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A StarCraft original graphic novel or series was proposed by DC Comics in December 2009, as a replacement and possible continuation of the canceled StarCraft comic series.[5] The product was currently untitled.[3]


The War Pigs were not going to appear in the novel, though it would continue some plot threads of the previous comic.[6] Additionally, it would have pursued plotlines from StarCraft: Ghost Academy.[7]


Author Simon Furman was informed that the comic series would be canceled while he has "solidly" into writing the second arc. However, this heralded a change in editorial direction. It would feature some of the universe's main characters.[8] Furman proclaimed the graphic novel to be "definitely on" in June 2010[9] and was halfway through scripting by August 2010.[6] It was still in production by July 2011.[10]

As of 2013, the project appears to have been put on the backburner, though Micky Neilson is open to reviving the concept at some point in the future.[11]



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