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The StarCraft franchise is a series of real-time strategy (RTS) computer games developed by Blizzard Entertainment. Featuring a space opera setting, the main storyline revolves around a war between three galactic species: the protoss, the zerg and the terrans. The original StarCraft was the best selling video game of 1998, with the Brood War expansion following soon after. Starting in 2010, StarCraft II was released as a trilogy of "chapters", each focusing on one of the three species, with the mission pack Nova Covert Ops following in 2016. The franchise has also expanded into books, comics, boardgames and other licensed merchandise.


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Herald of Amon

Samir Duran

Samir Duran and Emil Narud were but two of the many guises used by an enigmatic xel’naga, loyal to the rogue xel’naga Amon. Even after his master’s banishment into the Void, Duran manipulated the powers of the terrans, protoss, and zerg in order to create the mighty hybrid, and pulled Amon back into the universe to finish his quest to end the xel’naga’s Infinite Cycle. (more...)

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StarCraft News

For past news, see the news archive.
March 26th—StarCraft II Patch 5.0.13 Arrives
Patch 5.0.13 has arrived, with major balance changes for Versus mode.
September 29nd—StarCraft II Patch 5.0.12 Hotfix 2 Arrives
Patch 5.0.12 has arrived, with major balance changes for Versus mode being implimented.
August 22nd—StarCraft II Patch 5.0.11 Hotfix 2 Arrives
Hotfix 2 of Patch 5.0.11 for StarCraft II has released, fixing some longstanding bugs in Versus and adding an Oliveira portrait.
August 8th—StarCraft II Patch 5.0.11 Hotfix 2 PTR Arrives
Hotfix 2 of Patch 5.0.11 test server for StarCraft II has released, fixing some longstanding bugs in Versus.
January 23rd—StarCraft II Patch 5.0.11 Arrives
Patch 5.0.11 for StarCraft II has released, with major balance changes for Versus as well as bug fixes.
December 7th—StarCraft II Patch 5.0.11 PTR
A Public Test server for StarCraft II has released, testing major balance changes to the game.
November 16th—StarCraft II Patch 5.0.10 Hotfix
A hotfix for StarCraft II has been released, fixing a large number of bugs in Co-op Missions.
July 20th—StarCraft II Patch 5.0.10
Patch 5.0.10 has arrived, adding a new map pool for the StarCraft II ladder and a special Serral portrait.
May 12th—Dark Horse Comics Brood Lord Figurine Announced
A 15" brood lord figurine has been announced by Dark Horse Comics, with preorders going up and a release date set for late 2022 to early 2023.
April 2nd—Nature of the Beast Compilation Releases
StarCraft II: Nature of the Beast: The Complete Collection has released, concluding the story of Nature of the Beast with three previously unreleased issues and a concluding short story by Alex Acks.
March 15th—StarCraft II Patch 5.0.9
Patch 5.0.9 has arrived, introducing new community-sourced balance changes to Versus mode.
April 6th—StarCraft II Patch 5.0.7
Patch 5.0.7 has arrived, adding a new map pool for the StarCraft II ladder and a special Reynor portrait.
February 9th—StarCraft: Remastered Patch 1.23.8
Patch 1.23.8 has been released for StarCraft: Remastered, introducing a new ladder season, new maps and new portraits.
February 1st—BlizzConline Rewards Announced
BlizzConline is coming February 19th and 20th 2021, with a special Celebration Collection featuring rewards in StarCraft II and StarCraft: Remastered as well as a Jim Raynor skin in Overwatch.
December 2nd—StarCraft II Patch 5.0.5
Patch 5.0.5 has arrived for StarCraft II, bringing several bug fixes.
November 3rd—StarCraft II Patch 5.0.4
Patch 5.0.4 has arrived for StarCraft II, bringing bug fixes for various modes.
October 15th—StarCraft II Changes Update Cadence
StarCraft II has announced an end to much of its development cycle, signaling an end to new Co-op Commanders and War Chests. Seasonal map rotations will still occur.
August 24th—New Patch 5.0.3 for StarCraft II
Patch 5.0.3 has been released with bug fixes, changes in Galaxy Map Editor, Co-op Missions and prestige of Commanders.
August 4th—New Short Story: Operation Blind Devil
A new short story, "Operation Blind Devil," has been released, delving into the fate of the zergling Broken Horn.
August 6th—New Patch 5.0.2 for StarCraft II
Patch 5.0.2 has been released with bug fixes for 10th Anniversary achievements, Galaxy Map Editor, and Co-op Missions.
August 4th—New Short Story: Waking Dreams
A new short story, "Waking Dreams," has been released, telling the story of Stone after the events of Nova Covert Ops.
July 28th—New Short Story: One People, One Purpose
A new short story, "One People, One Purpose," has been released, delving into the internal struggles of the Daelaam in a world without the Khala.
July 27th—StarCraft II 10th Anniversary and Patch 5.0
StarCraft II turns 10 and with it comes some of the largest updates to the game to date, including new achievements for campaign, a massive overhaul of the Galaxy Map Editor, a new prestige system in Co-op Missions, and many other changes, with short stories coming in the future.
July 22nd—Patch 5.0 PTR - Co-op Prestige, New Campaign Achievements, and New Bonuses
A PTR for Patch 5.0 has arrived, bringing a new prestige system for Co-op Missions, balance changes for Co-op, new achivemenets for all campaign missions, new announcers, and various smaller changes.
July 14th—Patch 4.13.0 PTR - Editor Gets Overhauled
A test server for the part of Patch 4.13.0 has released, with the largest changes to the Galaxy Map Editor to date, including map-to-map loading and 15 levels of cliffs along with a myriad of other changes.
July 9th—War Chest 6 Phase 2 and Nature of the Beast: Part 2 Release
Phase 2 of War Chest 6 has been released, with new building skins available to unlock, as well as part 2 of the comic Nature of the Beast.
July 1st—StarCraft: Remastered Patch 1.23.5
Patch 1.23.5 has been released for StarCraft: Remastered, with bug fixes and support for Windows DirectX 11/12 and macOS Metal.
June 16th—Patch 4.12.1: Bug Fixes
Patch 4.12.1 has been released, releasing bug fixes for Versus and War Chest 6.
June 11th—War Chest 6 and New Comic "Nature of the Beast"
A new War Chest has been released, featuring building skins of the Knights of Tyrador, Ihan-rii, and Cerberus Program. A new comic, "Nature of the Beast" also released it first issue.
June 8th—StarCraft II Patch 4.12.0: New Balance Changes and War Chest
Patch 4.12 has been released for StarCraft II, giving new balance changes for Versus, as well as preparing for a new War Chest to be released June 11th.
May 28th—StarCraft: Remastered Patch 1.23.4 New Season
Patch 1.23.4 has been released for StarCraft: Remastered, introducing a new ladder season, new reward portraits, and bug fixes.
May 28th—Dark Horse Carrier Figurine Announced
Dark Horse Comics has announced a carrier model in its figurine line, to be released Fall of 2020.
March 22nd—All Co-op Commanders Free Until April 2nd
In order to help with those quarantined from the Coronavirus, all Co-op Missions commanders are now free until April 2nd. Purchasing a commander after this will make it so you regain the levels earned this period.
We at the StarCraft Wiki hope that everyone stays safe and healthy.
Februrary 18th—StarCraft II Patch 4.11.4 - Co-op Balance Changes and Bug Fixes
Patch 4.11.4 has arrived, bringing a large amount of changes to commanders in Co-op Missions, unlocking all skin bundles for purchase, and providing some bug fixes.
Februrary 13th—New Battlecruiser Figures from Dark Horse
Dark Horse Comics have announced two 6 inch versions of their upcoming battlecruiser figurine, a regular version and a special edition Knights of Tyrador version.
Februrary 13th—StarCraft: Remastered Patch 1.23.3 New Maps
Patch 1.23.3 has been released for StarCraft: Remastered, introducing a new ladder season, new reward portraits, and bug fixes.
December 17th—StarCraft II Patch 4.11.3 - Balance Changes and Cosmetcs
Patch 4.11.3 has arrived, bringing a number of balance changes to Versus and Co-op Missions, as well as cosemtics and bug fixes.
December 5th—StarCraft II Patch 4.11.2 - Bug Fixes
Patch 4.11.2 has arrived, fixing several major bugs for Co-op Missions and Versus. Special EXP bonuses and extentions have been released to account for the lost Co-op Missions Mastery experience before the fix.
November 26th—StarCraft II Patch 4.11.0 - Arcturus Mengsk and Balance Changes
Patch 4.11.0 has been released for StarCraft II, introducing a new commander Mengsk, two new announcers, a new Brutal+ difficulties for Co-op, balance changes, and bug fixes.
November 19th—StarCraft: Remastered Patch 1.23.1 Drops
Patch 1.23.1 has been released for StarCraft: Remastered, introducing a new ladder season, a new console, and bug fixes.
October 28th—HomeStory Cup XX Matcherino Launches
The Matcherino for the HomeStory Cup XX tournament has launched, containing special portraits, banners, and a spray for use in StarCraft II.
October 23rd—StarCraft: Survivors Issue #4 Releases
The fourth and final issue of StarCraft: Survivors releases, concluding the story of Caleb and the rogue Nerazim.
October 22st—Patch 4.10.4
Patch 4.10.4 has been released, containing new cosmetics, a free bundle honoring Geoff "INcontroL" Robinson, the rerelease of previously gated cosmetics, and bug fixes.
October 21st—InControL Commemerative Bundle
A free bundle has been announced for all players, to honor the late Geoff "INcontroL" Robinson, and will be given to all future players.
October 10th—BlizzCon 2019 War Chest Phase 3 and This Sacred Land: Part 3
The third phase of the BlizzCon 2019 War Chest unlocks today, wand with it the final issue of This Sacred Land.
October 1st—BlizzCon 2019 Virtual Ticket Releases
The virtual ticket for BlizzCon 2019 has been released, with classic skins and portraits for the carrier, ultralisk, and battlecruiser in StarCraft II. Physical ticket holders will have codes emailed to them to redeem their goods.
September 18th—StarCraft: Survivors Issue 3 Releases
Issue 3 of StarCraft: Survivors releases today, heating up stakes as the shadowguard hunt down the renegade Nerazim.
September 12th—BlizzCon 2019 War Chest Phase 2 and This Sacred Land: Part 2
The second phase of the BlizzCon 2019 War Chest unlocks today, wand with it the second issue of This Sacred Land.
August 21th—StarCraft: Survivors Issue 2 Releases
Issue 2 of StarCraft: Survivors releases today, continuing the story of Caleb and his attempts to infiltrate a Umojan secret weapons lab.
August 13th—BlizzCon 2019 War Chest Drops
The BlizzCon 2019 War Chest has dropped with new cosmetic unlocks, as well as a new series, StarCraft II: This Sacred Land.
August 13th—Patch 4.10.0 - New War Chest
Patch 4.10.0 has dropped, bringing with it three new skinsets; the Ihan-rii protoss, Cerberus Program zerg, and Knights of Tyrador terrans.
July 29th—Official StarCraft: Remastered Concert Announced
An official StarCraft concert will be held in the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts in South Korea on August 24th, 2019. Attendants will gain one of two special consoles for StarCraft Remastered.
July 25th—StarCraft II's 9th Anniversary
The 9th Anniversary of StarCraft II arrives on the 27th. Players who play a game during the anniversary event will be rewarded with a portrait, and addtional experience will be given for Versus and Co-op Missions.
July 24rd—StarCraft: Survivors Issue 1 Released
StarCraft: Survivors, a new series by Dark Horse Comics, releases today with its first issue. The story continues the trials of Caleb as he infiltrates the Umojan Protectorate at the behest of a hostile Nerazim.
July 22nd—The Passing of Geoffrey "INcontroL" Robinson
Geoffrey "INcontroL" Robinson, StarCraft II caster, content creator and community figure, has passed away. His contributions to the StarCraft community were numerous, and he leaves a legacy that shaped the competitive scene of the game into what it is today.
July 9th—Remastered Patch 1.23.0: StarCraft: Cartooned
Patch 1.23.0 has arrived for StarCraft: Remastered,, bringing a Carbot reskin of the entirety of the game named StarCraft: Cartooned.
July 9th—Patch 4.9.3: Cradle of Death Changes
Patch 4.9.3 has arrived, bringing quality changes to the Cradle of Death map, changes to the attack waves of Co-op and Amon's guardians, and bug fixes.
June 18th—Patch 4.9.2: New Co-op Waves and Bug Fixes
Patch 4.9.2 has arrived, bringing new waves to Co-op Missions, a new wave tracker for the mode, new announcers, and bug fixes.
June 8th—StarCraft: Remastered Carbot Reskin Announced
A full reskin of StarCraft: Remastered in the style of StarCrafts has been announced to be released July 10th. This will reskin multiplayer, menus and even the campaign.
June 6th—Unannounced StarCraft First Person Shooter Canceled
Details have been released stating that a StarCraft first person shooter that had been in development for two years, named Project Ares, has been canceled.
May 29th—Vorazun: Nerazim Bundle arrives
The Vorazun: Nerazim Twitch Prime bundle has arrived, giving a free Vorazun commander, announcer, console, and other unlockables to Twitch Prime members.
May 21st—Patch 4.9: Stetmann Joins Co-op
Patch 4.9 has arived, bringing with it a new Co-op Missions commander in the form of Egon Stetmann, who brings his mechanical zerg to bear against Amon.
May 2nd—StarCraft: Remastered Patch 1.22.4 Released
Patch 1.22.4 of StarCraft Remastered has been released, adding announcers such as StarCraft: Brood War casting legends Um, Kim, and Jeon, as well as an announcer for the trio casting together.
April 24th—StarCraft: Soldiers #4 Releases
Issue 4 of the StarCraft: Soldiers series releases today, concluding the conflict of Shivani Singh as she holds out against a tide of zerg.
April 23rd—Patch 4.8.5 Launches
The Patch 4.8.5 has launched, containing bug fixes for StarCraft II.
April 11th—Swann: Machined Twitch Bundle Launches
The Swann: Machined bundle is available for Twitch Prime members, granting the Swann commander and announcer, new emoticons, a console and other cosmeitcs.
April 9th—Patch 4.8.4 - New Achievements and Bug Fixes
A new patch has arrived for StarCraft II, adding rewards for 100%ing the achievements of the campaigns, adding a new announcer, and a multiude of bug fixes.
March 25th—Protoss Upgrades and Nydus Patch for StarCraft II
A new balance patch has arrived for StarCraft II, changing the time protoss weapon and armor upgrades take to research and the armor on nydus worms.
March 20th—StarCraft: Soldiers Issue 3 Released
Issue 3 of StarCraft: Soldiers has released, continuing the story of Lieutenant Shivani Singh as the situation escalates on Cavir.
February 28th—Abathur: Evolved Bundle comes to Twitch Prime
A special reward, the Abathur: Evolved Bundle has come to Twitch Prime members, containing a free Abathur commander, console, announcer, banner and several portraits. Rory Swann and Vorazun bundles are to be released in April and May respectively.
February 20th—StarCraft: Soldiers Issue 2 Releases
StarCraft: Soldiers: Issue 2 releases today, continuing the story of Lieutenant Shivani Singh as she deals with zerg and illegal settlement operations on Cavir.
February 19th—Patch 4.8.3 released, Lowko Announcer
Patch 4.8.3 releases today, containing a Lowko announcer, a number of portraits and cosmetics, and a number of bug fixes.
February 14th—StarCraft: Shadow Wars Part 12 released
Phase 3 of the Katowice 2019 War Chest has launched, giving more opportunities to earn building skins and cosmetics. The 12th issue of Shadow Wars has released as well, concluding the arc of Elms.
January 23rd—StarCraft: Soldiers Issue 1 Released
Issue 1 of the new comic series StarCraft: Soldiers has been released, telling the story of Lieutenant Shivani Singh as she survives her first posting on the planet Cavir.
January 22nd—Patch 4.8.2 - Balance Changes and Bug Fixes
Patch 4.8.2 has arrived, rebalancing a number of units and applying a number of bug fixes for Versus mode.
January 17th—War Chest Phase II and Shadow Wars Issue 11
Phase 2 of the Katowice 2019 War Chest has launched, giving more opportunities to earn building skins and cosmetics. A new issue of Shadow Wars (the eleventh) has released alongside it.
January 15th—Maps for Season 1, 2019
The ladder maps for Season 1, 2019 have been revealed.
January 10th—Patch 4.8.1
Patch 4.8.1 has arrived, bringing a myriad of bug fixes to StarCraft II as well as an increase in the doodad limit for the Galaxy Map Editor.
December 20th—IEM Katowice 2019 War Chest Available
The Katowice 2019 War Chest has launched, containing new building skins for the Tal'darim, Dominion Special Forces, and Simulants, and now watching StarCraft on twitch will be an additional way to gain exp. A new issue of Shadow Wars (the tenth) has released alongside it.
December 18th—Patch 4.8.0 - Bug Fixes and Prepare for IEM Katowice 2019
Patch 4.8.0 has arrived, adding in some bug fixes as well as adding data for the next War Chest for IEM Katowice 2019.
November 13th—Patch 4.7.0 - Zeratul has Returned for Co-op Missions
Patch 4.7.0 has arrived, bringing Zeratul into Co-op Missions and a number of bug fixes.
November 3rd—Zeratul Announced for Co-op Missions
The Dark Prelate Zeratul has been announced for Co-op Missions, bringing with him protoss enhanced by xel'naga technology. In addition, building skins have been announced for the next War Chest.
October 31st—StarCraft: Scavengers Issue 4 releases
StarCraft: Scavengers: Issue 4 releases today, concluding the story of Caleb and the shadowy assassin who has picked his fellow crew off one by one.
October 16th—BlizzCon Rewards Released
The BlizzCon 2018 rewards have been added for virtul and physical ticket holders, gifting a Umojan Protectorate console for StarCraft Remastered and classic worker skins and portrait rewards for StarCraft II.
October 4th—War Chest and Shadow Wars: Part 9
The final part of the BlizzCon 2018 War Chest releases today, along with Issue 9 of Shadow Wars.
September 26th—StarCraft: Scavengers Issue 3 releases
StarCraft: Scavengers: Issue 3 releases today, continuing the story of Caleb and the scavengers as they are taken into Terran Dominion custody.
September 25th—StarCraft: Soldiers announced
A new comic series StarCraft: Soldiers, has been announced from Dark Horse Comics, following the exploits of a new Dominion marine lieutenant on Cavir.
September 11th—Patch 4.6.1
Patch 4.6.1 has arrived, introducing a commemorative bundle to the late and great TotalBiscuit, as well as many bug fixes.
September 4th—Shadow Wars Part 8
Shadow Wars Part 8 release today, continuing the story of Elms. The next phase of the BlizzCon 2018 War Chest also begins.
September 4th—Patch 4.6.0: Tychus returns to Co-op Missions
Patch 4.6.0 has arrived, bringing with it Tychus Findlay's return from the grave to bring the Heaven's Devils to Co-op Missions. The patch also brings new announcers, commander changes, and bug fixes.
August 29th—Scavengers Issue 2 Released!
Issue 2 of StarCraft: Scavengers releases today, continuing the story of a scavenger crew and their attempts to salvage a protoss vessel.
August 20th—Tychus Returns to Co-op Missions
Tychus Findlay has been announced as the next Co-op Missions commander in the ultimate "what if" scenario, fielding a band of outlaws to aid him against Amon.
August 9th—BlizzCon 2018 War Chest Launches
The BlizzCon 2018 War Chest for StarCraft II has launched, along with a new issue of Shadow Wars
August 7th—Patch 4.5.0 arrives
Patch 4.5.0 has been released for StarCraft II, adding in cosmetics for the BlizzCon 2018 War Chest, which will be released August 9th.
August 2nd—Season 3 War Chest
The third War Chest for StarCraft II has been previewed.
July 31st—Season 3 2018 Maps
Season 3, 2018 maps for StarCraft II have been previewed.
July 24th—Patch 1.22 for StarCraft Remastered
Patch 1.22 has arrived for StarCraft Remastered, bringing major changes to ladder, collections and mixing up the map pool.
July 23rd—StarCraft II Turns 8!
StarCraft II's 8th anniversary has begun, bringing with it a new portrait, fireworks outside of player's command structures, and increased Co-op Missions experience until July 30th.
July 17th—Patch 4.4.1 Launches
Patch 4.4.1 has launched, with balance changes for Kerrigan's mutalisks in Co-op Missions and bug fixes.
June 20th—Patch 4.4.0 Launches
Patch 4.4.0 has launched, releasing a new Co-op Missions map Cradle of Death as well as a large number of Co-op balance changes.
June 19th—New Co-op Map: Cradle of Death Announced
A new Co-op Missions map, Cradle of Death has been announced, and will be released this week.
April 24th—Patch 4.3.0 Drops
Patch 4.3.0 has arrived, introducing premium arcade content as well as bug fixes.
April 23rd—Premium Arcade Coming
Premium Arcade maps are coming in Patch 4.3, including ARK Star and Direct Strike.
April 17th—Patch 4.2.4
Patch 4.2.4 has arrived for StarCraft II implementing some balance changes for Co-op Missions and some bug fixes.
April 10th—BlizzCon 2018 announced
BlizzCon 2018 has been announced for November, 2018. Get your tickets in May.
31th March—Happy 20th Anniversary!
Today marks the 20th anniversary of the launch of StarCraft. Check out the special anniversary stream with figures from the game's past.
Blizzard partners with Nation Wars V
Blizzard has partnered with Nation Wars V to support the tournament, donations to the tournament will unlock portraits, decals and sprays in-game.
StarCraft turns 20!
StarCraft is celebrating its 20th anniversary, with exclusive rewards across all Blizzard titles, and special livestream events. Log in from March 6th to April 6th to claim your rewards.
20th February—Patch 4.2.0 Arrives
Patch 4.2.0 has arrived, bringing major balance changes to Co-op Missions as well as a number of visual changes for Versus and bug fixes.
2nd February—Katowice 2018 War Chest Phase 3
The third and final phase of the Katowice 2018 War Chest has begun, bringing more rewards and the sixth issue of Shadow Wars.
1st February–StarCraft: Scavengers announced
Dark Horse Comics has announced an upcoming StarCraft comic series. It will debut in July, 2018.
7th January—Katowice 2018 War Chest Phase 2
Phase 2 of the Katowice 2018 War Chest has begun, bringing more rewards and a new issue of Shadow Wars.
18th December—New Balance Update
A new balance update has come to StarCraft II, with changes to oracles, widow mines and other protoss and terran units and abilities.
8th December—Katowice 2018 War Chest Begins
The Katowice 2018 War Chest has begun, with new skins, portraits, consoles, and a new issue of Shadow Wars.
7th December—StarCraft: Remastered Patch 1.21
Patch 1.21 has arrived for StarCraft: Remastered, including the return of EUD maps and some technical improvements.
5th December—Patch 4.1 and new War Chest
Patch 4.1 has arrived, with small changes for Co-op and data for the Katowice 2018 War Chest arriving December 8th.
28th November—New Balance Patch
A new balance update has arrived for StarCraft II, with changes to infestors, oracles, terran research costs and various other units and structures.
14th November—Patch 4.0: StarCraft II Free to Play Launches
StarCraft II is now free to play, with all of multiplayer and the Wings of Liberty campaign being free to everyone. Han and Horner have been added as commanders in Co-op Missions, and massive balance changes have come to multiplayer.
3rd November—StarCraft II Free to Play, new Co-op Content
StarCraft II will now be free to play, with matchmaking and the Wings of Liberty campaign being free. Mira Han and Matt Horner have been announced as the next dual Co-op Commander, and more information on "Part and Parcel" has been announced.
19th October—Ladder Update
Blizzard has previewed the maps for Season 4 of 2017.
13th October—Patch 3.19.1
Patch 3.19.1 has dropped, fixing some bugs in the new Arcade.
10th October—Patch 3.19 Arrives
Patch 3.19 has arrived, and includes massive changes to arcade, minor fixes for Co-op Missions and multiplayer, and new skins for ticket holders of BlizzCon 2017.
19th September—Patch 3.18 Arrives
Patch 3.18 has arrived, and includes a Day9 announcer pack as well as a variety of bug fixes.
13th September—BlizzCon 2013 Virtual Ticket Available
Virtual tickets are now available for BlizzCon 2017, and will include in-game goodies for StarCraft II.
29st August—Patch 3.17 Launches
Patch 3.17 has launched, with a new Co-op Missions commander Dehaka, a new Co-op Missions map, the release of Ascension Levels, three new announcers and a new set of skins.
21st August—Dehaka Co-op Commander Announced
Dehaka has been announced for Co-op Missions, as well as another future Co-op map.
17th August—Massive StarCraft II Multiplayer Changes Announced
Large balance changes have been announced for Legacy of the Void, including changes to economy and new abilities for units of each race.
16th August—War Chest Phase II Begins, new portraits announced
Phase II of the 2017 War Chest opens today, opening up new skins, unlockables, and the second issue of Shadow Wars. And the developers announced a new set of portraits to be added later in the game to those who purchased the War Chest
14th August—StarCraft Remastered Launches
StarCraft Remastered launches today at 1 PM PST. Relive the legendary game, with updated graphics, interface and new features.
9th August—StarCraft II API has arrived
StarCraft II API has arrived, providing more infrastructure and data for projects like Google Deepmind.
4th August—StarCraft: Remastered Portrait Contest
A portrait contest has opened for StarCraft: Remastered. The winning entry will have their submission incorporated into the game.
28 July—Reaper Balance Changes in SC2
Balance changes have come to the reaper, reducing its KD8 charge damage.
25 July—Patch 1.19 for Brood War
Patch 1.19 has arrived for StarCraft: Brood War, and will be the last patch before StarCraft: Remastered launches.
18 July—Patch 3.16 Arrives
Patch 3.16 has arrived, bringing with it a new announcer, Co-op Missions balance changes, and data for the War Chests which will release July 19th.
15 July—War Chest Details Revealed
War Chests have been announced, with new unlock packs for each race as well as the coming of the Shadow Wars comic. The chests will be released July 19th.
3 July—BlizzCon 2017 Tickets: Third Batch on Sale on July 5th
You can get the tickets at 7 PM PDT on Wednesday, July 5th.
29 June—StarCraft Remastered Release Date Announced
27 June—LotV Map Changes
Blizzard posted a fix to the Blood Boil LE map as well as an oracle bug fix.
21 June—Mini Patch 3.15.1
20 June—Patch 3.15 Has Arrived
Patch 3.15 has arrived, bringing in a Nathanias announcer as well as Co-op Missions balance changes and bug fixes.
16 June—Nathanias Announcer
A Nathanias announcer pack has been announced for Patch 3.15.
23 May—Patch 3.14 Launches
The big patch has launched. Each races has balance changes, and there's numerous bug fixes concerning Coop Commanders, maps, campaign missions, etc.
17 May—Patch 3.14 Details Announced
Details on Patch 3.14 have been announced, including new skins for the viking, brood lord and carrier, and new balance changes. The patch is set to arrive May 23rd.
12 May—New StarCraft Novel Rereleases
Rereleases of previous StarCraft novels are now available from retailers, including reprints of Liberty's Crusade, I, Mengsk, Heaven's Devils, and the first two volumes of Frontline.
2 May—Patch 3.13 Arrives
Patch 3.13 has arrived, releasing Fenix, a new Co-op map, and a rewind system for replays.
27 April—Scythe of Amon
More details have been given on the new Co-op Missions map "Scythe of Amon," coming with Patch 3.13.
24 April—Co-op Missions: Fenix has Returned
The next Co-op Missions commander has just been announced as the Purifier Fenix, aided by the AI personalities of past protoss heroes.
20 April—Patch 3.13 Arriving Soon and Lots of Balance Testing
Patch 3.13 is arriving soon, and will bring a new rewind function for multiplayer games and a new yet to be revealed Co-op Missions commander. In addition, Blizzard released a minor balance patch nerfing the adept. On top of all this, Blizzard unleashed a Call to Action, testing changes to the thor, raven, tempest, void ray, and burrowing.
19 April—StarCraft now free.
Both StarCraft and StarCraft: Brood War are now free to download.
11 April—BlizzCon 2017 Benefit Dinner Tickets on Sale Wednesday.
8 April—David Kim leaves StarCraft II.
David Kim, lead multiplayer designer of StarCraft II since its launch, has moved on to other Blizzard Entertainment projects.
7 April—Second Batch of BlizzCon 2017 Tickets on Sale Saturday, April 8th
Read all the details, then get them at 9 PM CEST!
3 April—BlizzCon 2017 Tickets on Sale Wednesday, April 5th
Read all the details, then get them at 7 PM PDT!
26 March—StarCraft: Remastered Announced
StarCraft: Remastered has been announced for summer of 2017, bringing the classic gameplay and campaign of StarCraft back with new visuals, audio, and modern online features.
23 March—New Skins with Patch 3.12
New skins have been announced to be coming with Patch 3.12, including the Junker Hellion, Bone Ravager and Adun Immortal.
21 March—Noble Garden Celebration Announced
Noble Garden will be hitting StarCraft II! Exclusive portraits will be rewarded to players to play 15 multiplayer, co-op or vs AI games between April 17th and May 8th.
19 March—I <3 StarCraft
I <3 StarCraft will be held on March 25, including a tournament of StarCraft: Brood War.
14 March—BlizzCon 2017 Dates Announced
BlizzCon 2017 will be held at Anaheim, California November 3rd and 4th, 2017. Tickets go on sale April 5th and 8th.
7 March—Patch 3.11 Goes Live
Patch 3.11 has arrived, bringing with it a new Co-op Missions map Dead of Night, as well as bundles for skins, Co-op commanders and announcers. Balance updates for Co-op Missions and improvements to custom game lobbies have also been included.
6 March—Balance Update
Just in time for Patch 3.11 comes reaper and widow mine nerfs and corruptor buffs.
1 March—Dead of Night Coming with Patch 3.11
Patch 3.11 will be bringing a new Co-op Missions map, Dead of Night. Can you survive the waves of infested?
28 February—Bundles for Commanders, Announcers, and Skins - StarCraft II
Patch 3.11 will bring discounts to Co-op Commanders, announcers and skins, with all purchasable Co-op Commanders being bundled at a 20% discount, Nova and D.Va announcers being bundled with a 50% discount and all purchasable unit skins being sold at a 15% discount.
17 February—Blizzard No Longer Supports Windows XP and Windows Vista
Blizzard has announced that it will no longer support older versions of Windows for World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, Diablo III, Hearthstone, and Heroes of the Storm at some point later this year. The games will no longer run on these operating systems when that happens. Blizzard pointed out that, with three major upgrades, the majority of its player base have stopped using the older operating systems.
31 January—Patch 3.10.1 and Call to Action
The newest patch is a small bug fix patch. Blizzard also issued a Call to Action: changes to the hydralisk and carrier are being tested, as well as some bug fixes.
24 January—Patch 3.10 Goes Live
Patch 3.10.0 has gone live, including a TotalBiscuit announcer and balance changes to several Co-op Missions commanders.
28 December—Diablo 20th Anniversary Goodies Coming Soon
The 20th anniversary of the Diablo franchise is coming soon. To celebrate, Blizzard will be releasing goodies in their other games, including Diablo-themed worker portraits in StarCraft II.
20 December—Patch 3.9.1 Bug Fixes
Blizzard produced a small bug fix patch.
20 December—Balance Update
20 December—Patch 3.9.1 Bug Fixes
Blizzard produced a small bug fix patch.
13 December—Patch 3.9 Goes Live
Patch 3.9.0 has launched, and Alexei Stukov comes to Co-op Missions with his infested legions.
09 December—Blizzard Publishing and the Cinematic Art of StarCraft
Blizzard has announced the creation of a new publishing label, Blizzard Publishing. Alongside republishing Warcraft novels and mangas, one of their first announced pieces will be an artbook named Cinematic Art of StarCraft.
29 November—Nova: The Keep
A new comic has been released bridging the gap between Legacy of the Void and Nova Covert Ops. Nova carries out an incredibly difficult mission...
22 November—Patch 3.8 Goes Live
A massive balance patch launched, as well as the last part of Nova Covert Ops.
17 November—Nova Covert Ops finishes up Nov 22nd.
Patch 3.8 will contain the last three missions of Nova Covert Ops. See the preview here.
8 November—StarCraft: Evolution has gone live
StarCraft: Evolution has gone live via ebook and physical. Find out what strangeness is happening on Glystt in the aftermath of the End War!
5 November—StarCraft II Teaches AIs
Blizzard and Deepmind teamed up to teach AI to play StarCraft II. Deepmind has been taught to play Go and has defeated a Go champion. Deepmind wants the AI to learn how to play without being directly told what to do as part of its research. Please participate!
4 November—Thrilling News from BlizzCon 2016!
Blizzard gave us a glimpse into the future. War Chests will be unleashed in 2017, and will contain goodies such as new skins. Each year will have two seasons linked to major esport events. Nova: Covert Ops finishes up November 22nd, hoping to resolve the Defenders of Man conspiracy. Nova gets a comic, Nova: The Keep. Three more comics will be found in the War Chests. And ... Alexei Stukov is the next co-op commander.

Blizzard also foresaw upcoming changes to multiplayer. All three races are getting changes. Terran mech will become more powerful and less mobile, tempests will see their range reduced but gain an ability to paralyze enemy units, and the hydralisk will reclaim its status as a core unit.
27 October—WCS Top 16 Portraits Inbound for StarCraft II!
A portrait bundle commemorating the top 16 WCS 2016 finalists is available for purchase through the shop. The portraits will become available in-game soon after the conclusion of the WCS Global Finals.
18 October—Patch 3.7 goes live! Nova is now a Co-op commander!
Patch 3.7 has gone live! Features include Collections, Nova as a purchasable co-op commander, announcers, the ability to show off portraits and sprays, new unit skins, and various fixes. In addition, 2016 Season 5 has opened up today, and is the first season to use the new separate MMR per race rules.
18 October—KeSPA has shut down
Sad news for the progaming world. KeSPA has shut down after over a decade of operations.
14 October—StarCraft: Evolution Excerpts
Random House has already released an excerpt and Blizzard has recently released another one.
3 October—Collections, Nova and Announcers
Details on Patch 3.7 have been announced, including a Nova Co-op Commander, purchasable announcer packs, separate MMR for each race, and a collections tab to store unlocked skins, decals, portraits, and announcers.
12 September—Chris Metzen Retires
Chris Metzen, Senior Vice President of Story and Franchise Development, has retired at age 42. He left a goodbye message on a forum.
12 September—Patch 3.6.0
Read the extensive patch notes. Blizzard is adding Alarak, Mist Opportunities, a custom mutator and a testing matchmaker to the game. The patch goes live in North America on September 13th.
5 September—The Next Evolution
Blizzard is currently holding a mutations contest. Players have until September 15th to submit mutation ideas for implementation in Co-op Missions.
16 August—Alarak, Mist Opportunities and Collections. Balance Testing.
Highlord Alarak is ready to crush his enemies as the next co-op commander. New Co-op Missions map coming, "Mist Opportunities". A new way to organize rewards named collections is also on its way. And finally, the massive balance changes from two days ago are ready for testing in a special balance map!
14 August—Massive Balance Changes in the Works
Blizzard is planning a wave of balance changes affecting all three races. The cyclone, thor, siege tank, liberator, viking, battlecruiser, raven, tempest, zealot, carrier, dark templar, swawrm host, ravager, hydralisk, baneling, infestor and brood lord will all undergo a variety of potential changes.
4 August—Patch 3.5.1
Blizzard released a bug fix patch, fixing a major error in Trouble in Paradise.
1 August—Patch 3.5.0, and Nova Covert Ops Mission Pack 2—is released.
Mission Pack 2, the next three missions for StarCraft II: Nova Covert Ops has been released as part of Patch 3.5.0.
28 July—Nova Covert Ops Part 2—Releases Tuesday August 2nd
In the second mission pack of StarCraft II: Nova Covert Ops, Nova rushes to Tyrador IX to protect it from a staged zerg attack, and will travel to the abandoned Umojan Protectorate colony of Jarban Minor.
25 July—BlizzCon 2016 Virtual Ticket
For those who can't attend BlizzCon 2016, do so virtually by purchasing a ticket here.
22 July—Celebrating StarCraft II's 6th Anniversary
Celebrations for StarCraft II's 6th anniversary have begun. There's a new portrait, bonus experience for ladder and Co-op Missions, and special cake minerals, all until July 28th.
12 July—Patch 3.4 is Out!
The newest patch revamps the ladder and MMR system. There's also new portraits, emotes, and changes to the Co-op Commanders... and bug fixes.
6 July—Legacy of the Void Balance Update and New Map Pool
The new patch confers anti-air benefits on the zerg; the queen's anti-air range increases, and spore crawlers deploy more quickly. Check out the new map pool, featuring ten new maps!
28 June—Upcoming Patch 3.4 Ladder Changes
The new patch will unveil your "hidden" MMR ratings in a new ladder tab. It will also give split each league into three tiers, so a player can see where they fall within each league. Grand Master League players will have to play a certain number of games per week to stay there. The bonus pool will not apply to the Grand Master League. Changes are explained in this video.
28 June—Call to Action: Zerg Anti-Air Changes
Blizzard is testing a couple of changes to zerg anti-air. In the test map, the spore crawler can will be able to root more quickly, and the queen's anti-air attack range will be extended.
13 June—Patch 3.3.2
A new patch has gone live. This covers emoticons, tweaks to co-op missions, and bug fixes.
10 June—2016 Season 2 Locking, Season 3 Soon
Blizzard is locking 2016 Season 2 on June 13th. Season 3 opens Monday, June 20th. Season 3 will be shorter due to the WCS League and map pool changes.
2 June—Portrait Votes
Blizzard is allowing StarCraft II players to vote on the next portrait to be added to the game.
26 May—Patch 3.3.1
A small bug fix patch has gone live.
13 May—Balance Update
Blizzard's extensive thor testing has gone live. The thor's anti-air attack mode can switch between splash damage and powerful single-target attacks. The immortal underwent a major change (cutting the Barrier in half), and minor changes have been made to the liberator, cyclone, colossus, and swarm host.
17th May—Patch 3.3.0
Blizzard unleashed a multi-faceted patch: Abathur, is a new Co-op Commander, and Co-op features Mutations, bounties, mastery levels and various special awards. There are numerous bug fixes. Some more new features, such as chat emoticons and landing screens are described in further detail in that link.
13th May—Call to Action: Thor Testing
Blizzard wants us to test changes to the thor, specifically changing its anti-air attack. In this Call to Action, tested on the DuskTowers map, the thor can switch between splash damage and powerful single-target anti-air attacks. In addition, there is a small change to the liberator requiring testing.
12th May—Abathur is the newest Co-op Commander
Abathur will be added to the roster of commandersin Patch 3.3. Abathur can create brutalisks and leviathans: his units will collect biomass, and any unit that collects enough will transform into one of these powerful units.
10th May—Patch 3.3 Previewed Again
Blizzard Entertainment previews Patch 3.3 chat emoticons and a Call to Action.
9th May—Patch 3.3 Preview
Blizzard Entertainment previews Patch 3.3; mutations and mastery levels are coming to Co-op Missions.
22nd April—BlizzCon Ticket On Sale Again!
BlizzCon 2016 tickets are on sale again on Saturday, April 23rd. The first set sold out on their first day!
19th April—BlizzCon Ticket Sale
BlizzCon 2016 tickets go on sale April 20th!
21st April—Call to Action
This Call to Action tests the photon cannon, swarm host, thor, banshee, and liberator on (2)DuskTowers (3.2.2 Balance v1.0).
19th April—Heart of the Swarm/Legacy of the Void Twofer!
Until April 25th, those who purchase a copy of LotV will get a free copy of HotS too. If you already own Heart of the Swarm, you'll get a HotS key you can give to a friend. Offer valid until April 25th.
19th April—Patch 3.2.2
14th April—Map Tweaks
Blizzard incorporated fan feedback into tweaks of the following maps: Frozen Temple, Korhal Carnage Knockout LE and Invader LE.
5th April—Patch 3.2.1
Blizzard released a new patch that fixes a number of bugs.
1st April—April Fools!
Blizzard announced a fourth race: birds! Co-Op missions got Carbots' zergling as a new hero. The new Balance Manager lets players create their own buffs and nerfs. And Nova returns in her own game: Maximum Novadrive. Play it!
31st March—Mission Accomplished
31st March—Call to Action on Ruins of Seras
Blizzard issued a Call to Action to test changes to the banshee, liberator, corruptor and major changes to the thor.
29th March—Nova: Covert Ops is out! Patch 3.2.0 is out.
Blizzard had a busy day. StarCraft II: Nova Covert Ops is out! Patch 3.2.0 went live, with many new features, including improvements to installing the patch while playing a game. And 2016 Season 2 is now open.
25th March—Nova: Covert Ops: Betrayal Trailer
A new trailer showing snippets of Covert Ops lore has gone live.
24th March—Legacy of the Void Season 2 Map Pool
Blizzard announced the newest iteration of the map pool. Enjoy.
22nd March—Nova Covert Ops Preview; Launches March 29th!
Blizzard teased fans with a little info on the upcoming three mission pack; plot and unit upgrades displayed.
22nd March—Liberty Radio Is Back
Radio Liberty has a high-ranking secret agent reporting on a new intelligence scoop. Linking with Kate Lockwell's Twitter (CHIRP) and Nova: Covert Ops, fans can decipher Radio Liberty's messages to continue the storyline.
21st March—Kate Lockwell's Twitter Feed
Kate Lockwell's Twitter feed has gone live. Lockwell reported on the post-war state of the Dominion, including a video on the disappearance of ghosts.
21st March—2016 Season 1 Locked
Season 1 of 2016 has been locked. Unlock occurs on March 28th.
23rd February—Call to Action
23rd February—Patch 3.1.3
Blizzard's newest patch made some changes to Co-Op Missions. The AI will use more varied tactics, and Kerrigan, Raynor and Vorazun all underwent balance changes.
1st February—Patch 3.1.2
Art updates! The biggest change is the Wrathwalker skin for the colossus, which you can add to your collection of skins by winning two games. You can set this under Options > Gameplay
29th January—Balance Update
A balance update has been posted for Legacy of the Void. Photon Overcharge, the adept and the viper have all seen some change.
26th January—Season 4 Locked
Season 2015 Season 4 has just been locked. 2016 Season 1 opened on February 1st.
22nd January—Call to Action
Blizzard has issued a Call to Action to test protoss and zerg changes.
23rd December—Holiday Game Bonuses
For this holiday season, from December 24th to January 3rd, games will grant double XP, and there will be automated tournaments every hour.
22nd December—Call to Action
Blizzard is testing changes to the disruptor, zergling, viper, thor, adept, ravager, and Photon Overcharge ability. Unlike previous calls to action, the extension mod can be tested on multiple maps.
15th December—Patch 3.1.0
LotV's newest patch is here! Karax is now available in Co-op missions, and there are numerous and map editor changes.
1st December—Nova Covert Ops
Nova Covert Ops is available for pre-purchase. Buying early grants some rewards.
30th November—Call to Arms: Burrow Testing
Blizzard is testing a UI change: different buttons for burrow and unburrow. Test it out on Orbital Shipyards.
26th November—Celebrate with LotV Tournaments
Until the 6th of December, LotV tournaments run every hour and you gain double experience for participating. Go and enjoy!
13th November—The World of Shakuras
Learn about Nerazim history, especially Ehlna and Shakuras.
11th November—Legacy Maps
StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void brings a new map pool and a new map philosophy.
10th November—Forge Your Legacy
StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void has gone live, bringing the StarCraft II saga to an end. You will need to download patch 3.0.4, the "day one" patch. Afterward, you can test out the new units, which are spotlighted here.
7th November—BlizzCon!
30th October—Legacy of the Void Co-Op Missions
Formerly known as Allied Commanders, co-op missions in LotV will let you and people of the same skill level play randomly-selected missions. Each time the same mission comes up, the AI will act differently. Your commanders will gain levels individually, with higher levels allowing a greater variety of units.
27th October—Sector 6
Blizzard posted the fourth Legacy of the Void web story, Sector 6, today. It focuses on the Moebius Foundation and its Brute Squad.
27th October—HotS Patch 3
Blizzard posted a new UI and bug fix patch for HotS today.
26th October—LotV Beta Ending Soon
Blizzard intends to end the beta for Legacy of the Void on November 2nd. Please remember to uninstall the beta afterward, as it doesn't use the same files as the finished game.
23rd October—LotV Beta Patch
The newest LotV patch focuses on changes to the liberator and carrier.
20th October—New Artanis Comic: Sacrifice
Blizzard unleashed a new webcomic focusing on Artanis, the different factions, and the Brood War timeline.
16th October—LotV Beta Patch
The newest LotV patch makes changes to the cyclone's Lock On system. There are also minor carrier changes and bug fixes.
15th October—HotS Patch 3.0.1
The newest HotS patch focuses on the interface (including community interfaces) and the map editor.
13th October—Children of the Void
Children of the Void, a Legacy of the Void short story featuring Vorazun and Mohandar, has gone live.
9th October—Legacy of the Void Balance Update
The newest LotV beta patch went live. Terran and protoss changes include MULE and warp-in modifications.
6th October—Heart of the Swarm Patch 3 and Play Whispers of Oblivion for Free
Blizzard unleashed Heart of the Swarm Patch 3. As a result, Whispers of Oblivion is playable for free for HotS players.
6th October—Perdition's Crossing
Jim Raynor was assigned a hard mission in the newest Legacy of the Void short story, Perdition's Crossing.
2nd October—Legacy of the Void Balance Update and UI Changes
Blizzard's newest LotV beta patch changes all three races. Blizzard also previews the UI for Legacy of the Void here.
1st October—Legacy of the Void Short Stories
Blizzard is publishing a series of five short stories ahead of Legacy of the Void. The first, Ascension, concerns the followers of Amon, the Tal'darim.
18th September—New Blizzard Novels from Random House
Blizzard has introduced a new partnership with Random House to publish Blizzard universe novels. Timothy Zahn is writing a StarCraft universe novel.
17th September—LotV Balance Update
Blizzard unleashed the latest balance patch for LotV beta.
13th September—LotV Release Date Announced!
Blizzard announced the release date of Legacy of the Void today. They also unveiled a cinematic.
11th September—SC2 Fan Visual Novel
Blizzard has posted information about a fan visual novel featuring a StarCraft II pro-gamer. More information can be found at the news site Kotaku and the official fansite.
3rd September—Balance Update
Blizzard has posted a balance update for Legacy of the Void.
1st September—Save the Date
On September 13th, the intro cinematic and release date of Legacy of the Void will be revealed, along with the conclusion of Season 3 of the WCS.
20th August—Leagcy of the Void beta Patch 2.5.5
The new LotV balance patch, 2.5.5, has gone live! Macro mechanics are getting removed, and units and even spawn points are undergoing changes.
27th July—Happy Anniversary!
The 5th anniversary of StarCraft II has come - get your goodies. By playing between July 27th and August 3rd, you'll get a cool new portrait and every time you kill a worker, it'll explode into confetti!
16th July—Legacy of the Void Balance Update
Blizzard unveiled new changes for all three races in today's beta patch.
15th July—Legacy of the Void Pre-Order
If you pre-order Legacy of the Void, you are automatically entered into the beta, and can play Whispers of Oblivion! Get it now.
13th July—LotV Beta Patch 2.5.3
A LotV beta patch focusing mainly on bug fixes went live on this date.
26th June—Season 3, 2015
Blizzard previews the maps for Season 3, 2015.
22nd June—Whispers of the Void info
Escapist Magazine previews the first two missions of Whispers of Oblivion.
19th June—Balance Update
A balance update has been posted for Legacy of the Void
17th June—Oblivion Awaits
Blizzard has announced Whispers of Oblivion, a three mission prequel campaign for Legacy of the Void
13th June—Balance Preview
Blizzard has posted a balance preview for the Legacy of the Void beta.
13th June—PC Gaming Show
Blizzard has announced that Legacy of the Void will be featured at the PC Gaming Show on June 16th.
2nd June—Heroes of the Storm Launches
On June 2nd, Blizzard hosts the launch event for Heroes of the Storm!
27th May—Introducing the Liberator
Blizzard introduces the liberator with a video and comments from David Kim.
27th May—LotV Patch 2.5.2
The newest LotV patch introduced the liberator, zerg changes, and a host of bug fixes.
21st May—LotV's New Terran Unit: The Liberator
Blizzard's newest LotV balance preview features the new terran starport unit, the liberator! Blizzard is also changing upgrades, vespene rates, and subgrouping.
14th May—LotV Beta Balance Update
Blizzard's newest LotV beta patch focuses on protoss abilities.
12th May—HotS Bug Fix
Blizzard's newest HotS patch stomps a few bugs.
11th May—LotV Balance Preview
Blizzard plans on testing changes to the clock, protoss and zerg in this preview.
28th April—LotV Beta Update
Blizzard made changes to all three races, especially to the terrans and zerg.
27th April—Matchmaking and Ladder Changes
Blizzard is changing the way the ladder works due to feedback from last season, especially the way new players are rated.
27th April—LotV Beta Preview
Blizzard is exploring a new terran unit, plus changes to units for all three races and a small economy change.
23rd April—Gamescom 2015
Blizzard has announced that it will have a presence at Gamescom 2015, on August 5-9. Legacy of the Void will be playable.
17th April—BlizzCon Tickets On Sale Again
15th April—Legacy of the Void Balance Update
All three races saw balance updates in the newest LotV beta patch. In addition, Blizzard released LotV Beta Patch 2.5.1, a bug fix patch.
14th April—Legacy of the Void Balance Update Preview
Blizzard previewed and explained an upcoming LotV patch.
13th April—BlizzCon tickets on sale soon!
BlizzCon 2015 tickets go on sale Wednesday April 15th at 7 PM PDT, and again Saturday April 18th at 10 AM PDT.
10th April—Templar Time
9th April—HotS Balance Patch
Blizzard unveiled a zerg-focused balance patch. The swarm host underwent significant changes, similar to its Legacy of the Void incarnation.
6th April—2015 Season 1 Locked
2015 Season 1 was locked today. Season 2 opens on April 13th.
2nd April—Legacy of the Void Beta Patch 2.5.0!
Blizzard unleashed a small Legacy of the Void bug fix patch.
1st April—April Fools!
It's April 1st, and there's plenty to celebrate
31st March—LEGACY of the VOID BETA STARTS!