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The Steppes of War is a landform located on Bel'Shir.


The steppes bear many protoss ruins, many of which are in disrepair -- a bridge is ruined to the north and what was once seemingly an elaborate gate lies covered in jungle to the south. Khaydarin crystals are situated on pedestals and ruined pillars are also featured, bearing written script.[1]

Game Map[]

The steppes serve as a two player map in StarCraft II. It was removed from the ladder pool in patch 1.3 as it was too rush-friendly for a 1v1 map.[2] As of May 2011 however, it holds fourth place in the top ten most popular 1v1 maps in the game.[3] There's a novice version.

The map is small, making rushing easy, but the mains are both well-defended. The layout makes it easy for a player to defend a natural and a nearby expansion slot. The second expansion has an extra choke point blocked by destructible rocks. Players shouldn't just use the main lane to attack the enemy base, but use the side lanes as well.

The xel'naga towers, blocked by LoS blockers, watch over the high-yield expansions, which aren't particularly defensible.[4]

There's a lone ursadak calf roaming around the center of the map.

Co-op Missions[]

On April Fool's 2017, Steppes of War was used in Co-op Missions for the mutator "*Sudden But Inevitable," where it was named "Steppes of Betrayal." The map pitted the two commanders against one another in a fashion similar to ladder games.[5]


Steppes of War supports both offensive and defensive play styles. Aggressive players can take advantage of the short rush distance, and the defender's inability to spot the rush with xel'naga towers, plus can quickly take a golden mineral expansion. However, defensive players can easily defend their base and the two natural expansions, plus the semi-island expansions.[4]


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