The following section contains information from a previous version of StarCraft II which is no longer valid.

The TF-620 Nomad is a terran support craft. They have been said to "look like a floating construction crane that's been bent into a square."[1]


Nomad SC2 Cncpt1

Nomad schematics

The nomad is a versatile craft which combines the functions of a light manufacturing center and observation post. A common sight amongst the colonies of the Fringe Worlds, the nomad is built to operate in all but the harshest climates. Although the nomad shares a number of common traits with the SCV (its smaller 'cousin'), the Nomad is a far more specialized and advanced engineering craft.[2]

Nomads are normally employed for first-line colony surveillance and protection duties against dangerous local life forms or climate events. These vehicles boast a wide array of sensors delicate enough to detect even cloaked or burrowed enemies. By deploying its two aft-mounted nano-welders, the nomad can construct a variety of small, semi-permanent defensive structures to meet various threats in a matter of moments.[2]

Several standard template constructions are available to the nomad, a popular example being the auto-turret.[2] While in flight, working arms located at the rear of the craft retract into pods. The pods themselves can move along the side of the craft for repair or production.[3]

The Terran Dominion initially provided Nomads to give low-level protection to its most isolated outposts, typically manning them with local civilians as something akin to a volunteer fire truck or ambulance service. Over time the military support applications of the nomad have seen it deployed in escalating levels of conflict, gradually replacing the older and vastly costlier science vessel.[2]

Game UnitEdit

Nomad SC2 Rend1

The Nomad's portrait texture

The Nomad was originally a terran unit in StarCraft II, but it was felt that it looked too low-tech for its role.[4] It was thus later replaced by the Vulkan, later leading on into the Nighthawk and Raven.[5][6][7] However, Nomad wreckages can be found on maps such as Blistering Sands and Desert Oasis, and doodads of Nomad wrecks can be used in the map editor.[8] The Nomad model can be found at the StarCraft II map editor.[9]

Nomad had the ability able to produce mine drones,[10] but these were replaced by spider mines,[11] which have since been replaced by the aforementioned Hunter-Seeker Missile ability.

Nomad also used to have the following abilities:[12]

NanoRepair SC2 DevGame1


  • Nano-Repair[13][14]
    • Starting ability
    • Cost: 75 Energy Terran SC1
    • Hotkey: R
    • "Instantly repairs a friendly mechanical unit for 200 hitpoints."
  • Defensive Matrix Field[15]
    • Researched at: Tech Lab
    • Research Cost: 150 Minerals Terran SC1 150 Gas Terran SC1 110 seconds
    • Hotkey: D
    • Research description: "Allows the Nomad to use the Defensive Matrix Field ability. Defensive Matrix Field creates a damage suppression field at target location which reduces all incoming damage by 50%."
    • Usage cost: Unknown

The defensive matrix reduces incoming damage by 50%[1] to all units within an area of effect,[16] including enemy ones,[17] rather than the version used by the science vessel.[18]

At BlizzCon 2007 the Nomad had a third unknown ability[15] that needed to be researched.[13]

  • Seismic Thumper

The Seismic Thumper was a Nomad ability which was not available in the BlizzCon 2008 build. It slowed down ground units by 50%[19] and prevented zerg from burrowing.[20][19]

Targeting drones are flying units[21][12] which shine a laser on an enemy unit, giving a +50% damage boost to targeted units.[22] Only one drone can target one unit at a time.[21] The drone is cloaked.[23][21] The targeting laser can be seen even without the use of detectors.[24]

The drone has 120 hit points, and is immobile.[21]

They do not have a timed life.[21]

TargetDrone SC2 Game1

Targeting drone

The Raven's spider mines function much like their equivalent in StarCraft I, but they are unlimited in quantity. Each mine does 50 damage plus an additional 50 damage against armored units. They are effective against massed tier 1 units, such as zerglings or zealots.[11]



  • Blizzard began work on a game called Nomad shortly after they completed StarCraft[25] (according to some sources, development began during that of StarCraft).[26]
  • When viewed in the map editor, texture files for the Nomad's portrait have user interface icons on one of its screens. The icons are for the Lift-Off, Load, Lockdown, Cloak, and Maelstrom abilities from the original StarCraft, and the Hercules dropship's Rapid Deployment ability from Wings of Liberty.


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