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"Ten years isn’t terribly long in Supercarrier-crossing-the-galaxy time. But here on Earth, it’s pretty significant."

The supercarriers were a quartet of gargantuan, automated deep-space ships that transported terrans to the Koprulu sector.


Forty thousand United Powers League prisoners were loaded onto the supercarriers at Doran Routhe's private laboratories on Earth. The supercarriers were loaded with enough supplies, rations and hardware to aid them once they arrived at their destination.[1]

As the first of the supercarriers, the Nagglfar contained ATLAS. The Argo, the Sarengo and the Reagan were programmed to follow the Nagglfar as it was launched toward Gantris VI. At some point during the voyage the navigation systems linked to ATLAS shut down, erasing the coordinates of Gantris VI and Earth and causing the supercarriers to barrel blindly through warp space for twenty-eight years until their warp-drive engines reached critical meltdown.[1]

The supercarriers emerged into real space in the Koprulu sector. With their engines destroyed and their life-support batteries nearly exhausted, the ships engaged their emergency protocols and plummeted toward the nearest habitable worlds.[1]

The Sarengo and the Reagan crash-landed on Umoja. The Sarengo suffered massive systems failures during its atmospheric descent and smashed into the planet, killing all of its eight thousand passengers[1] and cleaving a massive canyon into the planet[2]. The Reagan made a controlled descent and landed safely. The Argo landed on Moria and the Nagglfar landed on Tarsonis. Once the supercarriers had landed, the 'cold sleep' chambers were deactivated and the surviving passengers slowly awakened. In an attempt to find refuge in their new surroundings, the surviving exiles stripped their wrecked ships of essential materials.[1]

The colony ships contained a number of Earth creatures such as cows[3], as well as frozen embryos and fertilized eggs, and even had technology to support extensive cloning. Approximately 50 years after the end of the Long Sleep, the technology was lost, as it was being used by people with only a fraction of the necessary equipment.[4]

Known Supercarriers[]


In older drafts of the prehistory of StarCraft, the supercarriers were launched on a secret mission to investigate a strange pulsating power source on the fringe of the galaxy, and their crash sites were preplanned by the government of Earth.[5]


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