The Surtur Brood was one of the major Broods of the Zerg Swarm.

The millions-strong Surtur Brood, under the control of Cerebrate Kagg, was sent forth by the Zerg Overmind when the Jormungand Brood and the Garm Brood were unable to break enemy ranks alone. This brood was so destructive that it was kept in reserve within the central recesses of the zerg fleet unless absolutely necessary. It had been known to eradicate fellow zerg as well as enemies in its furious rampages.[1]


The Surtur Brood had only been seen deployed once, immediately after the attacks on Chau Sara and Mar Sara. The brood surrounded the crashed Norad II in Antiga Prime and its minions furiously attacked the crash zone until troops under the command of Jim Raynor and the Sons of Korhal broke through the Brood's defenses, saving the vessel's crew.[2]

Biting the BulletEdit

In the Terran hidden mission Biting the Bullet[3] the brood was defending the primary zerg hive cluster on Antiga Prime, alongside the Garm Brood. However, it was attacked by a combined force of the Sons of Korhal and the Tassadar's Expeditionary force. The two Zerg Broods fought fiercely. However, the hive cluster was finally destroyed by the terran/protoss alliance, allowing the Sons of Korhal to escape from the planet.


The Surtur Brood is named after Surtur, ruler of the fire giants in Norse mythology, who would destroy everything at the end of time.


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