Stukov's Elite Guard was a United Earth Directorate force which served under the personal command of Vice Admiral Alexei Stukov.


The unit first appeared on Tarsonis. Samir Duran had been sent there by Admiral Gerard DuGalle in order to destroy the Psi Disrupter. A number of zerg hive clusters were located nearby; Duran's forces pacified them. When Duran reached the Disrupter ghosts assigned to Stukov's Elite Guard made an appearance. They told him they would deal with the Disrupter. Duran allowed them to do so.[1]

The Psi Disrupter was secretly disassembled and brought to Braxis, where it was built up again. DuGalle and Duran considered this an act of treason. Duran was sent into the Disrupter with a commando force to "terminate Stukov's command". The Elite Guard fought back, but were defeated.

Duran shot Stukov, but vanished before he could confirm the kill. As Stukov lay dying, he told DuGalle that Duran was the real traitor and was possibly infested as well. Upon his death, zerg forces broke into the Disrupter, and someone set the fusion reactor core to overload.

The Elite Guard teamed up with the commando team, successfully fighting their way past the zerg and cooling down the reactor.[2]


The Guard was unnamed in "Ruins of Tarsonis" and was displayed under the name Mar Sara in the Psi Disrupter mission, "Patriot's Blood."


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