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Support fighters are drones deployed by the Xanthos in order to assault the Dominion's forces on the Cerros shipyard. They are equipped with a burst laser blaster similar to that of the wraith.

Game unit[]

Tac fighters are launched from the Xanthos's fighter bay, 6 at a time to act as distracters for the player's forces. However, they are quite fragile and can easily destroyed by marines, goliaths, or liberators. Battlecruisers are not recommended due to their slow turning speed, unless equipped with ATX laser batteries. They can be rebuilt almost immediately from the Xanthos fighter bay and cannot be selected by the player.


Support fighters looked similar to Tac fighters, the differences are:

  • Tac fighters features forward-swept wings, while support fighters have back-swept wings.
  • Tac fighters are equipped with lanzer torpedoes while support fighters are equipped with burst lasers like the wraith.
  • Support fighters are a lot faster than Tac fighters, but Tac fighters are spawned in a group whereas support fighters are spawned one by one from the Xanthos fighter bay rapidly after any one of them is taken off by the enemy.