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This page is a StarCraft Wiki Policy.

The shortcut link for this page is POL:FAN.

The wiki is mostly unconcerned with the majority of fan-made content. Such material that is included on the wiki are deemed to have outstanding notability but are not considered canon and have no place in lore articles. Fan content may come from a variety of sources:

  • Fan-made content acknowledged by Blizzard Entertainment (eg. Vespene Laughs) or on occasion, other impartial sources
  • Notable content not authorized by Blizzard Entertainment (eg. StarCraft: Stellar Forces).

When creating a fan-based article, there are a few pointers to keep in mind:

  • Fanfiction is not permitted on this wiki—any fanfic material should be regulated to the StarCraft Fan Fiction Wiki. Stories that do well in Blizzard's annual writing contest are a potential exception, but should be grouped together where possible. This broadly includes fan comics, with Vespene Laughs being one such example.
  • Fan art is permissible to be uploaded as per the site's image policy. However, it must be reserved to user pages, and should not be given articles of its own unless part of a specific contest started by Blizzard, if at all.
  • Fan maps are permitted when recognized by Blizzard or an impartial source. However, they should be kept to one article. No matter how detailed the game mechanics may be, those mechanics must remain in the same article and not be included in canon sources.
  • In all cases, remember to show restraint on what is and isn't included, and group material where possible. For example, BlizzCon contest material should be contained to their host articles.
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