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StarEdit (also called the StarCraft Campaign Editor) was the official level editor for StarCraft and StarCraft: Brood War.

Scenarios were generally either melee or Use Map Settings (UMS) games. Melee games start all players at a random location with only their main base building (command center, hatchery, or nexus) and four mining units. This is the most popular type of game, used in tournaments and ladder games.

StarEdit was also added to StarCraft: Remastered in a patch that was implemented after the game's release.[1] It was announced on May 14th, 2019, that due to more viable third party alternatives, Blizzard would no longer support StarEdit, and that it would not ship with future releases.[2] However a post was made by Blizzard giving a link to download StarEdit, which can be found here.

Use Map Settings[]

Use Map Settings maps are suitable for single player missions, especially with the use of triggers. The resulting user-made content has been substantial.

Use Map Settings games are less structured and often incorporate liberal use of specialized triggers and setups to change gameplay. Scenarios based on 'genres' have surfaced, including Defense maps, Diplomacy maps and RPGs.[3]

While distributing work created by StarEdit is permitted, distributing it for profit without prior agreement with Blizzard Entertainment is illegal, as in the case of the unauthorized third-party add-on StarCraft: Stellar Forces.[4] The authorized third-party add-ons StarCraft: Insurrection and StarCraft: Retribution were released commercially but were met with criticism and did not sell well.[5][6]

Third-Party Editors[]

Improved editors have been released by third-parties seeking to remove limitations of StarEdit or add new capabilities. Many of these editors are coded from scratch. Examples of these editors include:

Many of these editors include unused units, such as Aldaris, Arcturus Mengsk, Gerard DuGalle and Raszagal, color changing of factions, teleportation, improperly placed buildings and doodads, 255 upgrades, neutral units and much more.



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