"I saw way too many good men and women die because of sergeants and lieutenants who charged in without thinking or obsercing. If we're lucky, idiots like Blumquist will have been put on desk duty by the time the next war starts."

Sergent Stilson Blumquist is an officer of the Dominion Reaper Corps of the Terran Dominion. He was seen by his superiors as incompetent, and was quick to anger.

During the sixth anniversary of the End War in 2511, Sergent Blumquist and his squad of ten reapers began doing flight exercises above Augustgrad. However, they were interrupted when marine sergeant Foster "Whist" Cray informed his squad that two of them were "greening," by the order of Lieutenant Dennis "Dizz" Halkman. Enraged, Blumquist landed and confronted Whist, surrounding him with his reaper squad and ordering him to the brig for interfering with their operation. Before a fight could break out, Dizz interrupted, and ordered them to go back to their training exercise. Blimquist reluctantly stood down.[1]


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