"If you think terrazine sounds dangerous, wait until you learn about Sundrop..."

Sundrop is an addictive protoss drug. It has a deep dark golden color and a sweet smell. Protoss use it by applying it to their skin; the smell fades very quickly. It was used by a cult of protoss stranded on Aiur.

Preserver Zamara believed it was an artificial substance rather than a naturally occurring drug. She believed it was created by the Tal'darim's secret leader, Ulrezaj. The drug was unfamiliar to many protoss outside of the Tal'darim.[1]

Something which smells similar to the drug is in use by the Guardians of the xel'naga temple of Shakuras.[2]



The drug alters the brain chemistry of protoss who use it. One of its effects is to break the Khala, rendering the protoss distressed, angry and fearful. Their telepathic voices lost their emotional tenor (although the content often indirectly hinted at their emotional turmoil). Unused to being cut off from the Khala, the Tal'darim became more loyal and dependent on their Xava'tor. Sundrop produces an extremely addictive euphoria. Each time it is used, the user experiences less euphoria. Its withdrawal symptoms are not physically harmful to the protoss.[1]

The alteration of brain chemistry enabled the Tal'darim to use Dark Templar techniques (although they did not know the nature of these techniques). Indeed, the Tal'darim hated the Dark Templar.

According to Phasesmith Karax, Sundrop is more potent of a drug than terrazine.[3]


In terrans, Sundrop floods the brain's nucleus accumbens with dopamine, creating a state of extreme euphoria. Terrans who consume the drug also suffer from an extreme loss of appetite, to the point where they can go for days without experiencing hunger.

Alzadar, a former Templar and member of the Tal'darim, tried using Sundrop on a terran named Rosemary Dahl as part of an experiment. Dahl quickly became addicted to the substance. She had previously been a drug addict, and Alzadar warned her its withdrawal symptoms would be fatal to her. In fact, it would have killed her even if she received regular doses, as the withdrawal symptoms would become more severe.

Dahl managed to break the addiction with help from friends. During this period, she suffered from hallucinations.


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