"You won't hear any of that saint talk from me. I just got drunk and dumb and got caught. You want to pretend you're not like me, Marshal. You didn't like it, or you're better. Fine, you do that. But that don't mean we have to believe you."

- T-Bone Smalls(src)

T-Bone Smalls was young, cocky train robber with a scar across one of his eyes. He was escorted to El Indio Prison on Mar Sara by Jim Raynor.


T-Bone Smalls was at one time considered to be one of the greatest train robbers in the galaxy, and operated within a gang. He was eventually caught, and sentenced to spend time in El Indio Prison on Mar Sara.

Perdition's CrossingEdit

To reach El Indo however required crossing a lawless stretch of land marred by wave-band anomalies called Perdition's Crossing. He was transported to the border in a prison cube by Sheriff Glenn McAaron with two other prisoners, Rodney Oseen and Marduke Saul, then handed off to Jim Raynor. T-bone looked up to Raynor and Tychus Findlay for his days as a legendary train robber, but wondered how it was fair that he was a marshal when T-Bone never even killed anybody.

The group of prisoners departed on their two-day journey, but stopped for camp. T-Bone expressed concern, since they were in the territory for the Mazor gang, a notorious group of slavers. He then asked Raynor more questions about his outlaw days, which made Raynor question his own right to be where he is. That morning Raynor woke up to T-Bone being held against the electrified bars of their prison cube by Marduke, which forced Raynor to use the shock anklets they had on.

Later, when Raynor encountered Mazor's gang, he gave T-Bone and the other prisoners a deal, help him free the slaves and he'd pretend they died to the slavers and let them go free. T-Bone agreed, and helped Marduke with saving the children, but expressed a desire to take one of the blonde girls in the camp for himself. After Rodney reappeared saying he had knocked out Raynor, T-Bone said that he'd escape with him, and take one of the children with him. Seeing these men as pure criminals with no hope, Marduke knocked the T-Bone out.

After Mazor's gang was routed, T-Bone and Rodney were escorted to El Indo Prison, while Marduke went free.


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