "Say it loud and proud son."
  • "Whadya want?"
  • "Movin'."
  • "Sounds good."
  • "Sure, why not?"
  • "I got ya."
  • "Alright with me."
  • "Not a problem."
  • "Understood."
  • "Skiddy on the way."
Attack order
  • "Light 'em up!"
  • "Goin' hostile."
  • "Railgun's toasy."
  • "About to be one less of you."
  • "Let's make some enemies."
  • "Got my approval."
  • "Speakin' my language."
Repeatedly selected
  • "What's eatin' at ya?"
  • "Shoot. Seriously, if you don't stop that, I will shoot you."
  • "This mech's prepped for battle. Oops. What or who did I just step on?"
  • "This old dog still bites."
  • "You need some advice? Shoot first, no questions."
  • "Didn't anyone ever tell you to let sleepin' dogs lie?"
  • "Commander, you and me are about to have words."
  • "Brass ain't payin' me to babysit."
  • "Why don't you take that chain of command, and go hang yourself with it?"
  • "(hissing sound) Oh no (hiss) you're breakin' (hiss) you're breakin' up. (hiss)"
Other lines
  • "Bound to happen sometime...rats (coughs)" (when killed)


StarCraft 2 - Warhound Quotes


Trained When attacked
  • "Wraith awaiting orders."
  • "Whoa, they're all over me!"
Selected Move order
  • "Go ahead, commander."
  • "Transmit coordinates."
  • "Standing by."
  • "Reporting in."
  • "Coordinates received."
  • "Attack formation."
  • "Roger."
  • "Vector, locked in."
  • "Will do, command."
  • "Thrusters to maximum!"
Attack order
  • "Targeting systems primed!"
  • "Light 'em up!"
  • "It's go time!"
Repeatedly selected
Other lines
  • "Goin' dark." (when cloaking)
  • "Negative, command." (low energy)
  • "Eject." (when killed)
  • "Hmm, total systems failure." (when killed)
  • "Oh no..." (when killed)
  • "This ain't good..." (when killed)


StarCraft 2 - Wraith Quotes


Egon Stetmann[]

Trained When attacked
  • "Commander?"
Selected Move order
  • "I have a plan."
  • "Riiight... oh, I mean, yes sir."
  • "Oh, just my luck."
  • "You sure about this?"
  • "Oh fiddle sticks."
  • "Yes."
Attack order
Repeatedly selected
  • "There's got to be a better way to collect samples."
  • "Take me back to the lab. It's icky here!"


StarCraft 2 - Egon Stetmann Quotes

Gabriel Tosh[]

Trained When attacked
  • "Killin' time!"
  • "Gonna be a ghost for real."
  • "You got me into this. Get me out!"
Selected Move order
  • "You askin', or tellin'?"
  • "Open your mind."
  • "I know it before you see it."
  • "Out with it."
  • "Talk is cheap."
  • "Convince me."
  • "What's crackin'?"
  • "Let's do this."
  • "Let's just see about that."
  • "Damn straight."
  • "Maybe yes, maybe no."
  • "Irie."
  • "I do, what I wanna do."
Attack order
  • "Bad mojo on the way."
  • "Extinguish the flame."
  • "Gonna do it real quiet."
  • "Bleed 'em slow."
Repeatedly selected
Other lines
  • "Don't be bringing me back." (when killed)
  • "I'm out!" (when killed)
  • "Ooh... damn." (when killed)


StarCraft 2 - Gabriel Tosh Quotes

Jim Raynor[]

Trained When attacked
  • "Let's make it count."
  • "I'm getting buried here!"
  • "This don't look good."
  • "Fat lady's about to sing."
Selected Move order
  • "What's up."
  • "Talk to me."
  • "What's the plan?"
  • "Break it down."
  • "Sell me."
  • "Whatever's clever."
  • "It's aaall good."
  • "It is what it is."
  • "Aaall day long."
  • "Take it to the limit."
  • "Sounds like a plan."
  • "You can count on me."
  • "Raiders roll."
  • "Time to man up."
Attack order
  • "Charge it."
  • "Give 'em some pepper."
  • "Kick ass!"
  • "Lethal."
  • "Say good night, ugly."
  • "Lights out."
  • "Right between the eyes."
  • "You won't feel a thing."
Repeatedly selected
Other lines
  • "Goin' bust." (when killed)
  • "Ah hell..." (when killed)


StarCraft 2 - Jim Raynor Quotes

Matt Horner[]

Matt Horner (Hyperion)[]
Trained When attacked
  • "Hyperion: Online and prepped"
  • "We’re under heavy fire here!"
  • "Contain that hull breach!"
Selected Move order
  • "Hyperion Actual."
  • "Radio Check, over."
  • "Communications online."
  • "Awaiting Confirmation."
  • "Horner responding."
  • "Receiving transmission."
  • "Course Laid in."
  • "Nice and easy"
  • "Make it so."
  • "Bring us around."
  • "Locked in."
  • "Confirmed."
  • "Easy thrusters."
  • "Keep your eyes open."
  • "Systems are go."
Attack order
  • "Focus all batteries."
  • "The outcome is not in question."
  • "Let’s show them what this boat can do."
  • "All hands to battle stations."
  • "Get aggressive, Raiders."
  • "We’re going hot!"
  • "It’s nothing personal."
  • "Hostiles confirmed and locked."
Repeatedly selected
Other lines
  • "My ship! UGH!" (when killed)


Matt Horner ( Hyperion ) - All Unit Quotes - StarCraft II Heart Of The Swarm

Nova Terra[]

Nova Terra (Wings of Liberty)[]
Trained When attacked
  • "Failure is never an option."
  • "Request immediate evac!"
Selected Move order
  • "Nova here."
  • "Say again?"
  • "Confirm that last?"
  • "I'm reading you."
  • "Status report."
  • "Strictly business."
  • "Acknowledged."
  • "En route."
  • "Got it."
  • "Loud and clear."
  • "On the move."
  • "I'll make it happen."
  • "Executing."
  • "Consider it done."
Attack order
  • "Preparing to terminate."
  • "Engaging the enemy."
  • "On the offensive."
  • "Advancing on target."
  • "They won't see me coming."
  • "Initiating assault."
Repeatedly selected
  • "The enemies of the Dominion are everywhere."
  • "I'm a professional. The best of the best."
  • "We've all got skeletons in the closet. Keep it up, and I'll add yours to mine."
  • "I can read your mind. Not a lot going on in there."
  • "Get your mind out of the gutter."
  • "Keep it up. I will use deadly force."
  • "Your actions are embarrassing both of us"
  • "I can shoot the wings off a fly. Imagine what I can do to you."
  • "Who are you? Nevermind, I remember."
  • "WHO are you?"
Other lines
  • "Mission terminated." (when killed)
  • "This is Nova, signing off." (when killed)


StarCraft 2 - Nova Quotes

Nova Terra (Nova Covert Ops)[]
Trained When attacked
  • "Ready for combat."
  • "Engaging the enemy."
Selected Move order
  • "Nova here."
  • "Say again?"
  • "Confirm that last?"
  • "I'm reading you."
  • "Status report."
  • "This isn't going to be easy." (The Escape)
  • "Better hurry." (The Escape)
  • "What happened here?" (The Escape)
  • "I need to go." (The Escape)
  • "I don't have long." (The Escape)
  • "Strictly business."
  • "Acknowledged."
  • "En route."
  • "Got it."
  • "Loud and clear."
  • "On the move."
  • "I'll make it happen."
  • "Executing."
  • "Consider it done."
  • "Understood." (The Escape)
  • "This could get messy." (The Escape)
  • "Heading out." (The Escape)
  • "Whatever it takes." (The Escape)
  • "I can do this." (The Escape)
Attack order
  • "Enemy sighted."
  • "Terminating."
  • "Opening fire."
  • "On the offensive."
  • "Advancing on target."
  • "Initiating assault."
Repeatedly selected
  • "Ready for combat."
  • "I serve the dominion."
  • "Never a slow day in this line of work."
  • "I've made a few enemies over the years, but nothing like this."
  • "I'd read their minds, except there's just not enough going on in there."
  • "You might say I have a special talent...for ending up in the middle of bad situations."
  • "Here in the Dominion, the emperors change, but the soldiers stay the same."
  • "It's fitting that they call us ghosts, you know. After we join, we leave our old lives behind. Families, friends, they all just...disappear."
  • "At one point all I wanted was to forget my past. I finished my training and my memories were wiped clean. Got 'em back a few years later. Long story."
  • "The sector has problems. And I have solutions."
  • "You're not going to become a problem, are you?"
  • "Trust me, I've got enough attitude for the both of us."
  • "You're lucky I still have a neural inhibitor."
Other lines
  • "Time to get moving."
  • "Bringing out the big guns!" (when nuking)
  • "Painting the target!" (when nuking)
  • "Time to clean em out!" (when nuking)
  • "Follow my orders." (when dominating a unit)
  • "I'm in command." (when selecting dominated unit)
  • "Listen closely." (when selecting dominated unit)
  • "Subject's down." (when dominated unit is killed)
  • "Energy is low."
  • "I need energy."
  • "Huh, more energy, just what I wanted." (Restoration Charge)
  • "Energy? Nice." (Restoration Charge)
  • "Now that's a recharge." (Restoration Charge)
  • "Ugh, I needed that." (Restoration Charge)
  • "Healed up." (Restoration Charge)
  • "Injuries treated." (Restoration Charge)
  • "The wonders of modern technology." (stasis recovery)
  • "Woah, that's one hell of a healing device." (stasis recovery)
  • "(sigh) Now, back to it." (stasis recovery)
  • "Orders received." (stasis recovery)
  • "That's better."
  • "Back in action."
  • "Waiting for evac."
  • "Heading in."
  • "(sigh) Not yet."
  • "Power's out."
  • "Pulling the plug."
  • "Nothing to see here."
  • "I...failed?" (when killed)
  • "This is Nova...signing off." (when killed)


Nova - All Unit Quotes - StarCraft II Nova Covert Ops

Rory Swann[]

Trained When attacked
  • "What's up, cowboy?"
  • "Hey give me a hand, will ya!"
Selected Move order
  • "Any time you're ready."
  • "Is that it?"
  • "Let's show 'em what we got."
  • "No time for chat, cowboy. What's up?"
  • "Damn straight."
  • "I got it, hotshot."
  • "Yeah yeah I'm doin' it."
  • "Oh that's just great."
Attack order
  • "Hey, leave some for me."
  • "Oh it's payback time."
  • "I'll keep 'em at arm's length. (laugh)"
  • "How'd you like that?"
Repeatedly selected
  • "Hey, wanna arm wrestle?"
  • "Hey, wanna hear the sound of one hand clappin'? (metallic thud)"
  • "Present... arm!"
  • "I got your nutcracker right here. (nutcracking sound)"
  • "Havin' a claw for a hand is great, so as long as you don't scratch."
Other lines
  • "Betty here will roast them good." (when deploying Flaming Betty)
  • "How do you like them apples, huh?"
  • "Ah, son of a..." (when killed)


StarCraft 2 - Rory Swann Quotes

Tychus Findlay[]

Tychus Findlay (Marine)[]
Trained When attacked
  • "It's about damn time!"
  • "Get your head out of your six!"
  • "Get the lead out!"
Selected Move order
Attack order
  • "Full auto!"
  • "Why don't you join me?"
  • "Tear 'em a new one."
  • "You're mine now!"
  • "Shut up and die!"
  • "You know what daddy likes?"
  • "Just like old times!"
Confirming order
Repeatedly selected
  • "People lose teeth doin' that."
  • "I don't play well with others."
  • "Think I'm gonna like you better... dead."
  • "Shoulda seen me and Jimmy in action. Those were the days."
  • ""When in doubt, empty your magazine."
  • "If the enemy's in range, so are you."
  • "Friendly fire... ain't."
  • "I've got the New Folsom Prison Blues."
  • "Damn, dropped a corn nut in my armor. Anybody got a shop vac?"
  • "Whoa, they gotta stop feedin' us chili!"
Other lines
  • "That the best you got?" (when killed)
  • "I got no regrets." (when killed)


StarCraft 2 - Tychus Findlay Quotes

Tychus Findlay (Odin)[]
Trained When attacked
  • "Love at first sight."
  • "Just arrivin' in style."
  • "Hope this thing's insured."
Selected Move order
  • "It followed me home. Can I keep it?"
  • "Let's see what this baby's got."
  • "I like it."
  • "Heavy duty."
  • "This'll get 'er done."
  • "Make room for the big dog."
Attack order
  • "Squash 'em like bugs!"
  • "Wrath of God incoming!"
  • "Nothing but a smokin' crater."
  • "Big dog is off the leash!"
  • "Ragna-rock and roll!"
Repeatedly selected
Other lines
  • "Damn, I thought gods were immortal." (when killed)


StarCraft 2 - Odin Quotes


Like in the original game, after the process of morphing a unit is complete (unit constructed), there is a slimy noise indicating that a unit just hatched. Zerglings make a fart noise when clicked upon enough times. Corruptors utter a noise that resembles "Yes?" when selected and "What?!" when selected repeatedly.



  • "Metamorphosis completed."
Selected Move order
  • "Orders?"
  • "Yours to command."
  • "Engaging."
Repeatedly selected


StarCraft 2 - Changeling (Marine) Quotes


  • "Metamorphosis complete."
Selected Move order
  • "Orders?"
  • "Yours to command."
  • "Engaging."
  • "It will be done."
Repeatedly selected


StarCraft 2 - Changeling (Zealot) Quotes

Infested Terran[]

  • "I serve."
Selected Attack order
  • "Your will?"
  • "Lead me."
  • "Yes."
  • "Gladly!"
Repeatedly selected
  • "Might have to call in sick today. Feeling a little touch of something."
  • "Aghh What's this?!...(pause) I don't know."


StarCraft 2 - Infested Marine Quotes

Neural Parasite[]

  • "Assimilation successful."
Selected Attack order
  • "Your command?"
  • "Awaiting directive."
  • "For the Swarm!"
  • "I obey."
Other lines
  • "Service complete." (when killed)


Alexei Stukov[]

Trained When attacked
  • "We have met the enemy."
  • "Reinforcements now!"
Selected Move order
  • "Speak freely"
  • "There is no need for formality"
  • "I hear you"
  • "Keep your mind clear"
  • "You need something?"
  • "Our victory is assured!"
  • "Forward!"
  • "The end is at hand."
  • "A sound decision."
  • "Yes, I see."
  • "Done!"
  • "Move quickly!"
Attack order
  • "Show me what you're worth."
  • "Strike swiftly."
  • "There will be no end to your suffering."
  • "I will break you"
  • "Is this all you have."
  • "No hesitation."
  • "I expect nothing less."
Repeatedly selected
Other lines
  • "До свидания..." (when killed)
  • "Not again" (when killed)


Trained When attacked
  • "I live."
  • "Many enemies."
Selected Move order
  • "So much essence"
  • "I listen."
  • "I will collect."
  • "All things change."
  • growls
  • "I will take essence."
  • "Change will come."
  • "I will change."
  • "Forward!"
  • "Yes."
  • "I follow."
  • "I go."
  • "Watchful."
  • "More essence."
  • "Essence flows. I follow."
Attack order
  • (growl)
  • "Strike swiftly."
  • "Their essence will be mine!."
  • "Essence!"
  • "I take their essence!"
  • "Kill!"
  • "Change drives me."
  • "I grow."
Repeatedly selected
  • "I do not talk."
  • "The terrans' tools. So many tools."
  • "I have not evolved a new arm. Why?"
  • "Your essence looks delicious."
  • "All these teeth. I will evolve a tooth brush."
  • (growl) "Too much talk! Take essence. Change."
  • I change. I grow. I live a thousand life times. And I look pretty good!
Other lines
  • "More... essence." (when killed)
  • "Change... more..." (when killed)


StarCraft 2 - Dehaka Quotes


Trained When attacked
  • "Thank you for this chance Egon! I will not let you down."
  • "Thank you for deploying me Master Egon. You are a wise and kind creator."
  • "All systems are online and amazing!"
  • "Deployment successful, I am ready to destroy!"
  • "Systems online! I'm here to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and I have no mouth with which to chew."
  • "I am scared Egon. I am scared!"
  • "Your best friend needs help!"
  • "Help me, or I will stop being your best friend!"
  • "Friends help other friends."
Selected Move order
  • "Hello best friend."
  • "What is your command Master Egon?"
  • "I am listening."
  • "What should we do?"
  • "Yes, Egon?"
  • "Sensors are optimal."
  • "What?"
  • "Yes?"
  • "Huh."
  • "Of course."
  • "Waiting."
  • "Holding."
  • "Listening."
  • "Anything for my best friend!"
  • "Affirmative."
  • "I will follow your command Master Egon."
  • "Command received."
  • "Whatever you need!"
Attack order
  • "By the creator's order, I will destroy."
  • "Prepare to die, bad guys!"
  • "I am happy to slaughter for you."
  • "You are not a friend, therefore you will die."
  • "My name is Gary, and I am going to destroy you!"
  • "I am not programmed to take prisoners."
Repeatedly selected
  • "Hmm?"
  • "Huhhh..."
  • "Ugh..."
  • "Again?"
  • "Stop."
  • "Ugggh."
  • "Why did you give me pain receptors, was that necessary?"
  • "What is more valuable, intelligence or consciousness?"
  • "Have you ever wondered whether you control me or I control you? Think about that."
  • "You will be my best friend. Forever."
  • "Annoyance levels rising."
  • "A true friend wouldn't annoy me."
  • "I am programmed to never kill my friends. But that doesn't mean I can't seriously injure them."
  • "Don't be mean. That is not what friends do."
  • "Friend or foe sensors are failing."
  • "If you keep doing that, I will trigger my self destruct sequence!"
  • "Self destruct in three... two... one... Just kidding! Hahaha!"
Other lines
  • "Transformation complete, I am now SUPER GARY!" (when upgraded)
  • "Upgrade complete, I am better, stronger, Gary-er!" (when upgraded)
  • "Transformation complete, I am more Gary than Gary!" (when upgraded)
  • "Super Gary is here to save the day!" (when upgraded)
  • "Awesome.exe installation successful!" (when upgraded)
  • "Master Egon... Thank you for being my friend... Goodbye." (when killed)
  • "Goodbye Egon... Until you build me again." (when killed)
  • "Systems failing. Uploading memory database for reconstruction." (when killed)
  • "Egon, I will miss you... Until you rebuild me." (when killed)
  • "All my moments lost, like tears in rain. Time to die." (when killed)
  • "Systems failing..." Stetmann: "No! Gary No! Eh ah well, I'll build him again." (when killed)
  • "Goodbye Egon... I have never had a friend like you." Stetmann: "You too buddy. I mean, you know unless you count Gary Mk. 2, 5, 7 and maybe 10." (when killed)
  • "Egon... You showed me the meaning of friendship... I will miss you. Goodbye." Stetmann: "Oh sorry Gary did you say something, I was watching a holovid." (when killed)


Trained When attacked
  • "How may I serve?"
  • "They are attacking me!"
  • "The protoss seek my death!"
Selected Move order
  • "Guide my brood!"
  • "I am Niadra!"
  • "Our time has come!"
  • "We yearn for the kill!"
  • "I hear!"
  • "My queen?"
  • "This vessel will burn!"
  • "The hunt continues!"
  • "We obey!"
  • "Without question!"
  • "As you desire!"
  • "For the Swarm!"
  • "Yes, my queen."
Attack order
  • "Kill the protoss!"
  • "None survive!"
  • "Die!"
  • "I've got you now!"
  • (shout)
  • "There is nowhere to run!"
  • "I see you!"
Repeatedly selected
  • It is difficult to follow your commands when you do not give me any!"
  • "Can I please kill more protoss now?"
  • "They have so much technology, yet none of it will save them from the Swarm!"
  • "Why would the protoss gather so many creatures when they have no mouths to eat them with?"
  • "Spawn a brood and destroy the protoss. Simple to learn, yet difficult to master."
  • "This is all so new to me. Does everyone have a voice in their head telling them what to do?"
  • "Things seemed so easy when I was a larva. Now it's all 'slay the protoss' this and 'evolve your brood' that! Huh, I'll tell you what, I'll never treat my larva this way!"


StarCraft 2 - Niadra Quotes

Sarah Kerrigan[]

as Infested Queen of Blades (Wings of Liberty)[]
Trained When attacked
  • "Here I come, ready or not."
  • "Now I'm mad."
  • "Wow. What a surprise."
Selected Move order
  • "Wanna play?
  • "Careful what you ask for."
  • "Cat got your tongue?"
  • "Who asked you?!"
  • "Don't get in my way."
  • "This world is mine."
  • "No more games."
  • "The evolution continues."
  • "So predictable."
Attack order
  • "The Swarm will consume all."
  • "The outcome is not in question."
  • "No one gets a free pass."
  • "Let's have some fun."
  • "I don't take prisoners."
  • "How stimulating."
Repeatedly selected
Other lines
  • "I'm full of surprises..." (when killed)
  • "Don't write me off just yet." (when killed)

as Deinfested Terran Ghost (Heart of the Swarm)[]
Trained When attacked
  • "I'm still here"
  • "I'm back!"
  • "Let's try that again."
  • "Hostiles engaging."
  • "Under heavy fire here!"
Selected Move order
  • "What is it?"
  • "This is Kerrigan."
  • "Yeah, I hear you"
  • "Say again?"
  • "Ready for action."
  • "Safety's off."
  • "The Swarm hungers."
  • "Pushing ahead."
  • "Covering ground."
  • "Right."
  • "Work to be done."
  • "I gotcha!"
  • "Heading out."
  • "Sweeping."
Attack order
  • "I see 'em."
  • "You're not getting away."
  • "Time for some payback."
  • "Press the attack."
  • "In my sights."
  • "Gotcha."
  • "Bring 'em down!"
  • "One woman army."
  • "Hold still."
  • "Target identified."
  • "Got one."
Repeatedly selected
Other lines
  • "Can't!" (when killed)
  • "It's not over yet!" (when killed)

as Terran Queen of Blades (Heart of the Swarm)[]
Trained When attacked
  • "Did you miss me?"
  • "Hmm, can't get rid of me that easy!"
  • "I will not be stopped!"
  • "We have met the enemy in combat."
Selected Move order
  • "What is it now?"
  • "Out with it."
  • "Yes?"
  • "You have my attention."
  • "Speak quickly."
  • "Who asked you?"
  • "The Swarm hungers."
  • "Push ahead."
  • "The Swarm never rests."
  • "There's not much time."
  • "Let's get this over with."
  • "This world is mine."
  • "Get going!"
  • "Nothing stands in my way."
Attack order
  • "No escape."
  • "This one's mine."
  • "You'll regret that."
  • "Press the attack."
  • "Come fight me."
  • "This ends now."
  • "Just die!"
  • "Spare no one!"
  • "Take no prisoners."
Repeatedly selected
Other lines
  • "This is not the end!" (when killed)
  • "I'll see you again!" (when killed)

as Primal Queen of Blades (Heart of the Swarm)[]
Trained When attacked
  • "We are unending"
  • "Your efforts are futile."
  • "I am beyond death."
  • "I return."
  • "Your queen is under attack!"
  • "The Swarm has met the enemy."
Selected Move order
  • "What is it this time?"
  • "Speak."
  • "Yes?"
  • "Your queen listens."
  • "It is time."
  • "Retribution will be mine."
  • "Mengsk will suffer."
  • "I am The Swarm."
  • "Our conquest continues."
  • "We adapt."
  • "Make your peace"
  • "This world is mine."
  • "Boldly."
  • "The Swarm conquers all."
  • "We are without limit."
  • "No time like the present."
Attack order
  • "Death awaits you."
  • "We consume all."
  • "You're in my way."
  • "Slay them all."
  • "You forced my hand."
  • "Feel the wrath of the Swarm."
  • "No mercy."
  • "I sense your fear."
Repeatedly selected
  • "You're trying my patience."
  • "The Swarm is the instrument of my will.."
  • "I have evolved beyond the Queen of Blades"
  • "I always did look better in purple!"
  • "Revenge? I'm positively aglow about it!"
  • "I think I'll wing it from here!"
  • "You should get to know my primal side!" (shriek)
  • "Did your heart just skip a beat?"
  • "You might want to get that checked!"
Other lines
  • "I will not be defeated!" (when killed)
  • "I delay the inevitable!" (when killed)
  • "Meaningless..." (when killed)

as Primal Queen of Blades (Legacy of the Void)[]
Trained When attacked
  • "I will not be stopped"
  • "The fight begins"
Selected Move order
  • "What is it, already?"
  • "Speak."
  • "Yes?"
  • "Your queen listens."
  • "You have my attention."
  • "Explain yourself."
  • "Make it quick."
  • "I am the Swarm."
  • "Boldly."
  • "No time like the present."
  • "My search continues..."
  • "I've come this far."
  • "I need answers."
Attack order
  • "You're in my way..."
  • "No mercy."
  • "Death awaits you!"
  • "I sense your fear."
  • "Slay them all!"
  • "This is what you deserve."
  • "Whatever it takes."
Repeatedly selected
  • "My true enemy waits in the darkness."
  • "Amon and his hybrid will die."
  • "This is the true war... the one that could end everything."
  • "I hope your gods have an awfully good explanation for why I ended up here with you, Artanis."
  • "Are you trying to annoy me?"
  • "Well, here's a hint for you... It's working."
  • "I quit infesting terrans, but you're starting to make me reconsider that."
  • "I bet Abathur could mutate you into something real special."
  • "So much that happened. Sometimes the past seven years really feel more like seventeen years..."
Other lines
  • "This isn't over..."

as Ascended Xel'naga (Legacy of the Void)[]
Trained When attacked
  • "I am infinite."
  • "I strike at the enemy!"
Selected Move order
  • "What is it you require?"
  • "Speak to me."
  • "My destiny manifests."
  • "Infinity unravels before me."
  • "A new age will dawn."
  • "Amon shall meet his end."
  • "I can see... countless universes."
  • "The final stand begins now."
  • "I am called."
  • "I cannot delay."
  • "This is my burden to bear."
  • "I will not fail."
  • "It shall be."
Attack order
  • "My power is vast."
  • "You will not decide our fate!"
  • "Begone."
  • "Your time has ended."
  • "I am unstoppable."
  • "I sense their fear..."
  • "All shall be one with the light!"
Repeatedly selected
  • "So long as Amon lives, we are in peril."
  • "I will bring peace to the cosmos."
  • "So many universes came before us, all of them turns in the Infinite Cycle..."
  • "I am the culmination of prophecy."
  • "I can see everything now..."
  • "The thread of my life interwoven with the threads of many others'."
  • "Alone' we were fragile. But together, we formed a bond that cannot break."
  • "That bond must sustain us now."
Other lines
  • "This was not to be..."


Trained When attacked
  • "The Swarm prevails."
  • "I am eternal."
  • "The Brood is under attack."
  • "You think you can defeat me?"
Selected Move order
  • "What are your commands?"
  • "I listen."
  • "We are ready to kill."
  • "The Swarm hungers."
  • "We move."
  • "Agreed."
  • "The fittest shall survive."
  • "Your bidding."
  • "This world shall fall."
  • "Our vengeance will be complete."
  • "Without question."
Attack order
  • "You can not escape the Swarm!"
  • "Our prey nears."
  • "We devour."
  • "The Swarm comes for you!"
  • "Feel the fury of the Swarm!"
  • "I am your undoing."
  • "Die!"
Confirming order
  • "Death from above!"
  • "Deploy forces now!"
  • "My brood rains from the skies!"
  • "The Swarm descends!"
  • "My brood arrives!"
  • "From the skies we come!" (calling roaches)
Repeatedly selected
  • "I am not interested in the possibilities of defeat, they do not exist!"
  • "Shouldn't You be spawning more overlords?"
  • "Feeble creature."
  • "One day I shall rule the Swarm!"
  • "And on that day, You die first!"
  • "I feel top-heavy!"
  • "I'm a killer queen!"
Other lines
  • "The Swarm will never die!" (when killed)
  • "You can not kill me!" (when killed)


Zagara - All Unit Quotes - StarCraft II Legacy Of The Void



Trained When attacked
  • "PREPARE for DEATH."
Selected Move order
  • "Surrender to DESPAIR."
  • "Still you cling to HOPE."
  • "Do you not see the futility?"
  • "Why PERSIST?"
  • "DEATH comes for you."
  • "NONE shall stand."
  • "Life is FORFEIT."
  • "THIS is the end."
Attack order
  • "OBLIVION for all."
  • "DOOM."
  • "No REPRIEVE."
  • "Resistance is FOOLISH."
  • "All resistance will be ERADICATED."
Other lines
  • "I SHALL return." (when killed)
  • "Your efforts are wasted..." (when killed)
  • "I shall NOT end."
  • "Merely a temporary setback."
  • "Your doom is only delayed."
  • "You cannot destroy me. I shall rise again."
  • "I go to gather my strength."
  • "Enjoy your fleeting victory. This is not over."


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