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  • Void, the extradimensional realm

"It has been two months since I assumed command of this station and I must regretfully report that the mythical reputation of the "Void", the colorful pseudonym for this place, is well deserved. I have 4 months left in this current assignment and my only goal is to not see my advancement prospects vanish like everything else does in this God forsaken place."

- Commanding Officer Col. James Danther(src)

Station S630-M71, unofficially known as "the Void", is a space platform plagued with mysterious problems. The solar array mysteriously stops providing power once or twice each hour. Replacement parts for the environmental systems vanish into thin air and everything is breaking down. Most seriously, a communication technician died for no apparent reason after eating pudding, and the autopsy was inconclusive as to the cause of death.


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