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Welcome to the BlizzCon Giveaway!

Thanks to Blizzard, we have 3 tickets to BlizzCon 2009 to give out to all the Blizzard lovers on Wikia! Now, rumors abound regarding what awaits at BlizzCon, and we've got a few guesses as to what might be revealed - StarCraft II beta news, Diablo III characters and possible beta key info, as well as a possible WoW expansion due sooner rather than later, but you'll have to tell us!

Fresh out of, ahem, more creative ideas and desperately in need of a good laugh, we decided to have a limerick contest. Submit your most creative limericks for a panel of judges to peruse and get a chance to win a coveted BlizzCon '09 ticket.

Don't know what a limerick is? We've got you covered. Check out our amazing example below:

"It was a quiet day on the scene
Workers were gathering vespene
When all of a sudden
The Zerg came rushin'
From that point on it was GG"

The contest is now closed! The winners have been announced here!


How it works

  • Create a limerick (keep it safe for the kiddies please) highlighting an aspect of any Blizzard game.
  • Enter as many times as you like, although you will be eligible for only one ticket, regardless of the number of submissions you make.
  • Click here to add your limerick.
  • Make sure to sign your post.
  • The winner will be announced on the forums!

Limerick guidelines

  • A limerick consists of five lines with a rhyming pattern of AABBA.
  • Limericks are typically humorous, but feel free to come up with your own interpretation.


  • Original work only please.
  • You can submit as many limericks as you want, but only one may win.
  • Open for US residents only. We know it sucks, but check out the official rules for details.
  • Contest ends on June 14th, 2009.

What you can win!

  • One of three sold out BlizzCon 2009 tickets

Got questions?

The contest is now closed! The winners have been announced here!





Submissions showcase

The latest entry...

A limerick by

There once was a Zealot named Larry,
Who found Siege Tanks to be quite scary.
When the firing begun,
He would turn tail and run,
As fast as the Leg Enhancement upgrade would carry!

Check out the entries page to view all limericks.

The contest is now closed! The winners have been announced here!