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The tac fighter is a combat support ship used by the Hyperion.[1]

The game unit cannot be selected or clicked upon.

Hyperion Launch[]

  • Fighter Strike (W): The Hyperion launches a group of tac fighters, which attack for a period of time. The fighters can be individually destroyed, and rebuilt using repair bots. The number of tac fighters is based on level:
    • Level 1: 6
    • Level 2: 8
    • Level 3: 10
    • Level 4: 12
TacFighter SC2 Icon1.jpg
Tac Fighters

The Hyperion launches all available tac fighters to attack enemies near the target location. The number of launched fighters is initially six, plus two for each level the hyperion has, to a maximum of twelve at max level. Destroyed tac fighters are rebuilt over time.

Hotkey W
Range 15


  • Rarely upon death, the tac fighter will exclaim "they came from...behind," which is a quote shared by the gyrocopter unit of the Warcraft series and is a reference to a quote in Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope.
  • A variant of the tac fighter (simply named "fighter") appears in the Galaxy Map Editor, armed with Zethus rockets that deal 10 damage (+10 to armored) to air targets and Amphion lasers that deal 10 damage to ground targets, in spite of the final build of the mission "With Friends Like These..." having no ground targets.


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