StarCraft Terran Buildings


StarCraft Terran Heroes

Edmund Duke

(Siege tank)
Selected Confirming order
  • TerranDukeSiegeTankWhat00SC1
  • TerranDukeSiegeTankWhat01SC1
  • TerranDukeSiegeTankWhat02SC1
    I haven't got all day...
  • TerranDukeSiegeTankWhat03SC1
    Make up your mind...
  • TerranDukeSiegeTankYes00SC1
    'Bout time.
  • TerranDukeSiegeTankYes01SC1
    Decisive action.
  • TerranDukeSiegeTankYes02SC1
    Should work...
  • TerranDukeSiegeTankYes03SC1
    Alright then...
Repeatedly selected
  • TerranDukeSiegeTankPissed00SC1
    Been a General for fifteen years...
  • TerranDukeSiegeTankPissed01SC1
    Now I'm taking orders from a pup...
  • TerranDukeSiegeTankPissed02SC1
    This Korhal outfit's a mess.
  • TerranDukeSiegeTankPissed03SC1
    Y'all need some good ol' fashioned discipline.
  • TerranDukeSiegeTankPissed04SC1
    ...That's what you need.
Other lines
  • TerranDukeSiegeTankDeath00SC1

(Norad II)
Selected Confirming order
  • TerranDukeBattlecruiserWhat00SC1
  • TerranDukeBattlecruiserWhat01SC1
  • TerranDukeBattlecruiserWhat02SC1
    I haven't got all day...
  • TerranDukeBattlecruiserWhat03SC1
    Make up your mind...
  • TerranDukeBattlecruiserYes00SC1
    'Bout time.
  • TerranDukeBattlecruiserYes01SC1
    Decisive action.
  • TerranDukeBattlecruiserYes02SC1
    Should work...
  • TerranDukeBattlecruiserYes03SC1
    Alright then...
Repeatedly selected
  • TerranDukeBattlecruiserPissed00SC1
    Been a General for fifteen years...
  • TerranDukeBattlecruiserPissed01SC1
    Now I'm taking orders from a pup...
  • TerranDukeBattlecruiserPissed02SC1
    This Korhal outfit's a mess.
  • TerranDukeBattlecruiserPissed03SC1
    Y'all need some good ol' fashioned discipline.
  • TerranDukeBattlecruiserPissed04SC1
    ...That's what you need.
Other lines
  • TerranDukeBattlecruiserDeath00SC1

Samir Duran


Zerg Infested Duran's quotes are slightly different from Terran Duran's quotes, like calling the player Cerebrate instead of captain, and not laughing when saying "I like your style, friend.". One of Terran Duran's quote also feature strange blunt hammering noises in the background not present in Zerg Infested Duran's quote.

Selected Confirming order
  • TerranDuranWhat00SC1
    How can I be of service?
  • TerranDuranWhat01SC1
    What do you need?
  • TerranDuranWhat02SC1
    I'm here.
  • TerranDuranWhat03SC1
    Yes captain?
  • TerranDuranYes00SC1
    I'll take care of it.
  • TerranDuranYes01SC1
    Right away.
  • TerranDuranYes02SC1
    You got it.
  • TerranDuranYes03SC1
    Of course.
Repeatedly selected
Other lines
  • TerranDuranDeath00SC1

Sarah Kerrigan


Selected Confirming order
  • TerranKerriganWhat00SC1
    Lieutenant Kerrigan reporting.
  • TerranKerriganWhat01SC1
    What now...
  • TerranKerriganWhat02SC1
    I'm waitin' on you!
  • TerranKerriganWhat03SC1
    I'm ready.
  • TerranKerriganYes00SC1
    I gotcha.
  • TerranKerriganYes01SC1
    Thinkin' the same thing.
  • TerranKerriganYes02SC1
    It'd be a pleasure.
  • TerranKerriganYes03SC1
    I read ya. (chuckle)
Repeatedly selected
  • TerranKerriganPissed00SC1
    Easily amused, huh?
  • TerranKerriganPissed01SC1
    Doesn't take a telepath to know what you're thinkin'.
  • TerranKerriganPissed02SC1
    You get off on annoying people, don't you?
  • TerranKerriganPissed03SC1
    You may have time to play games...
  • TerranKerriganPissed04SC1
    ...but I've got a job to do.
Other lines
  • TerranKerriganDeath00SC1
    Death 1.
  • TerranKerriganDeath01SC1
    Death 2.

Jim Raynor

Selected Confirming order
  • TerranRaynorMarineWhat00SC1
    Raynor here.
  • TerranRaynorMarineWhat01SC1
    This is Jimmy.
  • TerranRaynorMarineWhat02SC1
    Aaany time you're ready.
  • TerranRaynorMarineWhat03SC1
    Go ahead commander.
  • TerranRaynorMarineYes00SC1
    Sounds fun.
  • TerranRaynorMarineYes01SC1
    Riiight on.
  • TerranRaynorMarineYes02SC1
    This should be good.
  • TerranRaynorMarineYes03SC1
    Oh yeeaaahh...
Repeatedly selected
  • TerranRaynorMarinePissed00SC1
    Hey! Quit it!
  • TerranRaynorMarinePissed01SC1
    What's your problem, man?
  • TerranRaynorMarinePissed02SC1
    Look, commander, do you mind?
  • TerranRaynorMarinePissed03SC1
    I knew I should've stayed in bed this morning.
Other lines
  • TerranRaynorMarineDeath00SC1
    Death 1.
  • TerranRaynorMarineDeath01SC1
    Death 2.

Selected Confirming order
  • TerranRaynorVultureWhat00SC1
    Raynor here.
  • TerranRaynorVultureWhat01SC1
    This is Jimmy.
  • TerranRaynorVultureWhat02SC1
    Aaany time you're ready.
  • TerranRaynorVultureWhat03SC1
    Go ahead commander.
  • TerranRaynorVultureYes00SC1
    Sounds fun.
  • TerranRaynorVultureYes01SC1
    Riiight on.
  • TerranRaynorVultureYes02SC1
    This should be good.
  • TerranRaynorVultureYes03SC1
    Oh yeeaaahh...
Repeatedly selected
  • TerranRaynorVulturePissed00SC1
    Hey! Quit it!
  • TerranRaynorVulturePissed01SC1
    What's your problem, man?
  • TerranRaynorVulturePissed02SC1
    Look, commander, do you mind?
  • TerranRaynorVulturePissed03SC1
    I knew I should've stayed in bed this morning.
Other lines
  • TerranRaynorVultureDeath00SC1

Selected Confirming order
  • Raynor here.
  • This is Jimmy.
  • Aaany time you're ready.
  • Go ahead commander.
  • Sounds fun.
  • Riiight on.
  • This should be good.
  • Oh yeeaaahh...
Repeatedly selected
  • Hey! Quit it!
  • What's your problem, man?
  • Look, commander, do you mind?
  • I knew I should've stayed in bed this morning.
Other lines
  • TerranDukeBattlecruiserDeath00SC1

StarCraft Terran Units

Terran Adjutant

  • TerranAdjutantError00SC1
    (mid error beep) Not enough minerals.
  • TerranAdjutantError01SC1
    (low error beep) Insufficient Vespene Gas.
  • TerranAdjutantError02SC1
    (low error beep) Additional Supply Depots required.
  • TerranAdjutantError03SC1
    (mid error beep) Landing sequence interrupted.
  • TerranAdjutantError04SC1
    (mid error beep) Unacceptable landing zone.
  • TerranAdjutantError06SC1
    (mid error beep) Not enough energy.
  • TerranAdjutantUpdate00SC1
    (high beep) Base is under attack.
  • TerranAdjutantUpdate01SC1
    (high beep) Your forces are under attack.
  • TerranAdjutantUpdate02SC1
    (high beep) Research complete.
  • TerranAdjutantUpdate03SC1
    (high beep) Add-on complete.
  • TerranAdjutantUpdate04SC1
    (high beep) Nuclear launch detected.
  • TerranAdjutantUpdate05SC1
    (high beep) Abandoning auxiliary structure.
  • TerranAdjutantUpdate06SC1
    (high beep) Upgrade complete.
  • TerranAdjutantUpdate07SC1
    (high beep) Nuclear missile ready.


  • TerranBattlecruiserReady00SC1
    Battlecruiser operational.
Selected Confirming order
  • TerranBattlecruiserYes00SC1
    Make it happen.
  • TerranBattlecruiserYes01SC1
    Set a course.
  • TerranBattlecruiserYes02SC1
    Take it slow.
  • TerranBattlecruiserYes03SC1
Repeatedly selected
  • TerranBattlecruiserPissed00SC1
    Identify yourself.
  • TerranBattlecruiserPissed01SC1
    Shields up, weapons online.
  • TerranBattlecruiserPissed02SC1
    ...Not equipped with shields? ...Well then, buckle up!
  • TerranBattlecruiserPissed03SC1
    We are getting way behind schedule.
  • TerranBattlecruiserPissed04SC1
    I really have to go, Number One.
Other lines
  • TerranBattlecruiserDeath00SC1
  • TerranBattlecruiserYamatoGun00SC1
    InterYamCannon Terran SC1 Yamato Gun 1.
  • TerranBattlecruiserYamatoGun01SC1
    InterYamCannon Terran SC1 Yamato Gun 2.


  • TerranCivilianReady00SC1
    Hey, how'd I get here? (Civilians cannot be built in the game engine without modifications.)
Selected Confirming order
  • TerranCivilianWhat00SC1
    Hey there!
  • TerranCivilianWhat01SC1
    How y'all doing?
  • TerranCivilianWhat02SC1
    What's up?
  • TerranCivilianWhat03SC1
  • TerranCivilianYes00SC1
    I'm goin'!
  • TerranCivilianYes01SC1
    No sweat!
  • TerranCivilianYes02SC1
  • TerranCivilianYes03SC1
    All right!
  • TerranCivilianYes04SC1
    Sure thing!
Repeatedly selected
Other lines
  • TerranCivilianDeath00SC1


  • TerranDropshipReady00SC1
    Can I take your order?
Selected Confirming order
  • TerranDropshipWhat00SC1
    Go ahead HQ.
  • TerranDropshipWhat01SC1
    I'm listenin'.
  • TerranDropshipWhat02SC1
  • TerranDropshipWhat03SC1
    Input coordinates.
Repeatedly selected
  • TerranDropshipPissed00SC1
    When removing your overhead luggage, please be careful.
  • TerranDropshipPissed01SC1
    In case of a water landing, you may be used as a flotation device.
  • TerranDropshipPissed02SC1
    To hurl chunks, please use the vomit bag in front of you.
  • TerranDropshipPissed03SC1
    Please keep your arms and legs inside until this ride comes to a full and complete stop.
Other lines
  • TerranDropshipDeath00SC1


Selected Confirming order
  • TerranFirebatWhat00SC1
    Fire it up!
  • TerranFirebatWhat01SC1
  • TerranFirebatWhat02SC1
    You got my attention.
  • TerranFirebatWhat03SC1
    Wanna turn up the heat?
  • TerranFirebatYes00SC1
  • TerranFirebatYes01SC1
  • TerranFirebatYes02SC1
    You got it.
  • TerranFirebatYes03SC1
    Let's burn!
Repeatedly selected
Other lines
  • TerranFirebatDeath00SC1
    Death 1.
  • TerranFirebatDeath01SC1
    Death 2.
  • TerranFirebatDeath02SC1
    Death 3.
  • TerranFirebatFire00SC1
    Fire 1.
  • TerranFirebatFire01SC1
    Fire 2.
  • TerranMarineStimPack00SC1
    ResearchStimPack Terran SC1 (injection sound) Ah! That's the stuff!
  • TerranMarineStimPack01SC1
    ResearchStimPack Terran SC1 (injection sound) Ah yeah!


  • TerranGhostReady00SC1
    Somebody call for an exterminator?
Selected Confirming order
  • TerranGhostWhat00SC1
    Ghost reportin'.
  • TerranGhostWhat01SC1
    I'm here.
  • TerranGhostWhat02SC1
  • TerranGhostWhat03SC1
    Call the shot.
Repeatedly selected
Other lines
  • TerranGhostDeath00SC1
    Death 1.
  • TerranGhostDeath01SC1
    Death 2.
  • TerranGhostLaser00SC1
    InterNuke Terran SC1 Nuclear Strike.
  • TerranGhostLockdown00SC1
    InterLock Terran SC1 Lockdown.


  • TerranGoliathReady00SC1
    Goliath online.
Selected Confirming order
  • TerranGoliathWhat00SC1
    Go ahead, TACCOM.
  • TerranGoliathWhat01SC1
    Comm-link online.
  • TerranGoliathWhat02SC1
    (beebeep) Channel open.
  • TerranGoliathWhat03SC1
    Systems functional.
  • TerranGoliathYes00SC1
    Acknowledged H.Q.
  • TerranGoliathYes01SC1
    (high beep) Nav-comm locked.
  • TerranGoliathYes02SC1
  • TerranGoliathYes03SC1
    Target designated.
Repeatedly selected
  • TerranGoliathPissed00SC1
    MilSpec E.D.2.0.9. on.
  • TerranGoliathPissed01SC1
    (low triple beep) Checklist protocol, initiated.
  • TerranGoliathPissed02SC1
    Running level one diagnostic.
  • TerranGoliathPissed03SC1
    (strange beep) U.S.D.A. selected.
  • TerranGoliathPissed04SC1
    (strange beep) F.D.I.C. approved.
  • TerranGoliathPissed05SC1
    (beebeebeep) Checklist completed... S.O.B.
Other lines
  • TerranGoliathDeath00SC1


  • TerranMarineReady00SC1
    You wanna piece of me, boy?
Selected Confirming order
  • TerranMarineWhat00SC1
  • TerranMarineWhat01SC1
    Standin' by.
  • TerranMarineWhat02SC1
    Jacked up and good to go.
  • TerranMarineWhat03SC1
    Gimme something to shoot!
  • TerranMarineYes00SC1
    Go go go!
  • TerranMarineYes01SC1
    Let's move!
  • TerranMarineYes02SC1
  • TerranMarineYes03SC1
    Rock & Roll! (Military slang for firing a weapon fully-automatically)
Repeatedly selected
Other lines
  • TerranMarineDeath00SC1
    Death 1.
  • TerranMarineDeath01SC1
    Death 2.
  • TerranMarineStimPack00SC1
    ResearchStimPack Terran SC1 (injection sound) Ah! That's the stuff!
  • TerranMarineStimPack01SC1
    ResearchStimPack Terran SC1 (injection sound) Ah yeah!


  • TerranMedicReady00SC1
    Prepped and ready.
Selected Confirming order
  • TerranMedicYes00SC1
    Right away.
  • TerranMedicYes01SC1
  • TerranMedicYes02SC1
    I'm on the job!
  • TerranMedicYes03SC1
    On my way!
Repeatedly selected
  • TerranMedicPissed00SC1
    (flirting voice) I've already checked you out commander.
  • TerranMedicPissed01SC1
    You want another physical?
  • TerranMedicPissed02SC1
    Turn your head and cough.
  • TerranMedicPissed03SC1
    Ready for your sponge-bath?
  • TerranMedicPissed04SC1
    His EKG is flatlining! Give me a defib stat!
  • TerranMedicPissed05SC1
    CLEAR! (zap!)
  • TerranMedicPissed06SC1
    He's dead, Jim.
Other lines
  • TerranMedicDeath00SC1
  • TerranMedicHeal00SC1
    InterHeal Terran SC1 Heal 1.
  • TerranMedicHeal01SC1
    InterHeal Terran SC1 Heal 2.
  • TerranMedicOpticFlare00SC1
    InterOpFlare Terran SC1 Optic Flare 1.
  • TerranMedicOpticFlare01SC1
    InterOpFlare Terran SC1 Optic Flare 2.
  • TerranMedicRestoration00SC1
    InterRestore Terran SC1 Restoration 1.
  • TerranMedicRestoration01SC1
    InterRestore Terran SC1 Restoration 2.

Science Vessel

  • TerranScienceVesselReady00SC1
    (bling) Explorer reporting.
Selected Confirming order
  • TerranScienceVesselWhat00SC1
    Ah, greetings command.
  • TerranScienceVesselWhat01SC1
    Transmit orders.
  • TerranScienceVesselWhat02SC1
    (bling) Receiving, headquarters.
  • TerranScienceVesselWhat03SC1
    (bling) We have you on visual.
  • TerranScienceVesselYes00SC1
    Let's roll!
  • TerranScienceVesselYes01SC1
  • TerranScienceVesselYes02SC1
  • TerranScienceVesselYes03SC1
    Affirmative sir!
Repeatedly selected
  • TerranScienceVesselPissed00SC1
    I like the cut of your jib.
  • TerranScienceVesselPissed01SC1
    E equals MC... D'oh, let me get my notepad.
  • TerranScienceVesselPissed02SC1
    Hmm... Fusion eh? I'll have to remember that.
  • TerranScienceVesselPissed03SC1
    (monkeys screeching in background) What - Who set all these lab monkeys free?! (possibly a reference to Burns' attempt at mutant flying monkeys used to stop employees from using room service)
  • TerranScienceVesselPissed04SC1
    (monkeys still screeching, hiss starts) (voice rises in pitch) I think we may have a gas leak!
  • TerranScienceVesselPissed05SC1
    (alarm blaring) Do any of you fools know how to shut off this infernal contraption?
  • TerranScienceVesselPissed06SC1
    (alarm noise dying out) Ah... (breathing heavily) The ship... out of danger?
Other lines
  • TerranScienceVesselDeath00SC1
  • TerranScienceVesselDefensiveMatrix00SC1
    InterDefMatrixTerran SC1 Defensive Matrix.
  • TerranScienceVesselEMPShockwave00SC1
    InterEMPShock Terran SC1 EMP Shockwave.
  • TerranScienceVesselIrradiate00SC1
    InterIrrad Terran SC1 Irradiate.


  • TerranSCVReady00SC1
    SCV good to go, sir.
Selected Confirming order
  • TerranSCVWhat00SC1
    Yes sir?
  • TerranSCVWhat01SC1
    Orders, Cap'n?
  • TerranSCVWhat02SC1
    I read you.
  • TerranSCVWhat03SC1
    Reportin' for duty.
  • TerranSCVYes00SC1
  • TerranSCVYes01SC1
    Roger that.
  • TerranSCVYes02SC1
    Right away sir.
  • TerranSCVYes03SC1
    Orders received.
Repeatedly selected
Other lines
  • TerranSCVDeath00SC1
  • TerranSCVError00SC1
    I can't build it. Somethin's in the way.
  • TerranSCVError01SC1
    I can't build there.
  • TerranSCVUpdate00SC1
    Job's finished.
  • TerranSCVMine00SC1
    Mine 1.
  • TerranSCVMine01SC1
    Mine 2.
  • TerranSCVRepair00SC1
    Repair 1.
  • TerranSCVRepair01SC1
    Repair 2.
  • TerranSCVRepair02SC1
    Repair 3.
  • TerranSCVRepair03SC1
    Repair 4.
  • TerranSCVRepair04SC1
    Repair 5.

Siege tank

  • TerranSiegeTankReady00SC1
    Ready to roll out!
Selected Confirming order
  • TerranSiegeTankWhat00SC1
    Yes sir?!
  • TerranSiegeTankWhat01SC1
  • TerranSiegeTankWhat02SC1
    I-dentify target!
  • TerranSiegeTankWhat03SC1
    Orders, SIR!
  • TerranSiegeTankYes00SC1
    Move it!
  • TerranSiegeTankYes01SC1
  • TerranSiegeTankYes02SC1
    De-lighted to, SIR!
  • TerranSiegeTankYes03SC1
Repeatedly selected
Other lines
  • TerranSiegeTankDeath00SC1
  • TerranSiegeTankSiegeMode00SC1
    InterSiegeMode Terran SC1 Siege Mode 1.
  • TerranSiegeTankSiegeMode01SC1
    InterSiegeMode Terran SC1 Siege Mode 2.


  • TerranValkyrieReady00SC1
    Valkyrie, prepared.
Selected Confirming order
  • TerranValkyrieWhat00SC1
    Need something destroyed?
  • TerranValkyrieWhat01SC1
    I am eager to help.
  • TerranValkyrieWhat02SC1
    Don't keep me waiting.
  • TerranValkyrieWhat03SC1
Repeatedly selected
Other lines
  • TerranValkyrieAttack00SC1
  • TerranValkyrieDeath00SC1
  • TerranValkyrieHit00SC1
  • TerranValkyrieAfterburnersOnSC1
    Afterburners on. (unused)
  • TerranValkyrieAfterburnersOffSC1
    Afterburners off. (unused)


  • TerranVultureReady00SC1
    (Bike engine starts up) Alright! Bring it on!
Selected Confirming order
  • TerranVultureWhat00SC1
    Whadda you want?!
  • TerranVultureWhat01SC1
  • TerranVultureWhat02SC1
    I read ya... Sir...
  • TerranVultureWhat03SC1
    Somethin' on yo' mind?
  • TerranVultureYes00SC1
    Yeah, I'm goin'!
  • TerranVultureYes01SC1
    I dig.
  • TerranVultureYes02SC1
    No problem.
  • TerranVultureYes03SC1
    Oh... Is that it?
Repeatedly selected
  • TerranVulturePissed00SC1
    Somethin' you wanted?!
  • TerranVulturePissed01SC1
    I don't have time to f(bleep)k around!
  • TerranVulturePissed02SC1
    You keep pushin' me boy...
  • TerranVulturePissed03SC1
    ...and I'll scrap YOU along with the aliens!
  • Play What the hell do you want?
Other lines
  • TerranVultureDeath00SC1
  • TerranVultureSpiderMine00SC1
    InterSpiMine Terran SC1 Spider Mine 1.
  • TerranVultureSpiderMine01SC1
    InterSpiMine Terran SC1 Spider Mine 2.


  • TerranWraithReady00SC1
    Wraith awaiting launch orders.
Selected Confirming order
  • TerranWraithWhat00SC1
    Go ahead command.
  • TerranWraithWhat01SC1
    Transmit coordinates.
  • TerranWraithWhat02SC1
    Standing by.
  • TerranWraithWhat03SC1
    Reporting in.
  • TerranWraithYes00SC1
    Coordinates received.
  • TerranWraithYes01SC1
    Attack formation.
  • TerranWraithYes02SC1
  • TerranWraithYes03SC1
    Vector, locked in.
Repeatedly selected
Other lines
  • TerranWraithDeath00SC1
  • TerranWraithCloakingField00SC1
    InterCloak Terran SC1 Cloaking Field 1.
  • TerranWraithCloakingField01SC1
    InterCloak Terran SC1 Cloaking Field 2.
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