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StarCraft courses are courses on StarCraft taught at official institutions.

Kang Min, aka "Nal_rA", is teaching a course at a Korean college.[1]

Game Theory With Application in StarCraft[]

Game Theory With Application in StarCraft was a course on StarCraft being held at the University of California Berkeley in 2009.

The course was taught by Alan Feng, Anthony Chen and Sherwin Mahbod. Some of the lectures have been recorded and made available to the viewing public. It was run through DeCal, the Program for Democratic Education, a student-run organization on the UC Berkeley campus. It is worth two units of pass/fail at the university and does not grant a letter or number grade.

Lecture Videos[]


IDS 2935: “21st Century Skills in Starcraft”[]

University of Florida PhD candidate Nate Polling is teaching an online course about StarCraft II, focusing on resource management and applications in business. The course does not affect a student's GPA and has strict requirements.[2]


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