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A star base

The star base[1][2] is a terran structure.

Game Structure[]


The following section contains information from a previous version of StarCraft which is no longer valid.

The star base in StarCraft

The star base was present in early versions of StarCraft. Unlike its sequel's incarnation, it was not mobile.[2]
Datamining indicates that it was scenario-specific.[3]

As of version 1.16.1, the image still exist in StarDat.mpq as unit/neutral/starbase.grp, but it is connected to no image, sprite, doodad or unit entry.

StarCraft II[]

The following article contains information about a StarCraft II unit or structure that was canceled.

The star base was a terran building to be featured in StarCraft II. An upgrade from the starport, it was permanently flying, yet maintained the ability to create all of the terran flying units.[6]
At BlizzCon 2007 the units were Predator, dropship (not to be confused with the medivac dropship which did not exist at the time), Banshee, Nomad (Raven's predecessor) and battlecruiser.[5]
It had an ability called "Re-Arm" which granted energy to some nearby units.[5]

The star base was seen at BlizzCon 2007[1] but has since been canceled, because it was not very essential to terran gameplay and left several tech labs around the map.[7]
Its abilities also made it overpowered.[8]


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