Stealing Thunder is a short web story, by Micky Neilson, set in the StarCraft universe. It concerns the life of Isaac White, a marauder who specialized in disarming explosives, a skill known as "stealing thunder".



Bomb disposal expert Isaac White, a Confederate soldier fighting in the Guild Wars, disarmed bombs on an important bridge on Gamma Dorian. White discovered a bomb easily and disarmed it. However, as Confederate transport vessels crossed the bridge, he noticed another bomb. The first one had been a decoy. White tried to warn the others.

Sixteen Years Later

Sixteen years later, Isaac White was a first sergeant and marauder in the Dominion Armed Forces, serving on the battlecruiser Tahoe. He was still haunted by his failure at Gamma Dorian. He had been demoted for that, but refused to leave the military. Now he had to deal with Commander Rindge, who loathed him.

White was informed that his leave was canceled. He would take part in an operation to rescue miners, who were being attacked by an organization called the Players' Club. The miners were Kel-Morians.

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