SpeakerTower SC2-WoL Story1

These are items that need work! Add items that need work here, and remove those that are completed.


  • Update the seasons article to reflect newer maps, also find a way to organize the maps a better. Check through SC1 and SC2 map articles to find any without images or with little info.
  • The walkthroughs on Co-op Missions commander articles need a once over for accuracy.
  • Filling out missing spotlighted arcade map articles, also checking to see what spotlighted maps we're missing.
  • Finish splitting the mothership articles to reflect the "boss" motherships in Nova Covert Ops.


  • Ensuring lore articles retain lore images, while game play articles get the game play images. This is especially important for the unit information boxes.


  • Unit articles were recently split between lore, SC1 gameplay and SC2 gameplay; make sure that the relevant article is linked to.


  • Canon branching templates need to state whether they're "A" or "B" canon. (Discussions need to be made about Belly of the Beast/Shatter the Sky, but the other changes can be made immediately.)