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==Patch 4.9.3==
*Made improvements to in-game network protocol which will result in smoother multiplayer games.
*Chat actions sent through the SC2API can now activate Trigger and Galaxy events.
*Tweaked names and descriptions of various Co-op Missions attack waves.
*Guardians spawned by Amon will now be more consistent with their stats in the original StarCraft.
*Added the Massive attribute to Amon’s Guardians.
*Cradle of Death reworked:
**Main objective timer starts with 30 additional seconds on all difficulties.
**Main objective timer gains 30 additional seconds after completing an objective on all difficulties.
**Reduced the build time of trucks from 20 seconds to 10 seconds.
**Trucks are no longer consumed when completing a bonus objective.
**The bonus objective timer is now paused while the corresponding construct is disabled and for 5 seconds after it dies.
**Truck speed increased from 2.25 to 2.5.
**Trucks now floors it when the main objectives have been cleared, moving 50% faster.
**Replaced some Constructs from the second bonus objective with non-Construct units.
===Bug Fixes===
;Co-op Missions
**Fixed an issue where Dehaka could bypass ability learning level requirements.
**Fenix’s energy no longer drains when Stetmann’s Stetzone configuration is changed.
**Hardened Energy Shield is now only activated when taking 10+ damage.
**The Mecha Lurker Den now has the default hotkey “D”, which can be reconfigured under Hotkey settings.
**Fixed an issue where Stetellites would not become deactivated when enemy Carriers attacked them.
**Legion calldowns now properly attack enemy units while Vorazun's Timestop is in effect.
**Sentries will no longer evolve after casting Force Field with the Transmutation mutator active.
**The Mecha Zerg rush no longer appears when Stetmann's structures are taken over by the Eminent Domain mutator.
**The Nukes from the Going Nuclear mutator no longer damage workers, town halls, or geysers on Oblivion Express.
*Building doodads near the main base locations were adjusted to prevent units from hiding within on Acropolis LE.
*The opponent can no longer see Battlecruiser’s Tactical Jump ability visual effects being cast through the fog of war if they have units nearby.
*Added new opaque mineral nodes that won't become invisible or transparent when an unit enters nearby line of sight blockers:
**Mineral Field (Opaque)
**Mineral Field (Opaque 900)
*The Void and Swarm Standard Dependencies now properly appear under Add Standard option.
==Patch 4.9.2==
*War Chest 4 structure skin bundles are now available for purchase.
*Four new announcers have been added, featuring some of the most legendary commentators in StarCraft’s history.
**Announcer: Um
**Announcer: Jeon
**Announcer: Kim
**Announcer: Um-Jeon-Kim
**Purchase all three individual announcers or the Voices of Legend Bundle to unlock the Um-Jeon-Kim announcer trio.
*Authentication process has been updated to be consistent with other Blizzard services. Login UI has been updated to support it.
===Co-op Missions===
*Amon will now research a larger variety of upgrades for his units. For a full list of upgrades, please click [ here].
*Amon will now have a chance to utilize one of six new attack wave compositions inspired from the original StarCraft.
**Terran Classic Bio
**Terran Classic Mech
**Zerg Classic Ground
**Zerg Classic Air
**Protoss Classic Ground
**Protoss Classic Air
*When Amon's army is first encountered, players will now be shown a description of the attack wave composition and a list of key units to watch out for.
**Mecha Battlecarrier Lord Ready Mecha Broodling cost decreased from 15 Egonergy to 5 Egonergy.
**Mecha Infestor Egonergy pool increased from 200 to 400.
**Roaches Away! Egonergy cost increased from 125 to 250.
===Bug Fixes===
;Co-op Missions
**Fixed an issue where Ravasaurs could appear to move slow or to leap occasionally.
**The Tyrannozor's Spike Burst attack now properly receives damage increases from the Level 1 Primal Attacks upgrade.
*Artanis, Fenix, Karax
**Fixed an issue where an unintended upgrade icon could appear on the Observer’s command card.
**Deploy Stetellite can no longer be cancelled.
**Stetmato Cannon’s animation now properly stops when the target is destroyed or killed before Stemato Cannon fires.
**The Recyclable icon no longer appears unlocked on the Mecha Banelings command card before reaching level 5.
**The Recycle and Recyclable icons for Mecha Ultralisks now properly appear unlocked at level 5.
**Crooked Sam can no longer attack Stetmann’s Stetellite again after disabling it with his first shot.
**Fixed an issue where ground units could clip inside buildings on Vermillion Problem.
**Destructible Debris is no longer cloaked while the We Move Unseen mutator is enabled.
**Purifier Beams no longer target Stetmann’s Stetellites.
**Missiles created by the Missile Command mutator no longer spawn Broodlings when destroyed.
;User Interface
*Fixed display issue in the selected unit portrait area of the Nerazim console skin.
**The opponent can no longer see the Hallucination ability being cast through the fog of war if they have units nearby.
==Patch 4.9.1==
===Co-op Missions===
**Gary now benefits from Stetzones, and his passive health regen icon has been removed from the command card.
**Roaches Away! now spawns 2 Mecha Roaches, down from 4.
**Roaches Away! now orders spawned units to attack-move to the target location if it is beyond the Mecha Infestor’s cast range.
**Mecha Roaches and Mecha Ravagers timed life reduced from 60 seconds to 45 seconds.
**Mecha Roach damage increased to 12 (24 vs Light), up from 8 (16 vs Light).
**Mecha Roach max life increased to 110, up from 75.
**Mecha Ravager max life increased to 120, up from 80.
**Stukov's Infest Structure now launches flying broodlings when used on flying structures.
===Bug Fixes===
;Co-op Missions
**If a Co-op Mission fails to correctly end in victory, it will now time out after one minute and forcefully award the victory.
**Updated the enemy wave compositions to be more randomly selected.
**Correct consoles now properly appear for both Nova and Vorazun.
***Shield Overcharge and Warp in Dragoon abilities no longer share the same default hotkey.
***Tyrannozor's Spike Burst icon is now properly displaying the correct upgrade level.
***All of Nova's structures now use the same Adjutant portrait.
***Gary and Super Gary no longer recall allied units to Stetellites.
***Updated tooltip for the Mecha Spire to correctly state: Enables – Mecha Corruptors from Mecha Larvae.
***Players no longer receive the Super Gary Upgrade reminder if they are not level 15.
***Stetman buildings are now listed in the Hotkeys menu under Zerg - Mecha.
***Gary no longer has low-ground vision and can now see up cliffs properly.
***Subgroup priority for the burrowed Mecha Infestors are now properly in order with the unborrowed.
***Game now properly ends in defeat when all of Stetmann's structures are destroyed regardless of how many Stetellites are up.
***Fixed several issues with the descriptions of Gary Ability Cooldown, Structure Morph Rate, and Deploy Stetellite Cooldown masteries.
***Adjusted sound level for Stetellites’ deactivating sound, and Stetmann’s voice over on attack wave warnings.
***The Orbs launched from Gary are no longer destroyed by Point Defense Drones.
***Hero units now properly receive buffs from Stetzones.
***Mecha Ultralisk’s Vectored Burrow Charge with the Electrostatic Surprise upgrade no longer stuns map objectives.
***Infested Liberators with the Cloud Dispersal upgrade can now deal damage to Void Shards and no longer target the base of units that are both ground and air.
***Infest Structure can no longer target the Shuttle Bays on Void Launch.
***Laser Drill Build Time mastery now properly causes the drill to revive in 66 seconds with 30 mastery points.
***Hailstorm Missiles from Spinning Dizzies now properly fire when buffed from Karax's Energizer.
***KMC Auto-Loaders upgrade now properly increases Spinny Dizzy attack speed by 25%.
***Rattlesnake’s Stimpack upgrade now properly auto-casts stimpack when attacking.
***Fixed an issue where players could not earn the Devolution Retribution achievement.
***Fixed an issue where Ambushers could not receive the order to blink if the target location is out of range.
***Fixed an issue where Void Templar could blink into unpathable locations.
***Zeratul’s structures are now displaying the proper portrait.
**Karax's Sentinels with the Reconstruction upgrade, and Kerrigan's Torrasque Strain Ultralisks are now revived immediately while the Moment of Silence debuff is active on the units. They will still be silenced.
**Fenix no longer instantly respawns as Talandar, after being killed by the Black Death, or Double Edged mutators.
**Dead of Night
***Chokers now properly stop choking units when affected by a stun or stasis.
**Part and Parcel
***Collecting parts after activating the Balius no longer causes the main objective timer to pause indefinitely.
**Scythe of Amon
***The bonus objective will now complete after 30 seconds regardless of nearby enemies.
***“Destroy this enemy” text now only displays on enemy units for the bonus objective.
**The Vermillion Problem
***Fixed an issue where enemy Extractors could appear as Mecha Extractors.
**Viper's Parasitic Bomb damage will no longer stack if the target unit dies or if a target Viking morphs from fighter to assault mode.
**Acropolis LE
***Adjusted the color of the Aiur Temple Brick doodads for better identification of burrowed enemy Widow Mines.
**Efflorescence LE
***Adjusted certain doodads on the map to prevent selection circles form being covered by the doodad.
**Thunderbird LE
***Rich Vespene Geysers will now properly start with 2250 gas per geyser instead of 2500.
==Patch 4.9.0==
==Patch 4.9.0==
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