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The swarm guardian appears in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty as a mini-boss in level 2 of the Lost Viking arcade game.[1]


The following section contains information from a previous version of StarCraft II which is no longer valid.

The swarm guardian was a zerg unit set to appear in StarCraft II. It was replaced by the brood lord.[9]


The swarm guardian functioned much like the original guardian as a siege unit,[10] possessing a long range attack.[11]

They look like a mutalisk laid out flat with its tail section behind it. Their bodies are made up of a total of five individual sections. The front section consists of the head and multiple appendages, maintaining the general appearance of the original crab-like guardian. There are three middle sections similar to the three rib-like claws that appear on the midsection of the mutalisk. Lastly a tail section which has four small spikes pointing backwards like those at the end of the mutalisk's tail.[12] They move with a breaststroke-like swimming motion through the air.[13] They are also much larger than their original counterparts, being only slightly smaller than a battlecruiser.

Game UnitEdit

SwarmGuardian SC2 Game4

The swarm guardian attacking

The swarm guardian was similar to the original guardian, acting like a siege unit.[14]


When a swarm guardian attacked, it produced broodlings[8] which lasted only a few seconds. The broodlings are very weak[14] but a large number could be quickly created, forcing an enemy to retreat.[15] They spawned when buildings were attacked as well.[16]

Spawning DevelopmentEdit

The swarm guardian used to spawn swarms with every attack. Swarms could "soak up" damage.[7]


Purchased from
Level 1
Cost 100 Minerals Terran SC1 100 Gas Terran SC1 160Time SC2 Game1
Level 2
Cost 175 Minerals Terran SC1 175 Gas Terran SC1 190Time SC2 Game1
Required Lair
Level 3
Cost 250 Minerals Terran SC1 250 Gas Terran SC1 220Time SC2 Game1
Required Hive

Increases armor of zerg air units.

Purchased from
Level 1
Cost 150 Minerals Terran SC1 150 ZergVespene SC2 Game1 160Time SC2 Game1
Effect +1 armor
Level 2
Cost 225 Minerals Terran SC1 225 ZergVespene SC2 Game1 190Time SC2 Game1
Required Lair
Effect +1 armor
Level 3
Cost 300 Minerals Terran SC1 300 ZergVespene SC2 Game1 220Time SC2 Game1
Required Hive
Effect +1 armor


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