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The StarCraft universe does not exist in a cultural vacuum and inevitably incorporates objects that resemble out-of-universe (OOU) objects, such as from the real world or in other non-StarCraft works. Many articles have sections that point out the relationships to these out-of-universe objects. However it would be inappropriate to list all such relationships and the StarCraft Wiki seeks only to include those that stand above the rest.


Given the subjectiveness of notability each relationship may ultimately be judged on a case-to-case basis. The following may help to avoid less notable relationships. If possible try to adhere to at least two of the criteria for each relationship instance.


The development of some StarCraft objects are inspired by OOU objects. Cases of inspiration are best found and confirmed by behind-the-scenes information.

Inspiration is best coupled with a large degree of resemblance to demonstrate that the inspiring object was a significant factor right during development and through to the final result.


Resemblance may extend to how an object's appearance, speech, mannerism, name, etc.. Preferably objects should have multiple points of similarly.

Obviously, physical similarity alone is insufficient to justify notability. It is best if the resembled object also adheres to uniqueness.


In resemblance cases, a StarCraft object may bear the same characteristics to multiple OOU objects. In this case, these out-of-universe objects are not notable. An OOU object is notable only if it has unique characteristics that it shares with the StarCraft object, and which clearly indicate the StarCraft object was “derived” from it.

Other Things to ConsiderEdit

  • The above is from the perspective of showing that a StarCraft object is “derived” from an OOU object. However the reverse, such as an OOU object being “derived” from a StarCraft object, may also be notable.
  • The number and size of relationship descriptions should be kept to a minimum. Take advantage of linking to outside sites such as other Wikia wikis or Wikipedia to expedite the process.
  • "Trivia" and "Notes" sections are not there to insert speculation concerning the in-universe nature of the object. In general that form of speculation should be avoided regardless.
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