The following article contains information about a StarCraft II unit or structure that was canceled.

SwarmClutch SC2 Game2

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The swarm clutch is a now-canceled structure,[1] similar to a proximity mine, consisting of a set of eggs laid by a zerg queen.[2] It resembled a series of tubes.[3] They hatched when enemies approach, attacking land and air units.[4][5][6]

Game StructureEdit

The swarm clutch had a slow but powerful attack, dealing high damage over time by launching suicidal "bugs". Swarm clutch units had low health. Shriekers extended the range of swarm clutches to anywhere within its own detection radius,[5][6] and through careful positioning could effectively double their attack range in some cases.[3]

The swarm clutch last possessed a size of 1x1. This was set to be increased to 2x2 in a later build.[7]


The swarm clutch used to be created by the queen but this is no longer the case.[8] It was later canceled.[1]


The swarm clutch has been referred to as a "sunken cluster"[5] and "swarm cluster"; this is a misnomer.[9]


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