"Kerrigan will send the Swarm to destroy the station's reactor. We must free our brothers before that happens."

The station reactor was the central power core of a hidden Moebius Corps base. In the early stages of the End War, Sarah Kerrigan and her Swarm assaulted the base, determined to destroy the hybrid breeding facilities there. To this end, Kerrigan targeted the station reactor. Dark Prelate Zeratul and the forces of Praetor Talis rushed to save the protoss captured in the facility before Kerrigan destroyed the reactor, thus destroying the facility.[1]

Game Structure[edit | edit source]

The station reactor serves as a timer in the mission "Dark Whispers." The player is required to free three holding pens of protoss before Kerrigan destroys the reactor. On Brutal difficulty, it will take six zerg attack waves to destroy the station reactor unless the player intervenes.[1]

Notes[edit | edit source]

The station reactor uses exactly the same structure model as the power links from the mission "Death from Above."

References[edit | edit source]

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