"I am Tabrenus of the Furinax lineage. I see one of my own stands with you. This speaks well of you."

- Tabrenus(src)

Tabrenus is the leader of the Furinax Tribe and member of the Hierarchy. He has little interest in politics, per his background in a caste of artisans and craftsman.[2]


Early PoliticsEdit

"I for one would follow your leadership. You brought us to this world in our darkest hour."

- Tabrenus to Artanis(src)

Tabrenus SC-Sacrifice Comic2

Tabrenus vouches for Artanis

The early days of the Hierarchy were marred with one impasse after another. After one such impasse, the suggestion was made that Artanis be made the council's leader, as he commanded the respect of both the Khalai and Nerazim. Tabrenus vouched for him, as Artanis had proven himself to be a capable leader in the Brood War. Artanis however, was reluctant, as he had no wish to be a leader, only a warrior. The meeting was adjourned, as Artanis was given time to reconsider. Tabrenus stated that if Artanis did not reconsider, like Nahaan, he would withdraw his support for the Daelaam. Urun snidely remarked that Tabrenus would not be missed.

Come the morrow, and Artanis met the Hierarchy in silence. Tabrenus took it as a sign that he was not willing to step up to the mantle of leadership, and declared that he would leave with his fleets immediately. Artanis, however, had agreed to take on the mantle of hierarch, and the Hierarchy continued to operate.[1]


In 2503,[3] Tabrenus attended a meeting of the Hierarchy to discuss Zamara, a missing preserver. There were none on Shakuras. A terran female, Rosemary Dahl, attended the meeting, along with Vartanil (a survivor from Aiur and fellow member of the Furinax Tribe).

Tabrenus welcomed Dahl and seemed happy that Vartanil was there. However, he was uninterested in the preserver, wary of the difficulties inherent in searching for her, and untrusting of terrans. He believed Zamara may even have lied about the information she possessed. When Vartanil protested this, Tabrenus pointed out that Vartanil had never connected to Zamara within the Khala. Despite this, Artanis launched the expedition to retrieve the preserver.[2]


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