Stortand Varg was a legendary Terran Dominion viking pilot. He commanded a wing of vikings that served in the defense of Braxis.


Stortand Varg was a Dominion viking pilot who was well known on Braxis. His face was scarred from a fight he had with a hydralisk, and his jaw had replacement metal teeth. He and his wing were a well trained and well organized unit. However, one of the pilots, Johan died in a training accident, forcing them to find a replacement.

When the zerg invaded Braxis during the Second Great War, Varg recruited Erik Snabb to help fight against the zerg. Varg was impressed with Erik's record as a wraith pilot, and knew he had experience with operating walkers. Varg and his wing were ordered to distract the main zerg push while the civilians were evacuated from Braxis.

The group landed outside of the main zerg push, and opened fire in their walker form. They managed to take out a good number of zerg, but Erik got overzealous, and his gattling gun fire brought down an avalanche on them. Erik managed to break out, but Drake was killed by burrowing zerg. Varg was buried upside-down, and could not use his VTOL rockets to melt the ice without going further from the surface. Eventually, the zerg found their way to Varg, who went down shooting zerglings away with his sidearm. Varg was eventually overwhelmed and killed by burrowing zerg forces, but the survivors of his wing, Erik, Olaf Kraftig, and Baleog Grym, managed to escape.[1]


Stortand Varg is a possible reference to Fang the Werewolf from the Blizzard game The Lost Vikings 2. His name is Swedish for "long-toothed wolf." This coincides with the rest of the viking pilots from the short story, who are also references to The Lost Vikings characters.


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