A Confederate Marine Corps Tactical Response Squad under the command of Captain Jack Larimer operated out of Raydin III during the Guild Wars. Larimer volunteered it for the most dangerous missions.[1]


In 2488 Confederate forces defeated Kel-Morian forces at Prosser's Well. The victorious Confederates sequestered much Kel-Morian equipment in a warehouse there.

Captain Larimer planned an operation against anti-Confederate dissidents near Prosser's Well, and intended to take advantage of the captured equipment. He disguised his squad as Kel-Morian outriders and would fly them in a captured Kel-Morian dropship. He told his second-in-command, Staff Sergeant Tychus Findlay, that the operation was being conducted against a collaborator in a well-guarded house, and told him to bring a rocket launcher.

The dropship brought the squad near the house, and immediately began to take fire. From the dropship, which had been armed with a rocket launcher and gauss cannon, the squad returned fire. In the opinion of Staff Sergeant Findlay, they were in a losing position in the air. Captain Larimer insisted on showing the Kel-Morian logo to as many people as possible before landing. Findlay, who now realized the true nature of the mission, expressed his disagreement by rifle-butting Larimer into unconscious. Corporal Wasser arrested Findlay for this attack.[1]



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