Like in the original game, after the process of morphing a unit is complete (unit constructed), there is a slimy noise indicating that a unit just hatched. Zerglings make a fart noise when clicked upon enough times. Corruptors utter a noise that resembles "Yes?" when selected and "What?!" when selected repeatedly.



  • "Metamorphosis completed."
Selected Move order
  • "Orders?"
  • "Yours to command."
  • "Engaging."
Repeatedly selected


  • "Metamorphosis complete."
Selected Move order
  • "Orders?"
  • "Yours to command."
  • "Engaging."
  • "It will be done."
Repeatedly selected

Infested TerranEdit

  • "I serve."
Selected Attack order
  • "Your will?"
  • "Lead me."
  • "Yes."
  • "Gladly!"
Repeatedly selected
  • "Might have to call in sick today. Feeling a little touch of something."
  • "Aghh What's this?!...(pause) I don't know."

Neural ParasiteEdit

  • "Assimilation successful."
Selected Attack order
  • "Your command?"
  • "Awaiting directive."
  • "For the Swarm!"
  • "I obey."
Other lines
  • "Service complete." (when killed)
StarCraft 2 - Neural Parasite Quotes Compilation

StarCraft 2 - Neural Parasite Quotes Compilation


Alexei StukovEdit

Trained When attacked
  • "We have met the enemy."
  • "Reinforcements now!"
Selected Move order
  • "Speak freely"
  • "There is no need for formality"
  • "I hear you"
  • "Keep your mind clear"
  • "You need something?"
  • "Our victory is assured!"
  • "Forward!"
  • "The end is at hand."
  • "A sound decision."
  • "Yes, I see."
  • "Done!"
  • "Move quickly!"
Attack order
  • "Show me what you're worth."
  • "Strike swiftly."
  • "There will be no end to your suffering."
  • "I will break you"
  • "Is this all you have."
  • "No hesitation."
  • "I expect nothing less."
Repeatedly selected
Other lines

До свидания... Not again" (when killed)

StarCraft 2 - Alexei Stukov Quotes

StarCraft 2 - Alexei Stukov Quotes


Trained When attacked
  • "I live."
  • "Many enemies."
Selected Move order
  • "So much essence"
  • "There is no need for formality"
  • "I listen."
  • "I will collect."
  • "All things change."
  • growls
  • "I will take essence."
  • "Change will come."
  • "I will change."
  • "Forward!"
  • "Yes."
  • "I follow."
  • "I go."
  • "Watchful."
  • "More essence."
  • "Essence flows. I follow."
Attack order
  • (growl)
  • "Strike swiftly."
  • "Their essence will be mine!."
  • "Essence!"
  • "I take their essence!"
  • "Kill!"
  • "Change drives me."
  • "I grow."
Repeatedly selected
  • "I do not talk."
  • "The terrans' tools. So many tools."
  • "I have not evolved a new arm. Why?"
  • "Your essence looks delicious."
  • "All these teeth. I will evolve a tooth brush."
  • (growl) "Too much talk! Take essence. Change."
  • I change. I grow. I live a thousand life times. And I look pretty good!
Other lines
  • "More... essence." (when killed)
  • "Change... more..." (when killed)

StarCraft 2 - Dehaka Quotes

StarCraft 2 - Dehaka Quotes


Trained When attacked
  • "How may I serve?"
  • "They are attacking me!"
  • "The protoss seek my death!"
Selected Move order
  • "Guide my brood!"
  • "I am Niadra!"
  • "Our time has come!"
  • "We yearn for the kill!"
  • "I hear!"
  • "My queen?"
  • "This vessel will burn!"
  • "The hunt continues!"
  • "We obey!"
  • "Without question!"
  • "As you desire!"
  • "For the Swarm!"
  • "Yes, my queen."
Attack order
  • "Kill the protoss!"
  • "None survive!"
  • "Die!"
  • "I've got you now!"
  • (shout)
  • "There is nowhere to run!"
  • "I see you!"
Repeatedly selected
  • It is difficult to follow your commands when you do not give me any!"
  • "Can I please kill more protoss now?"
  • "They have so much technology, yet none of it will save them from the Swarm!"
  • "Why would the protoss gather so many creatures when they have no mouths to eat them with?"
  • "Spawn a brood and destroy the protoss. Simple to learn, yet difficult to master."
  • "This is all so new to me. Does everyone have a voice in their head telling them what to do?"
  • "Things seemed so easy when I was a larva. Now it's all 'slay the protoss' this and 'evolve your brood' that! Huh, I'll tell you what, I'll never treat my larva this way!"

StarCraft 2 - Niadra Quotes

StarCraft 2 - Niadra Quotes

Sarah KerriganEdit

as Infested Queen of Blades (Wings of Liberty)Edit
Trained When attacked
  • "Here I come, ready or not."
  • "Now I'm mad."
  • "Wow. What a surprise."
Selected Move order
  • "Wanna play?
  • "Careful what you ask for."
  • "Cat got your tongue?"
  • "Who asked you?!"
  • "Don't get in my way."
  • "This world is mine."
  • "No more games."
  • "The evolution continues."
  • "So predictable."
Attack order
  • "The Swarm will consume all."
  • "The outcome is not in question."
  • "No one gets a free pass."
  • "Let's have some fun."
  • "I don't take prisoners."
  • "How stimulating."
Repeatedly selected
Other lines
  • "I'm full of surprises..." (when killed)
  • "Don't write me off just yet." (when killed)
as Deinfested Terran Ghost (Heart of the Swarm)Edit
Trained When attacked
  • "I'm still here"
  • "I'm back!"
  • "Let's try that again."
  • "Hostiles engaging."
  • "Under heavy fire here!"
Selected Move order
  • "What is it?"
  • "This is Kerrigan."
  • "Yeah, I hear you"
  • "Say again?"
  • "Ready for action."
  • "Safety's off."
  • "The Swarm hungers."
  • "Pushing ahead."
  • "Covering ground."
  • "Right."
  • "Work to be done."
  • "I gotcha!"
  • "Heading out."
  • "Sweeping."
Attack order
  • "I see 'em."
  • "You're not getting away."
  • "Time for some payback."
  • "Press the attack."
  • "In my sights."
  • "Gotcha."
  • "Bring 'em down!"
  • "One woman army."
  • "Hold still."
  • "Target identified."
  • "Got one."
Repeatedly selected
Other lines
  • "Can't!" (when killed)
  • "It's not over yet!" (when killed)

as Terran Queen of Blades (Heart of the Swarm)Edit
Trained When attacked
  • "Did you miss me?"
  • "Hmm, can't get rid of me that easy!"
  • "I will not be stopped!"
  • "We have met the enemy in combat."
Selected Move order
  • "What is it now?"
  • "Out with it."
  • "Yes?"
  • "You have my attention."
  • "Speak quickly."
  • "Who asked you?"
  • "The Swarm hungers."
  • "Push ahead."
  • "The Swarm never rests."
  • "There's not much time."
  • "Let's get this over with."
  • "This world is mine."
  • "Get going!"
  • "Nothing stands in my way."
Attack order
  • "No escape."
  • "This one's mine."
  • "You'll regret that."
  • "Press the attack."
  • "Come fight me."
  • "This ends now."
  • "Just die!"
  • "Spare no one!"
  • "Take no prisoners."
Repeatedly selected
Other lines
  • "This is not the end!" (when killed)
  • "I'll see you again!" (when killed)

as Primal Queen of Blades (Heart of the Swarm)Edit
Trained When attacked
  • "We are unending"
  • "Your efforts are futile."
  • "I am beyond death."
  • "I return."
  • "Your queen is under attack!"
  • "The Swarm has met the enemy."
Selected Move order
  • "What is it this time?"
  • "Speak."
  • "Yes?"
  • "Your queen listens."
  • "It is time."
  • "Retribution will be mine."
  • "Mengsk will suffer."
  • "I am The Swarm."
  • "Our conquest continues."
  • "We adapt."
  • "Make your peace"
  • "This world is mine."
  • "Boldly."
  • "The Swarm conquers all."
  • "We are without limit."
  • "No time like the present."
Attack order
  • "Death awaits you."
  • "We consume all."
  • "You're in my way."
  • "Slay them all."
  • "You forced my hand."
  • "Feel the wrath of the Swarm."
  • "No mercy."
  • "I sense your fear."
Repeatedly selected
  • "You're trying my patience."
  • "The Swarm is the instrument of my will.."
  • "I have evolved beyond the Queen of Blades"
  • "I always did look better in purple!"
  • "Revenge? I'm positively aglow about it!"
  • "I think I'll wing it from here!"
  • "You should get to know my primal side!" (shriek)
  • "Did your heart just skip a beat?"
  • "You might want to get that checked!"
Other lines
  • "I will not be defeated!" (when killed)
  • "I delay the inevitable!" (when killed)
  • "Meaningless..." (when killed)

as Primal Queen of Blades (Legacy of the Void)Edit
Trained When attacked
  • "I will not be stopped"
  • "The fight begins"
Selected Move order
  • "What is it, already?"
  • "Speak."
  • "Yes?"
  • "Your queen listens."
  • "You have my attention."
  • "Explain yourself."
  • "Make it quick."
  • "I am the Swarm."
  • "Boldly."
  • "No time like the present."
  • "My search continues..."
  • "I've come this far."
  • "I need answers."
Attack order
  • "You're in my way..."
  • "No mercy."
  • "Death awaits you!"
  • "I sense your fear."
  • "Slay them all!"
  • "This is what you deserve."
  • "Whatever it takes."
Repeatedly selected
  • "My true enemy waits in the darkness."
  • "Amon and his hybrid will die."
  • "This is the true war... the one that could end everything."
  • "I hope your gods have an awfully good explanation for why I ended up here with you, Artanis."
  • "Are you trying to annoy me?"
  • "Well, here's a hint for you... It's working."
  • "I quit infesting terrans, but you're starting to make me reconsider that."
  • "I bet Abathur could mutate you into something real special."
  • "So much that happened. Sometimes the past seven years really feel more like seventeen years..."
Other lines
  • "This isn't over..."

as Ascended Xel'naga (Legacy of the Void)Edit
Trained When attacked
  • "I am infinite."
  • "I strike at the enemy!"
Selected Move order
  • "What is it you require?"
  • "Speak to me."
  • "My destiny manifests."
  • "Infinity unravels before me."
  • "A new age will dawn."
  • "Amon shall meet his end."
  • "I can see... countless universes."
  • "The final stand begins now."
  • "I am called."
  • "I cannot delay."
  • "This is my burden to bear."
  • "I will not fail."
  • "It shall be."
Attack order
  • "My power is vast."
  • "You will not decide our fate!"
  • "Begone."
  • "Your time has ended."
  • "I am unstoppable."
  • "I sense their fear..."
  • "All shall be one with the light!"
Repeatedly selected
  • "So long as Amon lives, we are in peril."
  • "I will bring peace to the cosmos."
  • "So many universes came before us, all of them turns in the Infinite Cycle..."
  • "I am the culmination of prophecy."
  • "I can see everything now..."
  • "The thread of my life interwoven with the threads of many others'."
  • "Alone' we were fragile. But together, we formed a bond that cannot break."
  • "That bond must sustain us now."
Other lines
  • "This was not to be..."

as Co-op Commander (Co-op Missions)Edit
When attacked
  • "Your queen is under attack!"
  • "The Swarm has met the enemy."
Selected Move order
  • "What is it this time?"
  • "Speak."
  • "Yes?"
  • "Your queen listens."
  • "It is time."
  • "Retribution will be mine."
  • "I am The Swarm."
Attack order
  • "Death awaits you."
Repeatedly selected
  • "You're trying my patience."
Other lines
  • "I will not be defeated!" (when killed)
  • "The enemy is coming for us. Hope your ready for this."
  • "Attack incoming; get ready!"
  • "Brace yourself; here they come!"
  • "Brace yourself; enemy forces are inbound!"
  • "The enemy has chosen to attack me. Minions, make them regret their decision!"
  • "Enemy forces incoming. Slay them to the last!"
  • "Looks like the enemy is heading for us. Let's go say 'Hello'."
  • "I'm sensing cloaked units. We some detection out here."
  • "The enemy is using cloaked units. We need detectors; now!"
  • "Hybrid! Do not let them survive."
  • "Well then, we'll have to do something about that."
  • "Then let's kill them. Quickly."
  • "We cannot allow them to roam freely!"
  • "Well, that is what I do best."
  • "We're engaging the objective."
  • "My minions are engaging the objective."
  • "Objective engaged."
  • "It sure was!"
  • "The objective's down!"
  • "Child's' play."
  • "We're doing well. Keep fighting!"
  • "Precisely as planned."
  • "We're ready to guard the objective."
  • "Defend the objective to the last."
  • "Minions, defend the objective with your lives."
  • "Minions, if that objective falls, I will kill you myself!"
  • "Let's form ranks around the objective."
  • "My forces are guarding the objective."
  • "My minions are escorting the objective."
  • "We've reached the objective. Let's get moving!"
  • "Good! Our defenses held."
  • "Well done! The objective has survived."
  • "The objective made it through."
  • "That took long enough!"
  • "That's that then."
  • Well done! It should be safe now."
  • "It's on its own from here."
  • "As if there was any doubt."
  • "The objective is secure."
  • "Nicely done. The objective is safe."
  • "Let's take it out. We don't have long!"
  • "Engaging the objective."
  • "My forces are intercepting the objective."
  • "Minions! Destroy it! Now!"
  • "It's down."
  • "Hostile eliminated."
  • "There is no escape from the Swarm."
  • "Well done!
  • "Your not going anywhere!"
  • "We should make our move soon."
  • "Secure the area! Nothing else matters."
  • "We're securing the area."
  • "Minions; hold this ground! Do not fail your Queen."
  • "The Swarm is defending the position."
  • "This area is under Swarm control."
  • "Well done. The area is secure."
  • "The objective is under our control."
  • "Prepare to move the objective."
  • "Then let's move it out."
  • "My forces are transporting the objective."
  • "We're moving the objective."
  • "Transporting the objective now."
  • "Well done! The objective made it to safety."
  • "Excellent work. Transport complete. Now keep it secured."
  • "Good! It arrived safely."
  • "The enemy will come for us in force, and they will die regretting that decision."
  • "The enemy is coming for us... Slay them.... All of them.... Your Queen demands it!"
  • "Sounds like fun. Let's go!"
  • "And here I was just starting to have fun."
  • "We're almost there... Fight with all you have!"
  • "Move quickly! We can't allow it to escape."
  • "Destroy it! Now!"
  • "Tear it, apart!"
  • "Ripe for the taking."
  • "Then let's go take it!"
  • "We've got the objective."
  • "My forces just took control of the objective."
  • "The objective is under my control now."


Trained When attacked
  • "The Swarm prevails."
  • "I am eternal."
  • "The Brood is under attack."
  • "You think you can defeat me?"
Selected Move order
  • "What are your commands?"
  • "I listen."
  • "We are ready to kill."
  • "The Swarm hungers."
  • "We move."
  • "Agreed."
  • "The fittest shall survive."
  • "Your bidding."
  • "This world shall fall."
  • "Our vengeance will be complete."
  • "Without question."
Attack order
  • "You can not escape the Swarm!"
  • "Our pray nears."
  • "We devour."
  • "The Swarm comes for you!"
  • "Feel the fury of the Swarm!"
  • "I am your undoing."
  • "Die!"
Confirming order
  • "Death from above!"
  • "Deploy forces now!"
  • "My brood rains from the skies!"
  • "The Swarm descends!"
  • "My brood arrives!"
  • "From the skies we come!" (calling roaches)
Repeatedly selected
  • "I am not interested in the possibilities of defeat, they do not exist!"
  • "Shouldn't You be spawning more overlords?"
  • "Feeble creature."
  • "One day I shall rule the Swarm!"
  • "And on that day, You die first!"
  • "I feel top-heavy!"
  • "I'm a killer queen!"
Other lines
  • "The Swarm will never die!" (when killed)
  • "You can not kill me!" (when killed)